Ninth Realm Episode #43 Is 40k Revival going to hit Sigmar’s reign?

Ninth Realm Episode #43

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AoS Rules for the SoCal Open and Is 40k Revival going to hit Sigmar’s reign?


Shout Outs

The Forge

-Matthew Pashby (Not in the App, yet.  Keep looking for it, this should be an event not to missed.  Good Luck! let Frontline know if you need help)

2 day GT up here in Spokane, WA for AOS on August 26th and 27th, we really want to hit that 32+ player mark! Painting minimums are required, and sportsmanship will be rewarded as well, but we have a fairly competitive community and many of the top AOS ITC players including myself will be attending. We’re modeling it after the SoCal open pack, as a sort of Primer.


Gateway Open: Battleshock Bash!
June 23-25, 2017
Saint Louis, MO
Friday   Grand Narrative   

Saturday & Sunday Matched Play Tournament   

NOTE: This event runs both Saturday and Sunday. Time to bring the heat. This is a five round 2000 point tournament. Painting will be required and judged. Full details available in the tournament pack.

Kastle Konflagration X Come join us for an Age of Sigmar Tournament! This is a one day GT!! Test your skill as a General in a fast paced grand Tournament. Five games in one Day!! Do you have what it takes to survive a marathon of Age of Sigmar gaming!!! We will be using the Generals Handbook Pitched Battle rules, and FAQ. Vanguard Army Construction (1000pts) 5x 80!minute rounds. 4’x4′ tables. Start Time 11:00AM Please submit your army list with point values listed via the Best Coast Pairings players app.


Question to the show

Hey Reecius (or anyone who knows I suppose), this is off topic to this issue, but i recently found your 2016 article on slaves to darkness with a bunch of knights as any idea you had. Is this any sort of viable at this stage of the game? i really like the idea of a bunch of knights running around.

Also, is it at all viable to play a “Lord of Chaos” on foot? I love the idea of the only thing making my army connected to chaos is when my Lord pops into a Demon Prince.

Chaos Knights (200 for 5)

ITC Championship Rankings

Upcoming events

Steel City Sigmar, Legions Games and Hobbies, Pittsburgh, PA, May 28th, 2017


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14 Responses to “Ninth Realm Episode #43 Is 40k Revival going to hit Sigmar’s reign?”

  1. Avatar
    David May 11, 2017 3:57 pm #

    About The Princess Bride; William Goldman wrote the book.The part about it being an abridged version of an older work by S. Morgenstern was a literary device.

  2. Avatar
    Anggul May 11, 2017 4:16 pm #

    I do think new 40k is going to hurt the popularity of AoS, but that’s because it’s using so many of the great AoS rules. The new good thing is always going to draw attention.

    • Reecius
      Reecius May 11, 2017 4:56 pm #

      I agree, I think both games will grow as a result.

  3. Avatar
    Quinn May 11, 2017 5:03 pm #

    Yeah, let’s hope that some of the 40K 8th Ed rules ‘backport’ into AoS. No Fantasy game should ever have you shot off the table…it should be melee and shooting as support at best. I think it is just another example of GW failing to play test appropriately. I honestly do believe (taking your word for it) that 8th was playtested by actual players. A lot of AoS Fanboys get ticked off when you even mention changing the rules though..makes me laugh.

  4. Avatar
    Charles Keeling May 12, 2017 3:47 am #

    At a minimum damage spilling over for each models (opening up more weapon options) and some form of character defense in shooting would be nice. If they did something like ‘release wound or less heroes cannot be targeted unless they are the closest or within 12’. Sigmar features few ranged armies however the ones that dip heavy into it are very punishing (Order, tzeentch magic spam and the like).

    • Avatar
      Charles Keeling May 12, 2017 3:50 am #

      Sorry ten wounds or less for characters, very weird autocorrect.

  5. Avatar
    Ytook May 12, 2017 5:58 am #

    Hopefully the seeming similarities between AoS and 8th will help people get into one through the other in the long run.

    I’m hoping shooting will get some in built counterplay in GH2 like those we’re seeing in 8th 40K. I don’t know if AoS needs strait up ‘you can’t target units if they’re in combat or a character that isn’t the closest unit’ as that’s a bit too much of a change but negatives to hit for shooting through friendly units in combat or enemy units that aren’t the targets of the shot (unless targeting monsters or flying units etc.) would help I think.

    Also as units in AoS don’t have unit type keywords (infantry or cavalry for example) it’d be hard to do general buffs, they’d need to update every relevant warscroll, which they’ve done on a smaller scale but hopefully we’ll see some changes for cavalry and op stuff around the GH2 🙂

    • Avatar
      Scott R May 12, 2017 9:44 am #

      Not most, the game has drawn in a lot of new players. No doubt that the Tournament scene bit thicker with 40k players. On AoS game nights we have plenty of people playing.

    • Avatar
      Scott R May 12, 2017 10:00 am #

      I think a nudge is in order. Shooting armies just have an edge in general to melee. With little to now way to protect characters it gets rough. I’m not sure what a good fix would be though. If they did something its just a keyword thing. Hero with out the monster keyword, that sort of thing.

  6. Avatar
    James Thomas May 12, 2017 7:42 am #

    I think it definitely will. As great as AoS is, most of its players are disgruntled 40k players who just couldn’t stand 40k any more. If 40k becomes more like AoS, with simpler design and a more interactive rules team, then quite a few of the AoS players will shift back towards 40k. Our ITC team had 7 40k players, but currently it’s 5 AoS players and 2 40k players! Once 8th hits, I expect to be one of the only ones on the team sticking with AoS

  7. Avatar
    Josh Greenfield May 12, 2017 1:48 pm #

    RE: Balewind Vortex

    As a tzeentch player I was initially against the vortex being banned, but after some consideration and reading the arguments on both sides I’m for it. My initial suggestion was to make it so that it no longer creates a 3in deadzone and that the models on top could be attacked by melee attackers below, but at that point I feel we are just opening ourselves up to rules confusion and contention during games.

    Most importantly, it and also just opens the door to more mucking around with the rules printed on the warscrolls. Personally I really like the fact that playing this game competitively doesn’t require me to memorize 10+ pages of FAQ’d rules just to make the game playable. If we start down the path of FAQing individual warscrolls then we end up where 7th ed 40k ITC was… and no slight against FLG, the changes they made truly did make the game playable as it wasn’t playable competitively in its default state, but it did increase the barrier of entry to get people into tournament play to learn and stay appraised of rules on top of rules.

    I’d say just ban it outright (which is my choice), or leave it as is, and stay off that slippery slope.

  8. Avatar
    jared May 12, 2017 11:13 pm #

    I’m not sure how feasible it would be, but I have always thought about a ranking system for opponents. As in, if the tournament was 5 rounds, you list your opponents from 1 to 5, best to worst (not necessarily meaning bad, of course). This way favorite opponent gets the first place, but the guy in 2nd place wont get nothing, but get something. I just think it would be the most fair way to do sportsmanship, because i feel sportsmanship is still very important. But again, I’m not sure how feasible that would be.

  9. Avatar
    Chris May 13, 2017 8:26 am #

    I am personally not a fan of the only retreating towards your edge. If there is one guy left in a squad I would like to be able to have my unit of 30 dudes run past him and on towards something more useful personally. Someone else can mop him up.

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