New Roll to Seize: Zahndrekh’s Bait and Switch

In this episode we talk about the LVO, the Ynnari, and some sneaky Necron units…

Roll To Seize Ep. 32 - Zahndrekh's Bait and Switch

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**Disclaimer: Some Chaos trickery was at play during Andrew’s seize and we may have been misinformed around a specific rule regarding charges. Damn you Tzeentch! As we all know, getting a rule wrong in Warhammer 40k 7th Edition is rare and tantamount to heresy so luckily we know some Dark Eldar who were more than happy (too happy?) to dole out the appropriate amount of torture. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the episode!**

Jay and Andrew have returned from the great battle that was the Las Vegas Open 2017. They have a many crazy story to tell with plenty of mistakes to go along with them. Hopefully the new Ynnari can help distract. In the Brown Library, the Necrons take center stage as we unpack the dark secrets of their most elusive assassins.

Seizes of the Month:
Jay: Please…please stop sending your Warlord into death.
Andrew: Sometimes it helps to know some of the basic rules of the game (a lesson we still haven’t learned).

Brown Library:
We study the mechanized movements of the hunters from hyperspace and decide if these ethereal Deathmarks are as dangerous as they appear.

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  1. Aaron February 28, 2017 3:53 pm #

    The charging model does have to go to the primary target, and anyone that is able to, must make base contact with any enemy models in the primary unit that are not yet engaged.

    Once that requirement is met, then you can start engaging other units as long as you follow a couple other rules with charging which can be difficult.

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