8th Edition Battle Report- Deathwatch vs Black Templars (60 Power)

Hi everyone, Michael here with a battle report on my very first game of 8th edition. My Deathwatch army take on some Black Templars. For more reviews. analyses and battle reports, check out the Tactics Corner.

This week’s battle report is my first game from the brand new 8th edition. This game took place at Heaton gaming club and sees my Deathwatch army facing off against Kyle’s Black Templars.

After checking out the 8th edition rules, I was eager to give them a shot in an actual game. I made up a 1000 pts list for my Deathwatch using a number of different unit types. Once I had my army made up, I calculated the power level of my army and Kyle matched it with his army.

My army consisted of:

  • Chaplain- Crozius Arcanum, Bolt Pistol, Rosarius (C)
  • Kill Team 1- 5 Veterans with Stalker Pattern Bolters, Terminator with Power Fist, Storm Bolter and Cyclone Missile Launcher (KT1)
  • Kill Team 2- 5 Veterans. 2 Heavy Thunder Hammers, Black Shield with Power Sword, Sergeant. (KT2)
  • Kill Team 3- 2 Frag Cannons, Vanguard Veteran with two Lightning Claws (KT3)
  • Rhino- Storm Bolter (R)
  • 6 Deathwatch Bikers- 4 Power Swords, Power Maul, Power Axe, Teleport Homer (DB)
  • Dreadnought- Assault Cannon and Heavy Flamer (D)

Kyle’s army consisted of:

  • The Emperor’s Champion (EC)
  • Crusader Squad 1- 10 Initiates with Bolt Pistols and Chainswords (CS1)
  • Crusader Squad 2- 10 Initiates with Bolt Pistols and Chainswords (CS2)
  • 10 Devastators- 4 Lascannons (D)
  • 6 Bikers- Sergeant has Power Fist (B)
  • 3 Attack Bikes- Heavy Bolters (AB)


We rolled for the mission and got Retrieval. Kyle won the roll off to place the first objective, and we placed the four objectives as shown below:

I got to choose the deployment zone and chose Spearhead Assault, taking the side with the three objectives. I figured that the two Crusader squads would have a long slog to reach my lines, while my faster force with long range firepower would do well against them.

The deployment order was as follows:

  1. Black Templar Bikers
  2. Kill Team 1
  3. Attack Bikes
  4. Dreadnought
  5. Devastators
  6. Kill Team 3
  7. Crusader Squad 1
  8. Rhino with Kill Team 2 and Chaplain
  9. Crusader Squad 2
  10. Deathwatch Bikers
  11. Emperor’s Champion

I set up the Bikers far forward to hopefully get a first turn assault, while the rest of my army stayed back to see where the Black Templars would end up.

As I finished deploying first, I got to choose to go first. I actually miscounted the number of units, thinking that Kyle would finish first, but I forgot that the Rhino and squads inside would count as a single deployment. Otherwise, I probably would have started with the Dreadnought and Frag Cannon squad further forward. I placed my Teleport Homer next to the objective on my left flank.

Kyle failed to seize and I took the first turn.



The Deathwatch Bikers advanced towards the Crusader squad opposite them, while on each flank, the Rhino and Dreadnought advanced on the enemy.

In the shooting phase, the Deathwatch Bikers opened fire with their Bolters on the Crusader squad. Despite hitting 14 times, I only managed three wounds! The Vengeance rounds (AP-2) punished the enemy Marines and three fell. The rest of the Deathwatch were out of range of the enemy units.

In the charge phase, the Bikers launched themselves at the Crusader squad. I failed my 6″ charge, but decided to use my single Command Point to re-roll and make the charge. The Deathwatch struck at the Black Templars, killing four of the squad, while suffering no wounds in reply.

At the end of the turn, Kyle failed his morale test with the Black Templars and the rest of the squad were wiped out, giving me First Blood.



Seeing the Deathwatch Bikers decimate one unit, the Black Templars were quick to react. The Emperor’s Champion, the second Crusade Squad and the Bikers moved to encircle the Deathwatch. The Attack Bikes moved up the right flank around the building there.

In the shooting phase, the Devastators opened fire on the Deathwatch Dreadnought. Three of the Lascannons found their mark and wounded the Dreadnought. The armour of the Walker managed to save one shot. Kyle then rolled a double 6 for the damage on the two hits and the Dreadnought was well and truly destroyed.

