New Roll to Seize: 40k Arena – Flash Gitz vs Sternguard

It’s range vs range in this brand new 40k Arena!

Roll To Seize - 40k Arena 6 - Flash Gitz vs Sternguard

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We’re back with a new episode of 40k Arena! Each episode, Jay and Andrew record live from Wych Arena 3022 nestled deep within the Dark Eldar city of Commorragh. Each month, they’ll take you ringside to some of the bloodiest battles the Grim Dark has to offer and keep the dice rolls off the air! This episode we bring you the best ranged battle yet! One’s got the accuracy and the other has the quantity. Who will win? Tune in and find out!

Featherweight Match:

  • Avatar of Khaine vs Old One Eye

Main Event:

  • 10 Flash Gitz vs 10 Sternguard

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6 Responses to “New Roll to Seize: 40k Arena – Flash Gitz vs Sternguard”

  1. Lockinfinity January 24, 2017 2:34 pm #

    amazing everytime, but I was Rooting for OOE

    • Jay Jones January 24, 2017 2:47 pm #

      Thanks! And yeah, it was an uphill battle, but we were rooting for him as well.

  2. Baron January 26, 2017 2:46 am #

    Hey Guys! Briliant arena report as usual! Its always so much fun to listen to your battle report! 🙂

    • Jay Jones January 26, 2017 12:11 pm #

      Glad you enjoyed it! Who were you rooting for?

  3. Chris January 26, 2017 7:38 am #

    WOO! Go Flash Gitz!

    • Jay Jones January 26, 2017 12:12 pm #

      Such a fun unit!

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