New Age of Sigmar Pre-Orders, Including the General’s Handbook 2017!

It’s finally here! The General’s Handbook 2017, shaking up the Age of Sigmar world yet again.

Grab your copy in our web-cart, at a discount!

And remember, we offer FREE shipping on orders over $99 within the continental USA! But, it’s not only the General’s Handbook on the way, there are a lot of new box sets offering an affordable price point for you to get going in Age of Sigmar or to expand your existing armies. The Open War cards are out as well and give you a new way to play Age of Sigmar.


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4 years ago

For those of you that don’t want to change your original and detailed bases (like me), there is a solution:

I need them, so I want people like me getting them to reach the campaign goals. Please share it!

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