The Ninth Realm Ep.42 Broadside Bash Rundown

Jason, Scott, and since Reece is off teaching the youth of today how to play AOS, special guest Pablo. Talking about the Broadside Bash.

Ninth Realm Episode 42

New Releases:


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Walk about the Realms: we talk about our games, projects and/or reaction to things that week.

New Rumor mill photo:

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Main topic:

Broadside Bash Is Over!!  Thank Goodness

Age of Sigmar Awards:

Bilge Rat: Frank Sevilla (Daughters of Kaine)

Bosun: Hayden Navarre (Tzeench, Archaon)

Sergeant-at-Arms: James Thomas (Tzeench)

Quartermaster: Austin Morgan (Sylvaneth with Alerielle)

Tied for Admiral and Captain: Sam Valdez (Mixed Destruction) & James Sutton (Death With Nagash)

Congratulations to all of our award winners!

ITC Championship Rankings

Upcoming events two weeks out(for now)

Age of 6ixmar: Spring Fling 2017, Dueling Grounds, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 13th, 2017


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