Pre-Order your copy of Shadespire!

Pre-order Shadespire, today!

The ultimate competitive miniatures game is finally here! Today, you’ll be able to pre-order your own Core Set of Shadespire – everything you and a friend will need to get started with this brand new game.

In the Core Set, you’ll find everything you’ll need to play. As well as a pair of double-sided game boards, dice and tokens, you’ll get two warbands – Steelheart’s Champions and Garrek’s Reavers.

These are made up of finely-detailed Citadel miniatures, designed to be easy to build – all you’ll need is some clippers! You’re free to paint your models, but if you want to get gaming right away, each warband is cast in coloured plastic, making it simple to see who’s who on the battlefield at a glance. With rules and boards in the box, this is your essential starting point for Shadespire, and you’ll need a copy even if you’re intending to play with the Sepulchral Guard or Ironskull’s Boyz expansions (which are coming soon).

As well as warbands, you’ll get all the cards you need to play them with. With the pre-built decks, you’ll have a strong basis for your first few games, while there are loads of cards in the Core Set to start building powerful custom decks of your own.

Talking of decks, you’ll need some way to keep them safe from any damage in transit, and we’ve got two sets of sleeves designed especially to do the job.

Each contains enough double-sided card sleeves for your fighters, alongside 12 Objective sleeves and 20 Power sleeves – enough for a normal sized deck. Each set has a special custom backing designed to match the warband, too.

With all this in hand, you’ll be able to get stuck into your first games of Shadespire in no time. There’s even a quick-start sheet included to make things even easier.

Check out a few folks’ reactions after playing Shadespire for the first time:

What’s more, all the warbands in Shadespire will be receiving Warscrolls for Age of Sigmar, meaning if you grow particularly fond of them during your adventures in the City of Mirrors, you’ll be able to take them to your larger games. The first two will be available next week.


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  1. Requizen October 16, 2017 6:18 am #

    Super excited for this game, can’t wait!

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