Signals from the Frontline #524: Kharadron Overlords are here!

signals 524

Join us for the live show on our Twitch channel by following this link! The show starts at 11am, PST.

Show Notes

Date: 4-17-17


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  • The Kharadron Overlords are here and they’ve made quite the splash! Absolutely awesome models and you can get your pre-order in to Frontline Gaming at: or call in 888-781-5120
  • Read an overview of the book, here.

20170414_155016 20170414_155122 20170414_155030 20170414_155113 20170414_155013

  • We’ve got more FLG Mats, too! Check out Space, Infested Spaceship and normal Shapceship Interior, as well as more Privateer Press mats on the way. And again, until April 21st, all of these mats are on pre-order special with a discounted price and free shipping within the continental USA.3x3 Spaceship 1 WC4x4 Spaceship 1 WC500x500 Infested Spaceship 1

PPGM Iron 4x4 PPGM Caspian Plains PPGM Burning Frost 4x4 PPGM Bloodstone 4x4

  • Magnus the Red has been revealed and what a beautiful model!


  • We’ve got rules and pricing for the two new heavy walkers for Konflict ’47, which looks to be a super fun game. They’ve got heavy armor and pack some serious heat!

452410201GermanZeusHeavyPanzermech07600x600 452410803SovietMammothHeavyWalker06600x600

  • Also, don’t forget to enter in to your Newsletter Giveaway contest for your chance to win a copy of Shadow War Armageddon, a fully painted Glotkin from the FLG Paint Studio, and 1 of 3 different Stormcast Eternal Vanguard units!


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  • And a reminder, the SoCal Open registration opens on May 1st. This event is going to be awesome and HUGE! We’ve got room to spare so if you’d like to run an event at the SoCal Open, please reach out to us at So far we’ve got confirmation of 40k, AoS, 30k, Warmachine and Hordes, DzC, DfC, and we’re looking at having Blood and Plunder and possible Bolt Action, too! We’d love to get a narrative 40k event going, too!

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