It’s The End Of 7th As We Know It And I Feel Fine…

Wow time flies eh? The end of an edition is looming and is coming quite soon with all signs pointing to sometime soon for it to drop.

I’m stoked! 7th edition, while quite vibrant in its release schedule, new models, rules, and whatnot, has become the cumbersome bear in play for me with games taking way to long to finish and tournament games not getting completed in a timely manner. The game is too complicated with so many ways to slow things down it is rather ridiculous. Our GW overlords have recently announced the end of this 7th Edition and have brought us NewHammer! Rejoice! Here are some reasons why I am personally excited for all this.


One big thing I’m excited about is the admission of “loopholes” in the system, especially when it comes to deathstars. Some of the big crazy deathstars we see are pretty abusive of the system with Independent characters from many different sub-factions being shoved into a unit to make it min/maxed to utter absurdity. I know some people like to play that way and that’s fine, but it has made many games all about utterly ignoring that unit, picking on support, and playing with out a lot of interaction between your forces. Less WARhammer and more AVOIDANCEhammer. I like that they see that players broke their game in a way that was unintended and are hopefully changing things to fix that.


Tournament Player Feedback

The inclusion of players like Reece, Frankie, Mike and others to play-test this edition is fantastic. Having an edition that is playable by all forces will only strengthen the game as a whole and make it a better experience for everyone. I do hope that these TO’s or GW brought in some of the top players to help break to code as I know some guys that spend all day in their mind palaces making combos from different books to create uber death forces of doom. If I take this model from this faction with this artifact and combine it with this unit and that other character with this USR then win. These guys find those dirty unintended combos that wreck the game for a lot of us. I am encouraged that we have some solid 40k minds mixed in with the play-testing of this edition.

Quickened Game Play

From what I’ve seen of the rules so far I’m excited. Things like no templates, set attack values, move and run combined, 1500 reported at playing out at 90min, these things are great! Seeing tournament games only go to turn 2 or 3 is depressing and having things that speed up the system are excellent. I am personally sad about the loss of templates as I loved that tactile feeling, but do totally recognize how slow they were, especially with armies like Renegades, or how they introduce arguments with how many models were under the template and what direction the template should actually move. I was sickened with how bad players were in moving that template. Parallel lines people! Not perpendicular! Anywho, I like what I see and am excited for much shorter and expeditated game play.


Every Codex Updated

Holy cow! In one fell swoop, every unit in every codex is getting updated! How crazy is that? Every player will have access to every unit and their stats in the game when the new edition drops. I am astounded at this! We have a very real chance for so many sup par units and codexes to rise to a tournament playable force. Above all else, this is amazing to me. Every. Codex. Redone. Seriously, think about that.

Reactive Ruleset

With the Generals Handbook being touted we have a truly reactive yearly reset on the rules. We won’t have to wait eons for the edition to change or this or that unit to get better or be realigned so we have more balance. I know it won’t be perfect, but it is a great start that should give you a lot of encouragement in the health of the game to come.

Interested Parent Company

Finally! This was something that was truly missing from the game set. Players were left in a vacuum and it took the rise of prominent TO’s to wrangle and force the edition to something more playable. We have the parent company asking us for help and our input which is huge. It was our voices that fixed some of the foolishness of the proposed FAQ’s and brought them into reality. They are reaching out and sharing information in many ways that is great. They just need to avoid the trolls and keep the lines of communication open.

New Starter Set

This new edition is surely to bring us a new starter set! I love these with the mini rulebooks and great value of models included. Could be a time to start a new force! I love these starter sets and see them as a great way to bring in new players and in adding to current forces.

Free Ruleset

Another fantastic thing GW is doing is following the path of other game companies and providing their rules for free. The core set of rules will be downloadable by all so we can get right into it and start playing. I love this! The barrier to entry is lowered and people can see readily whether they are interested in the game or not.



It isn’t all roses and candy, I know this. There are things I don’t like or am worried about, but on the whole, I’m excited. Truly, what choice do we have? I can get sour and burn my models or forge ahead and look for the silver lining, and I see a lot of silver lining overall. Granted, part of my livelihood is invested in this, but I still love playing the game, meeting new people, and building the community. I have met some lifelong friends that I look forward to seeing at the events I go to. It’s a ton of fun! We can get down in the dumps or move forward and I’m moving forward. I hope you join us!

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About CaptainA

Aaron is a longtime gamer of many systems. He is an avid community builder of 40k and after running many 40k events in Portland, Oregon, has recently moved to Boise, Idaho and continues to host and run leagues and events. He has also recently expanded his repertoire and entered the second hand Warhammer business. Check out his website at to see how he can help you get rid off your old and unused models.

22 Responses to “It’s The End Of 7th As We Know It And I Feel Fine…”

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    GeekmasterK April 29, 2017 8:13 am #

    I know this is supposed to be a mostly positive article, but my main question is, what exactly is it you don’t like or are worried about? So far, I’ve had no objections to any of the changes. This is the first time that’s happened with any edition change for me. The only downside for me is a recently-bought codex, but I’m getting a GW voucher for that because I bought it at the right time.

    • Avatar
      CaptainA April 29, 2017 8:38 am #

      Little worried that we were told it wasn’t AOSing 40k, but it obviously is, the massive change can take away my friends that play which sucks, also that while every codex is being updated, but all the codexes could end up being just a reset with the same scenario where unit x is uber and unit y is jack, and GW is known for missing loopholes and things that could be exploited, which if they didn’t get those guys on the playtest will find. My worries are minor, but I have guarded expectations when it comes to GW right now.

