Signals from the Frontline #523: FLG Mats, now in Production!

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Show Notes

Date: 4-14-17


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first flg mat

  • There she is! The first FLG Mat, hot off the production line. What a journey it has been and we’re super excited to see this first bad boy, manufactured right here by us in the USA.

500x500 Cobblestone City 14x4 Snow Covered Cobblestone City3x3 WT CC 1 WC500x500 Swamp 14x4 Snow Covered Tundra 13x3 Robot City 1- Blue WC

  • The Kharadron Overlords are on the way! Check out this video from GW. Be sure to tune in to to FLG tomorrow for more content on the Overlords!

99550108181_CastellaxAceaMaulerCannon01 99550108182_CastellaxAceaAetherflameCannon01

  • Psyker Bots are on the way! Castellax-Achaea Battle-Automata.


  • New Blood Bowl team: The Bright Crusaders.


  • New kit from Privateer Press for Cygnar that makes a new Colossal: the Huricane.


  • A new Hordes Heavy Warbeast for the Legion of Everblight: Azrael.


  • A new edition of AvP is on the way, this time featuring colored minis.

  • Be sure to check out this video bat rep for AoS featuring Duardin vs. Death.


600 Glottkin 5

  • Would you like the chance to win Shadow War Armageddon, a fully painted Glotkin from the FLG Paint Studio or one of three Stormcast Eternal Vanguard kits? All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter between now and May 2nd to be entered to win. If you are already a subscriber to our newsletter, you are already entered! The winners will be announced in the newsletter sent out that day!

Socal Open

  • Remember to mark your calendar for the SoCal Open! Registration opens May 1st, and the event itself is october 21-22. This is going to be a HUGE tournament, we are stoked. We have room for over 600 total gamers! We could be looking at a West Coast super tournament. We’re very excited to build it and see who comes out on top the inagural year and earns all the prizes and juicy ITC points!

  • The new Star Wars teaser is out for the Last Jedi!

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    I love how when you are talking about luke being stranded you pretty much just described moana

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