Signals from the Frontline #554: Chapter Approved previewed!

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Show Notes

Date: 8-11-17


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  • GW previewed the new Chapter Approved book and released a Space Marine errata! Awesome game support, thanks, GW.
    • Flyers do not score objectives.
    • Objective Secured.
    • The First Turn Mechanic
    • Space Marines answers.

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4 years ago

Please tell me Mortarion is as good as Magnus – good enough to take by himself for a Daemon army

4 years ago

Any hint that commander-spam is getting nerfed? It really is the most obnoxious list at the moment (particularly in the UK)

4 years ago

I thought of a question after listening today as far as keywords.
With the FW special characters all having a specific chapter keyword (like Space Marine: Carcaradons – Does this mean they cant take chapter tactics if you take for example Tyberos? The named character having a specific chapter called out (like Space Marine: Ultramarines) for example..

If there’s a better place to ask let me know… additionally I might be the only one confused, and your clarification might have covered it, but I was just clarifying for using specific special characters from the FW index.

4 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Thanks! Sorry to ask something that might be clear.
…I was confused by the introduction of the specific keywords. Makes sense though!

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