The Crusader squad opened fire on the Deathwatch, wounding the Bikers once with their Bolt Pisols. The Black Templar Bikers opened fire on the Deathwatch Bikers, wounding twice and killing one of the squad. The Attack Bikes added their firepower, killing another of the squad.

The Black Templar Bikers charged the Deathwatch Bikers. Despite firing 16 shots, I didn’t get a single overwatch hit. The squad made it in, quickly followed by the Emperor’s Champion and Crusader Squad.

The Champion struck first, slaying one of the enemy Bikers. The Crusader squad then struck, killing another of the squad. By removing the nearest Biker, I was able to take the Black Templar Bikers out of range, so they could no longer attack, even after consolidation. My Deathwatch Bikers struck back, but failed to do any damage.

At the end of the turn, the Deathwatch Bikers had somehow survived, suffering no harm from their morale test.



The Deathwatch Bikers fell back from combat, moving towards the Devastator Squad. As they are Bikes, I could still assault after falling back, so was hoping to tie up those powerful Lascannons in combat.

On the right flank, the Kill Team and Rhino advanced on the enemy units. Kill Team 1 used the teleport homer to move up into range with their weaponry.


Kill Team 1 trained their Stalker Boltguns at the enemy Bikers, wounding them once. The Terminator fired his Cyclone Missile Launcher, killing the wounded Biker. The other Kill Team fired their Frag Cannons at the squad, killing two of the Bikers, while the squad’s Bolters failed to cause any harm.

The Deathwatch Bikers assaulted the Devastators, one of the squad falling to a Lascannon shot in overwatch. The sole remaining Biker struck at the squad, killing one of them. The Black Templars struck back, but failed to damage the Biker.


On the left flank, the Bikers advanced on the Kill Team just outside the Deathwatch deployment zone, while the Attack Bikes moved up on the Kill Team on the other flank. The Emperor’s Champion moved to engage with the last Deathwatch Biker, while the Crusader squad moved up on the Rhino.

The Bikers fired at the Kill Team in front of them, killing one of the squad with their Bolters. The Attack Bikes fired at the other Kill Team, but failed to cause any damage to the unit in cover. The Crusader squad fired at the Rhino, wounding it once, but failing to get past its armour.

The Emperor’s Champion assaulted the Deathwatch Biker, easily slaying him in combat.

The Crusader Squad charged the Rhino. The squad struck at the enemy vehicle and wounded it once.

The Bikers attempted to charge the Kill Team in front of them. The squad turned their Frag Cannons on the enemy Bikers, wounding them 11 times with their firepower and killing two of the Bikers. The lone Sergeant failed the charge as a result, but fortunately did not suffer any more casualties from the Morale phase.


The squad in the Rhino disembarked, moving towards the Crusader Squad, while the Chaplain headed for the lone Biker. The Kill Team supported his attack, advancing to get into range of the Templar squad.

The Kill Team opened fire on the Crusader Squad with their Frag Cannons (I could fire after advancing as they are assault weapons), killing 6 of the squad. The second Kill Team fired at the Biker Sergeant, wounding him once.

On the left flank, the Terminator opened fire at the Attack Bikes, the Cyclone Missile Launcher wounded one of the Attack Bikes and took three wounds from it. The Stalker Bolters added a further two wounds, killing one of the squad.

The Kill Team charged the remnants of the Crusader squad and succeeded in wiping them out with their attacks, thanks to the Power Sword and Heavy Thunder Hammers. The squad consolidated behind the containers to avoid the gaze of the enemy Devastator Squad.

The Chaplain charged the Biker Sergeant, but failed to take his final wound. In reply, the Sergeant struck with his Power Fist, taking two wounds from the Chaplain.

I had planned to charge with the second Kill Team, but forgot that you could not assault after advancing!



The Attack Bikes moved across the battlefield to target the Kill Team, while the Emperor’s Champion moved up to the Freight Containers.

The Attack Bike fired at the Kill Team on the crashed Aquila, killing one of the squad. The Devastators added their firepower, killing the rest of the squad with their Lascannons (I could not make a single 5+ save to keep them alive).

The Emperor’s Champion assaulted the Kill Team in front of him, killing two of the squad. The two Veterans with the Heavy Thunder Hammers struck back, killing the enemy Warlord.

The Biker Sergeant and Chaplain struck at one another, but neither was able to get past the armour or invulnerable save of the other.

At the end of turn 3, things were in the balance. I had taken out much of the enemy army, but had lost a fair amount too. Kyle’s Devastators were proving to be highly effective, killing anything they targeted. He had only missed with one shot over the course of the game so far.



