Signals from the Frontline #570: Tyranid talk with iNcontroL!

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Show Notes

Date: 11-15-17


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  • New Forge World Necromunda model spotted. A Beastman Bounty Hunter.

  • Also, kind of a big deal we forgot to mention last episode, lol, GW announced the next three 40k Codexes. Exciting times!
    • Blood Angels
    • Dark Angels
    • Daemons

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  • Tyranid Discussion with iNcontroL.

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9 Responses to “Signals from the Frontline #570: Tyranid talk with iNcontroL!”

  1. jifel November 15, 2017 3:53 pm #

    So I asked a question on the stream and I think that you misunderstood what I was asking (which is perfectly reasonable, there’s a lot of questions being asked on the chat and its hard to give an on-the-spot answer with a ruleset like 40ks).

    However, I’m looking for a little more clarification on a couple of points in the Tyranid codex.

    1. If you create a new unit (not replacing an existing one) with a stratagem, does it get to choose its hive fleet? Obviously a spore mine launched from a Kronus Biovore is going to be Kronus, it would be a bit cheesy to suggest otherwise, even if its RAW. But if you activate the Sporefield stratagem and add new units that arent in a detachment, making them kronus might be very beneficial to an otherwise Kraken army, as it adds a new and very valuable stratagem that can be used. If Magnus is on the board and I need to shut down Warptime, a kronus spore mine is much more valuable than a mouse fart!

    2. If a new unit is created, it isn’t in a detachment and therefore loses any detachment bonuses it might have had. So if you generate new behemoth Stealers by calling the brood, it seems fair that they don’t get reroll charges. However, if you use the endless swarm to replace a destroyed Genestealer brood with an identical unit, it seems odd that that unit loses its reroll charges ability and its “ObSec” ability as a troops choice. I don’t expect a rules answer to this point, I just wanted to point out an interaction in the rules that may not have been noticed. I have no idea what your guys role is in the FAQ process so I’ll point this out to the 40k team, but its just an interesting point in the rules.

    I apologize for my wordiness, just wanted to make sure I was getting my point across. Appreciate your time and patience and what you guys do for the community as always. Looking forwards to LVO!

    • Jural November 17, 2017 1:23 pm #

      My thoughts-

      1. Its completely valid to make a spore mine whatever Hive Fleet you want right now. It’s a cheesy way to use the Kronos stratagem for sure (expect this to go away!)

      2. We all agree that spore mines from Biovores, Harpies, Sporocysyts, etc. don’t get adaptations as not part of a detachment

      3. We agree that Genestealers from the stratagem “Call the Brood” don’t get adaptations as they are not part of the brood.

      4. I could go either way with Endless Swarm, as it does say “An identical unit.” Identical is a strong term, and would imply that any rules which apply to the original unit apply to the new unit as well. But it isn’t really clear to me. For now I would assume they don’t benefit from being in a detachment.

      I would expect this would be included in the FAQ. I am actually really surprised that “Call the Brood” and “Endless Swarm” don’t have the AM disclaimer from that FAQ- i.e. in competitive matches this costs reinforcement points…

      • jifel November 20, 2017 1:42 pm #

        RAW I fully agree with you in every way. I have thought about the biovore mines as a sneaky way to get Kronus in, but Im not going to invest in it unless it hasnt been FAQd by the time of LVO… I just wonder if some of these points are as intended, especially the fact that RAW re-created units may not get tactics.

  2. rvd1ofakind November 15, 2017 8:32 pm #

    So is the Daemons Codex the most different from others then?

  3. N.I.B. November 16, 2017 7:43 am #

    I appreciate the work you put in and the free content you provide, but no Tyranid talk at all the first 30 minutes, all in all some 10-15 minutes of nids. You should’ve just let Geoff loose on the subject, at least he was really interested in talking about nids and trying to answer a few questions.

    tag8833 had the most interesting question in the stream:

    With Malanthropes being essentially an auto-include in every Tyranid list, was there consideration in recommending that GW make Venomthropes into characters?
    Or perhaps a strategem that makes them untargetable for 1 turn?

    Forgeworld is still a no-no in many areas were major trend-setting tournaments are organised by disgruntled shop owners who can’t earn a penny on direct-order only FW models.

  4. iNcontroL November 17, 2017 12:16 pm #

    Was a blast as always to be on the stream with ya’ll! Wish we could talk forever about nids haha

    • Cavalier November 18, 2017 9:12 am #

      Always awesome to see you back on the show Geoff. Miss seeing you on there on the regular. Always hilarious but super insightful

  5. Dbiesto November 17, 2017 2:41 pm #

    Removing the PL restriction is a huge positive for people wanting to run their favorite FW but man those are probbaly gonna be fast games. At the same time because of itc missions, I cant imagine a high PL forgeworld model army getting higher than mid table. Ive never been a fan of super heavies, but with new wounding rules it could shift the meta slightly to take more lascannon based weapons vs horde heavy.

  6. pascalnz November 19, 2017 11:35 pm #

    Kiwi’s have no problem being called Kiwis “). I’m a kiwi, and we call each other kiwis and are fine with others calling us kiwis, you are just fine Reece:)

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