      Also, it was kinda crappy for GW to release a ton of books in the last months that will be completely invalidated soon. I missed the voucher date for something I bought for sure and only getting a few months use out of it kinda blows.

      • Avatar
        GeekmasterK April 29, 2017 12:14 pm #

        You’re in a situation where you might lose people to play with over this? That sucks! In my area, there are only a couple very loud people raging over the changes. Everyone else is just as excited as I am. I suppose it could vary, depending on the area. Even the people who aren’t on board in my area are at least willing to try it out before making a final judgment, though. I think the community interaction might be a big part of the general positivity surrounding 8th Edition. The “New GW” as it’s been called has been making people less cynical about them in general, at least where I live. Honestly, I would probably be more worried if Kirby was still the CEO.

        • Avatar
          Threllen April 29, 2017 1:48 pm #

          That is one saving grace of this major shift for 8th edition. It’s nowhere near as bad as when they bungled Fantasy/AoS.

          All of a sudden they axed an entire game that a lot of people still played and then they replaced it with a game that not only felt incomplete on the tabletop but left out a bunch of armies as well.

          Their communication and openness with this change makes me feel a lot better that they’re working hard to do it right.

          • Avatar
            GeekmasterK April 29, 2017 2:17 pm

            ^This. I might also add that while there were still a lot of people playing Fantasy at the time, it really wasn’t seeing growth. It was also a really tough sell for new players, and as such, GW was losing money on it. Agreed, though, the way they handled it when AoS launched was horrendous. It really should have been fully functional right out of the gate, but instead, we had to wait for the General’s Handbook to fix it. Minimal communication didn’t help there. The level of communication they’ve had with the community cannot be overstated when it comes to the 8th Edition 40k release.

          • Avatar
            Threllen April 29, 2017 3:34 pm

            Yeah, I concur that something radical needed to be done with Fantasy (just like 7th edition 40k), but their handling of it was awful. Releasing all these awesome End Times models/books and then just saying “well sorry, your game is gone” and proceeded to replace it with a game they apparently hadn’t actually finished developing yet.

      • Avatar
        AngryPanda April 29, 2017 12:45 pm #

        The rename of the Eldar seems a very AOS thing to do. And I kinda suspect they’ll end up being replaced by this new united race thing.
        On the one hand 7th can die in a fire so come changes you’re welcome here. On the other someone should really have told them that the issue was their rules, not their races.
        Probably at some point before they nuked their other game but hey now wouldn’t be so bad either.

        • Avatar
          David Hayden April 29, 2017 8:40 pm #

          Aeldari is probably as much about their IP as anything, kind of like Astra Militarum and Adeptus Astarte. Because it’s hard to enforce your IP of Space Marines and Imperial Guard and Eldar.

          • Avatar
            AngryPanda April 30, 2017 1:17 am

            I get the reasoning. It’s still the same thing as in AOS. And I suspect we will get a completely new race out of it. Like the AOS dwarfes are to the old ones.
            On the bright side, maybe we’ll finally get dinoriders. That’d be awesome.

  2. Avatar
    Mike Nogle April 29, 2017 8:37 am #

    I hated when people would use templates and roll the scatter dice two feet or more away from template. Then argue angles with you

    • Avatar
      CaptainA April 29, 2017 8:38 am #


    • Avatar
      Threllen April 29, 2017 9:21 am #

      One of the worst parts of templates, lol.

      “Alright my battlecannon is going to shoot your guy on the top-right of the board. Let me roll for scatter in the bottom-left.”

    • Avatar
      AngryPanda April 29, 2017 2:57 pm #

      Yeah. I kind of like templates, but in the end, the arguments just aren’t worth it. Even in friendly games it was always a sore spot. I can live without that. And without having to space out every model oh so carefully, to just let movement take forever.

      • Avatar
        CaptainA April 29, 2017 3:50 pm #


      • Avatar
        Ryan May 1, 2017 7:44 am #

        Not hating, but thats more on the guys you play than the game itself. Ive played close to a 100 games of 7th, ive not had 1 argument about template placement, and i travel to tournaments so its not just a local meta full of kind guys kind of thing.

        I also dont like the whole spacing dosnt matter anymore, tiny things like being able to space properly (and efficiently)set apart the good players from the avergae players. I cant tell u the number of games im landing 4-5 hits on the 5 inch template while my opponent was only able to hit 3 of my guys in return at best on the same type of weaponry.

  3. Avatar
    fluger April 29, 2017 3:50 pm #

    I agree with you on all points, therefore this is a good article.

    • Avatar
      CaptainA April 29, 2017 4:57 pm #

      Da Fluger!

      Making reasons with reasoning!

      Da Fluger!

      Maybe he’ll come back to 40k.

      Da Fluger!

      Writing articles about orks again……

      da fluger…..

      • Avatar
        fluger April 30, 2017 11:43 am #

        This might rouse me enough to actually put the work in to get good with Orks again. If that’s the case, yes, I will write articles again!

  4. Avatar
    Horton April 30, 2017 2:57 am #

    Great Article. I am really looking forward to 8th.

  5. Avatar
    Loofabld May 2, 2017 12:56 pm #

    Great article! Im loving everything about 8th so far except for the assault phase. The new model they’re using to replace initiative seems over complicated and silly.

    • Avatar
      CaptainA May 2, 2017 1:07 pm #

      Like I said, it can’t all be roses, but I’m happy with what we have so far.

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