Episode 3 – Blood Angels vs Guard (1500pts)

This is the third episode of Cariboo 40k and the first 8th edition battle report!

In this episode, Butters’ Blood Angels take on Sean’s Guard (Astra Militarum), at 1500 points, playing The Fate of Konor Campaign week 2 mission, Seek And Destroy.

A big thank you to Butters for taking the time to be in this Warhammer 40,000 battle report.

Music by Kevin Macleod.



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Don Tomaso
Don Tomaso
4 years ago

Will be so fun to watch at work tomorrow. My friend is constantly struggling with his BA, this might be the perfect opportunity for me to take a look at competent people playing and give him a hint or two next weekend about his BA.

Colin Sherlow
Colin Sherlow
4 years ago

Probably going to watch this tonight during my painting session

Don Tomaso
Don Tomaso
4 years ago

A nice batrep. I quite liked the speed up aspect of it. In a sense its easier to follow a 30 min high speed batrep with commentary then a 2h long slug feast that takes dedicated time to watch and follow.

Plus we finally got to see another odd FW knight in action.

4 years ago
Reply to  Don Tomaso

Agreed about the time thing. I kinda wish the FLG peeps would do similar for their twitch stream videos.

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