WAAAGH!! A Table Part 4

Ere we go! Today we wrap up this series of articles with some photos of completed models, and a little info on how you can see and possibly play on on this table in person.

First up is the Deffstar, our last piece of Starwars inspired terrain.


We debated putting the Deffstar on some type of stand to show it in flight, but instead opted to use a preformed crater to give the impression of a crashed but intact rok. This gives it a larger footprint, and means it will have a greater impact on the game.

Next is our finished Killcruizer. This is the largest, and most involved of all the models undertaken during the building process. Many hours went into constructing and painting this monster, but we think the finished product makes it all worthwhile.


Lastly, we considered putting together some shots of the entire table in all its greenskin glory, but decided to save a little something for the big event. This table (and many others) can be seen at the fast approaching Las Vegas Open. The convention kicks off on February 5 2017, and promises a weekend full of wargaming fun.


Now repeat after me: DakkaDakkaDakka
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  1. Luke January 16, 2017 12:28 pm #

    Ok but real talk – when is that DeffStar going up for sale?

    • Reecius January 16, 2017 12:51 pm #

      Haha, it is pretty cool, isn’t it?

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