The Triumvirate of Ynnead – Showcase

Just a quick look at my Triumvirate of Ynnead, I really feel they’ll compliment my Harlequins well.




5 Responses to “The Triumvirate of Ynnead – Showcase”

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    BBF April 19, 2017 2:47 pm #

    Too bad you wont be able to use it any more when 8th drops. 🙂

    • FoxCDN
      FoxCDN April 19, 2017 4:45 pm #

      Why do you say that?

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        AbusePuppy April 19, 2017 7:08 pm #

        Because BBF is a dim-witted troll with bad opinions.

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          Derek McGrath April 19, 2017 9:01 pm #

          But AP, don’t you know 8th ed will remove all formations and fix all the broken rules and retcon all the overpowered units out of existence and GW will start offering the rules and models for free.


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          BBF April 24, 2017 8:04 am #

          How much you wanna bet and when was the last time you were ever tight about anything that mattered ?!

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