Signals from the Frontline #548: New Gymkin themed FLG Mat!

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Show Notes

Date: 7-14-17


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  • We’ve got a new Privateer Press FLG Mat, Grymkin Crossroads! This debuted at Lock and Load and it looks great. It is themed for the Grymkin faction for Hordes but you can use it for any of the Warmachine and Hordes factions. It is full of cool details letting you know the setting fits. This pre-order will begin shipping on Friday, July 21st, 2017.

  • Las Vegas Open registration will be opening on Thursday morning, July 20th! Make sure to get ready as many of the popular events and items go quick! High Roller Packages, 40k and AoS Champs, 40k Narrative all go very fast. Grab those tickets while you can. We’ll also have a limited availability of bundle packages that give you a themed LVO experience at a discounted price! Also, you can book your hotel room, here!

  • The BAO format has been finalized! We wanted to make sure everyone got the info ASAP to prepare. It’s going to be an awesome event, can’t wait to see who takes it.
  • 8th edition Warhammer 40k Tournament
  • ITC Formated Event
  • No models with a Power Level of 31 or greater will be allowed for this event.
  • Armies may only be constructed using current 8th ed Indexes for this event.
  • All models must be painted to a tabletop standard, with at least 3 colors per model and fully based.
  • Ruins: For this event, the bottom level of all ruins are considered to block LoS even if they do not actually do so.
  • Missions:

  • Forgeworld released a gorgeous new Sicaran tank, the Sicaran Punisher.

  • Tim Travers and Thomas Hegstrom-Oakey on the top table. Tim was playing a very cool list with double Leviathon Dreads in Lucius Drop Pods. Thomas ended up taking it but well done!

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