Astra Militarum Regiment Tactics & List: Vostroya

As we work our way through the new Astra Militarum Codex, we find ourselves at the Vostroyan Firstborn, now let’s dive in! And Check the Tactics Corner for more great articles!

Hey guys and girls, BigVik here again with the next in my series of articles about list builds highlighting each regiment in the new Astra Militarum Codex. This week we talk about the Vostroyan Firstborn!

These guys are very interesting with how they are represented on the table. Vostroya is a semi-forge world headed by Techtriarchs which makes them a mix of Cult Mechanicus and Imperial Government. Due to the strong relationship with the Cult Mechanicus, Vostroyan Firstborn units have finely crafted heirloom weapons which are noticeably superior to those of other Guard regiments. Combine this with a long standing tradition of martial excellence and you get a family of regiments which have some of the best soldiers, fighting with some of the best equipment the Guard has to offer!

From a rules perspective, if you want to dive back into the rules for the Vostroyan Regiments, I recommend you look back at Reece’s articles, Astra Militarum Review Part 1, and Part 2.

Now lets dive into the list!

Brigade Detachment (Vostroyan, +9 CP, Troops have ObSec)


Spearhead Detachment (Vostroyan, +1 CP)

  • 1x HQ- Company Commander
  • 2x HEAVY SUPPORT- Heavy weapon squad w/ 3 mortars
  • HEAVY SUPPORT- Leman Russ w/ battle cannon, 2 plasma cannons, lascannon

Spearhead Detachment (Vostroyan, +1 CP, Leman Russes gain ObSec)

  • HQ- Tank commander w/ battle cannon, 2 plasma cannons, lascannon
  • 2x HEAVY SUPPORT- Leman Russes each w/ battle cannon, 2 plasma cannons, lascannon
  • HEAVY SUPPORT- Leman Russ w/ battle cannon, 2 plasma cannons, lascannon

What the List does: This list is a twist on the typical conscript screen. Because there are 6 separate squads it will be hard to clear all of them in one turn, the fact that each unit has a special and heavy weapon means they will probably be putting work in for about the first two turns, especially with the extended range of weapons, this means your opponent will need to clear the screen as much as anything else, making target priority even harder for your opponent. With an abundance of mortar squads and anti-tank leman russes, you can count on taking down 2 average profile tanks a turn, and clearing away a squad and change of a space marine squad. If your opponent is playing another gun line you can spread your army out to score objectives to further confuse target priority, allowing those leman russes and mortar teams to keep doing the Emperor’s work.

What Relics to take: If you are afraid of having your warlord sniped out, it may be a good idea to take the Vostroyan artificer armor, increasing your warlord to T4 and 2+/5++, otherwise I think you’re going to want to keep to Kurov’s Aquila.

What the Strengths are: This army is definitely MSU if I’ve ever seen it. There are a total of 30 units in this army, and every one can do work in some capacity. This ensures that you can either castle up to gun your opponent down, or spread out to threaten objectives throughout the board to scare your opponent into having to kill otherwise low priority targets.

What the Weaknesses are: The weakness of this list is the fact that the units themselves, with the notable exception of the leman russes, are very squishy, thus with proper target priority your opponent can clear several squads a turn to keep you off objectives while they score objectives, creating a scenario where this list will be kept off the objectives, killing just about everything on the table, but still losing if there is progressive missions.

With all that being said, I love the feel of this army, though it still has the horde feel of Guard, there is a certain quality to the way these guardsmen are being fielded, whereas other lists want to have conscripts, the extended range of the Vostroyan guardsmen ensures that you want to have the maximum number of models doing actual work, hence loading the squads with high output low cost weapons.

Well that’s all I’ve got for today. How would you guys build a Vostroyan themed list, post it in the comments below! Come back next time for some more coverage of the new Astra Militarum Codex!

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9 Responses to “Astra Militarum Regiment Tactics & List: Vostroya”

  1. Dakkath October 26, 2017 12:05 pm #

    You do realize you could get an extra 3cp by combining those 2 battalions into a brigade, right?

    • Dakkath October 26, 2017 12:11 pm #

      Heck, if you take that one unit of two russes and split them up you have enough units for a brigade and 2 spearheads.

      • BigVik October 26, 2017 12:15 pm #

        Yep, I just saw that, good catch!
        I just fixed it!

  2. TrexPushups October 26, 2017 12:56 pm #

    So is that 3 squads of 1 sentinel?

    If they go down how do you score Linebreaker or contest/claim objectives on the other side of the board?

    I don’t see any morale mitigation either. Are you okay with squads disappearing after losing 5 t3 5+ models?

  3. Kruso October 26, 2017 1:41 pm #

    I think Vostroyans get great value out of lower range Leman Russ weapons like Punisher and Demolisher cannons. Plasma guns in infantry squads could get some work done with increased rapid fire range. Conserning Vostroyans btw, I hate the fact that most of their officers and mortar teams are out of production.

  4. The Traitor October 27, 2017 3:46 pm #

    Can you see a veteran list working for Vostroya? They are a very cool army and I think that theme would fit them better.

    • unimpressed October 29, 2017 1:35 pm #

      According to the lore I also think, that a veteran based army would fit the vostroyans better … never underestimate tons of plasma guns with a range of 30″.

      I also think that leman russ are still not worth to be taken … the damage output with BS 4+ is not good enoug. in comparison to 1 leman russ you can take 2 MT command squads deepstriking with plasma …

  5. Dakkath October 27, 2017 9:55 pm #

    I’m a little sad you don’t have at least one russ demolisher to take advantage of the extra range.

  6. Vipoid November 8, 2017 9:05 am #

    So, I’ve got a few points which I think apply to your lists in general:

    1) Your builds seem very rigid. For example, you always use the same ‘Infantry Squad w/ Plasmagun and Lascannon’, even when the Infantry are going to be moving a lot. And, if they’re not going to be moving, why not give a few of them Lascannons?

    Likewise, your Leman Russ are always ‘Battle Tank with Lascannon and Plasma Cannons’. I don’t even think this is a good build to begin with, but using it as your only build just seems silly.

    2) Leading on from my first point, your offensive power seems to always be concentrated in relatively few units. You seem so fixated on filling Brigade slots with cheap units that much of your army lacks meaningful offence.

    Now, granted, this list isn’t as bad as some of your others on that front, but you’ve still got virtually all your offence lumped into your Leman Russ tanks. If they go down, then all you’ve got left are some Heavy Bolters and Multilasers and Mortars.

    Would it not make more sense to spread our your firepower more? e.g. give the Sentinels Autocannons (or even just Heavy Flamers), give at least some of the Infantry Squads Lascannons or Missile Launchers.

    3) I brought this up in your Steel Legion list, but your Leman Russ builds here seem exceptionally wasteful.

    Currently, you have a Tank Commander and 4 Leman Russ tanks – all with Lascannons and Heavy Bolters.

    If you drop the Plasma Cannons and change the Lascannons to Heavy Bolters (save for the Tank Commander), then you can upgrade the Tank Commander to a Demolisher with Multi-Melta sponsons (both making far better use of the Vostroyan doctrine), add an extra Leman Russ in place of one of the Mortar squads and still have 21pts left over. And bear in mind that you could save yet more points by changing one or more of the Battle Tanks to Punishers – which would have a 30″ range.

    I think more Leman Russ with fewer upgrades would serve you far better than having fewer, heavily-upgraded Russes.

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