The two remaining Veterans moved up towards the Attack Bike, while the Rhino moved to secure the nearby objective and get out of sight of the Devastators.

The Kill Team on the left flank fired at the Devastators, but failed to kill any, despite wounding them multiple times.

The two Veterans assaulted the Attack Bikes. The two Heavy Thunder Hammers struck, but I only hit with one of my four attacks. It managed to wound one of the Bikers, but then Kyle made his 6+ save to deflect the hit! In reply, the Attack Bikes killed both of the Deathwatch Veterans.

The Chaplain struck at the Biker Sergeant, wounding him, but Kyle made his 4+ save yet again to deny me the kill. The Biker Sergeant attempted to crush the Chaplain with his Power Fist, but failed to hit.



The Attack Bikes moved to help the lone Biker Sergeant, while the Devastators turned their attention towards the last Kill Team.

They fired their Lascannons, wounding three times. I failed to make a single save and three of the squad perished.

The Attack Bikes charged the Chaplain and wounded him with their attacks, leaving him on a single wound. The Chaplain struck at the Biker Sergeant, hitting once and failing to wound. The Sergeant was unable to finish off the Chaplain.


The Kill Team fired at the Devastators and finally managed to kill two of the squad.

The Chaplain struck at the Biker, but once again failed to wound him. In reply, the Biker Sergeant finally killed the Chaplain.


The Biker moved up on the nearby objective, while the Attack Bikes went after the backfield objective.


The Devastators fired on the Kill Team, once again wounding them three times and killing all three of the squad (I hadn’t make a single 5+ save out of 6 wounds!).

With only a single Rhino left, things were not looking good for the Deathwatch. We rolled to see if the game wound end and it continued.



The Rhino fired at the Biker, killing him (finally!). That was all that happened in my turn. Kyle’s turn was even shorter as he did nothing, his units already in position to grab the objectives.

With that, the game ended.



Deathwatch- 5 (one objective, Slay the Warlord and First Blood)

Black Templars- 8 (two objectives, Linebreaker and Slay the Warlord).

A win for the Black Templars.



Thanks to Kyle for a fun game and a great introduction to 8th edition 40k.

This game was a smaller affair than normal to give us both a chance to learn the rules of the game, but there were still some things I could pick up from it.

  1. Just because you can assault on turn 1, doesn’t mean you should! I think throwing the Bikers at the Crusader squad was a bit of a waste in turn 1. Even though I eliminated the squad, it left the Bikers exposed and they were easily cut down by the rest of the enemy army. It might have been better saving them to go after the enemy Bikers and wait for the rest of the Black Templars to come to me.
  2. Lascannons can be brutal. Kyle’s Devastators cut down just about anything he targeted in the game. They demolished the Dreadnought in no short order and were able to cut through most of my Kill Teams. Even in cover, my inability to make a saving throw cost me here and most of my squads were easily cut down.
  3. Target priority is very important. I need to pay attention to the order in which I fire my weapons. I fired the Stalker Bolters at the Bikers first in turn 2, causing a wound. I then fired the Krak missile and wounded again. Had I fired the missile first, I would most likely have killed one Biker outright and wounded another with the Bolters.
  4. Stupid Sergeants! That Biker Sergeant simply wound not die! My Chaplain was stuck in combat with him for several turns and was unable to kill him. I should not have advanced the Kill Team and used them to charge and try and kill him instead, or in addition to the Chaplain.
  5. Deathwatch Bikers are good. With four shots each at short range, added to Special Issue Ammunition, this unit will be very valuable in my games, I feel.
  6. Separate 7th edition and 8th edition. I only took re-rolls for my Chaplain on the turn that I charged. After checking the rules, you get the re-rolls for each fight phase. I think this was a hold over from 7th edition where you only get the Zealot re-rolls on the turn you charge. Separating hold over thoughts from 7th edition will generally come as I play more games.

So, a few lessons learnt in game 1, with many more to go. I actually have a tournament in just over a week, so will need to try and get more practice in with my army and actually come up with an army list for the event.

So, that was my first battle report and game for 8th edition. If you have any comments on the format of the battle reports, anything you would like to see added, or if you simply want to see more written battle reports, please let me know in the comments below. Also, if anyone has any tips for building a Deatwatch army in 8th edition, please let me know below too!


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  1. Avatar
    Fluger June 24, 2017 7:56 pm #

    Great bat rep! Lots of detail and visuals. Keep it up!

