Signals from the Frontline #559: New Show Format, General’s Handbook 2017, NOVA Open Inbound!

Join us for the live show on our Twitch channel by following this link! The show starts at 11am, PST.

Show Notes

Date: 8-29-17


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  • Welcome to the new show format for Signals from the Frontline! This new format will be once a week, usually filmed on Wednesdays at 11am PST, but this week we’re obviously filming on Tuesday as we’re heading off to NOVA Open, tomorrow. This show will incorporate both episodes of Signals and the Ninth Realm into a single show. It will also go up on iTunes and YouTube on Fridays at 9am PST.

New Releases

  • Created as a dedicated assault dropship for the Legio Custodes, the Orion can carry a full task force of the Emperor’s Talons into combat. Protected by frontal armour superior to that of the Legiones Astartes Thunderhawk Gunship, its weapons can swiftly clear a landing zone of hostile infantry and armour with brutal efficiency, allowing the units within to deploy before it soars back into the sky to unleash death upon any foe who dares approach.

  • Did you know Warhammer 40,000 is nearly 30 years old? It’s true! Next week, you’ll be able to get ready for the celebrations by pre-ordering the Collector’s Edition Primaris Intercessor Veteran Sergeant.

  • We’ve also got a sale on some items in the Second Hand Shop! There’s some great deals to be had with these used products.

Discussion Topics

  • Age of Sigmar: General’s Handbook 2017
    • New FAQs change the game.
    • New Allegiance Abilities and how they will shake up the meta.
  • 40k
    • The FLG team is gearing up for NOVA and can’t wait to see everyone there!
    • The competitive meta we expect to see.
    • Check out this awesome article between Pete from GW and Reecius from FLG! They drew one another round 1 of the NOVA 40k invitational and the smack talk has been intense!

Completed Commissions

  • These beautiful models recently came out of the FLG Paint Studio! Consider us for your next commission.

  • The FLG paint Studio is also hiring! Shoot us an email with some good photos of your work to: if you are interested in joining our team.

Event News

  • The LVO continues to fill! The AoS and 30k Packages sold out over the weekend. There is still room in these events to be clear, but the package deals did sell out we anticipate the events will as well.
  • The 40k Champs is over 400 players already! This is almost assured to sell out, so please do not wait to garb your tickets.
  • Paint Classes are almost done and we have some VERY exciting news on this front!
  • Fantasy Flight Games has confirmed they will be inbound to demo their new games.

  • SoCal Open ticket sales have picked up as we close in on the event date. Snag those tickets soon please so we have enough time to prepare with terrain, etc. This is going to be a great first year event, and we can’t wait to see everyone there.

Upcoming ITC Events

40k Upcoming Events

40k Top 10

1 Sam Henley 614.89 5 of 5
2 Paul McKelvey 598.25 5 of 5
3 Brandon Grant 587.47 5 of 5
4 Nick Nanavati 580.33 5 of 5
5 Andrew Ford 579.01 5 of 5
6 Mitchell Pelham 574.34 5 of 5
7 Ryan Olson 553.32 5 of 5
8 nate bates 542.78 5 of 5
9 Aaron Hayden 533.37 5 of 5
10 Sean Morgan 531.14 5 of 5

Age of Sigmar Upcoming Events

AoS Top 10

1 Samuel Valdez 442.32 4 of 5
2 Zach Lopez 422.06 4 of 5
3 James Thomas 410.93 4 of 5
4 Vlad Nica 399.64 4 of 5
5 Michael Burch 384.01 4 of 5
6 Jarrett Zazuetta 379.77 4 of 5
7 Joshua Harvey 355.68 4 of 5
8 Tyler Hamil 351.58 4 of 5
9 Matthew Pashby 336.91 3 of 5
10 David Rogers 328.64 4 of 5


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4 years ago

Colin (character spam) won best overall which includes paint and sportsmanship. His general record was 4-1. His army was beautiful btw, I think he won best painted. Best general (5-0) was Mike we was running Ynnari.

4 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

I really think they messed up with what can block what as far as characters go. Bare minimum units with the “flyer” battlefield role should not block LoS to characters and neither should other characters.

If you really wanted to go restrictive you could also cut out monsters and vehicles in general but I’m not so sure that is 100% necessary. The two aforementioned roles are the ones that seem to abuse the system the most.

Don Tomaso
Don Tomaso
4 years ago

Plus the under-10-wounds characters can be hidden is also bad.

Some things just under 10w use this to hide while still “in fluff” being huge monsters, that doesnt sit well.

I would put the limit at something more easy to belive and closer to a “big” humanoid as in 4-6W where your rather big character can still blend in in an army of rather big soldiers but without the ridicule of things like deamon princes with wings hiding behind 3 cultists.

Nick Wenker
Nick Wenker
4 years ago

Hi Reece – could you explain a little more the distinction you were trying to make in your show about Earthshaker carriages versus immobile platforms? I’ve been using the toys you referenced for almost two years for my Earthshakers in my R&G lists, and I was one of the first people to popularize them by showing them in the main R&G threads and Facebook groups. I always tell people that they need to 1) cut the legs in the back V by 1/3 so they are the same length as the FW model and 2) fully extend the legs apart since the FW model doesn’t have moveable legs (i.e. no closing the back legs to fit the model into better deployment spots). Once you do those two things, the toy is almost identical to the FW model (no surprise – it’s based on the same WWII gun). I am now using my former “Heavy Ordnance Carriages” firing basilisk shells as the new FW basilisk platforms, but I’m confused why you’re saying they shouldn’t be used for that. Thanks.

Nick Wenker
Nick Wenker
4 years ago
Reply to  Nick Wenker

As a follow up, I emailed Forge World to ask what model players are supposed to use for the immobile, crewless battery if they no longer sell or even have pictures of the older model on their website. They told me players should just use the model they still sell, i.e. the heavy ordnance carriage model. So the players using the toy aren’t really doing anything untoward so long as they convert the model to look like the FW carriage.

4 years ago

So is signals no longer being released as an mp3?

4 years ago

Are these going up on iTunes/podcast websites?

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