    • Michael Corr
      Michael Corr June 25, 2017 2:34 am #

      Thanks for the feedback, glad you are enjoying them.

    • Reecius
      Reecius June 25, 2017 8:13 am #

      Indeed! More please, sir!

      • Michael Corr
        Michael Corr June 25, 2017 11:31 am #

        No problem. Got a tournament next weekend, so hopefully will have some great games to write up. Still looking for my first 8th edition win!

  2. Avatar
    Joshua June 25, 2017 2:28 am #

    One big thing that sticks out at me just from skimming it. You don’t pick deployment, you roll for it.

    • Michael Corr
      Michael Corr June 25, 2017 2:35 am #

      Yeah, I figured that out later after hearing a few people talking about it.
      I must say though, the wording is a bit ambiguous, “determines” which map is used reads as “picks” to me.

      • Reecius
        Reecius June 25, 2017 8:13 am #

        It does but they do mean roll.

      • Avatar
        Venkarel June 26, 2017 9:54 am #

        It confused me at first until I read the sidebar on the page with the deployment maps which clearly indicates for matched play that you roll to “determine” deployment zone. GW’s language is awkward but I am finding in this edition it is actually very exact and literal for the most part.

        • Avatar
          Venkarel June 26, 2017 9:56 am #

          Sorry in this instanc, to determine something does not mean to pick which ever you want, it means to use a method to choose between options (picking is a valid way of determining something but not the only way).

  3. Avatar
    Chad June 25, 2017 11:14 am #

    Question on Advancing & Popping Smoke – I’ve seen vehicles advance & pop smoke in the couple Necrons vids.

    Popping smoke is done in the shooting phase. Per the shooting phase rules, units that advanced cannot be selected so I wouldn’t think units can advance & pop smoke.

    Am I being too literal with my rules reading or what?

    • Michael Corr
      Michael Corr June 25, 2017 11:31 am #

      I would read it the same way. You pop smoke instead of shooting for the turn. By my reasoning, you need to be eligable to shoot to use Smoke Launchers, which you cannot do if you advance.

    • Avatar
      Venkarel June 26, 2017 5:18 am #

      That is not true, you can shoot if you have an assault weapon and you advance, so are you saying you can pop smoke if you advance and a unit is armed with an assault weapon? That seems arbitrary, I need to go read the rule.

    • Avatar
      Venkarel June 26, 2017 6:05 am #

      After reading the rule I disagree, the inclusion of the phrase, “instead of shooting any weapon” leads me to believe that you can advance and pop smoke. The key part is “any weapon” because of that phrase it would seem that they are acknowledging the existence of assault weapons and the ability to advance and shoot, so you should be able to advance a pop smoke no matter what you are armed with.

      • Reecius
        Reecius June 26, 2017 6:38 am #

        You can advance and pop smoke.

      • Avatar
        Chad June 26, 2017 2:02 pm #

        I’m not understanding how the rules for smoke launchers make it allowed.

        My line of thought so please let me know where I’m getting messed up….
        Advancing – Last line in paragraph: A unit that Advances can’t shoot or charge later that turn. (very cut & dry)

        Shooting – 2nd sentence: First, you must pick one of your units to shoot with. You may not pick a unit that Advanced of Fell Back this turn… (still supports wording of Advancing & no argument)

        Weapon Type – Assault: A model with an Assault weapon can fire even if it Advanced earlier that turn….(this is the exception to the rule so units with Assault weapons can shoot).

        Smoke Launchers: …instead of shooting any weapons in the Shooting phase, this model can use its smoke launchers;… (How does the ‘shooting any weapons’ give back the shooting phase to a unit that isn’t an available selection to shoot? Smoke Launchers aren’t assault weapons which is the only exception easily found.)

        • Avatar
          Venkarel June 26, 2017 6:41 pm #

          To me “instead of shooting any weapons in the shooting phase” does not specify that you have to be able to shoot a weapon, just that you are in the shooting phase. I could technically pop smoke before any step 1 of any unit. It is an ability on a datasheet not a weapon, so it does not need to follow the rules for weapons or shooting. If you use the ability then it precludes you from shooting in the shooting phase but to use it you do not have to shoot just be in the shooting phase.

        • Avatar
          Venkarel June 26, 2017 6:45 pm #

          The above was after rereading the rule and remembering that it is an ability on a datasheet not a weapon. My first argument is probably incorrect and definitely does not apply as you show above.

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