New in the Second Hand Shop this Week.


A fully painted, modular Land Raider Crusader/Rdeemer.


A nicely converted Necron walker that counts as a Knight. It also comes with magnetized optional weapons.


A unit of Ultramarines Terminators!

And that’s not all, as the saying goes! We’re adding new items to the Second Hand Shop every day, so be sure to swing by and check it out from time to time. If you’ve got some models you’d like to turn into cash or even more store credit, drop us a line for a quote on your models. SecondHandShop@FrontlineGaming.Org

As always, thanks for reading and happy gaming!

The Frontline Gaming team.


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4 Responses to “New in the Second Hand Shop this Week.”

  1. Requizen
    Requizen December 28, 2016 3:37 pm #

    That Necron conversion looks more like a Riptide tbh, but pretty cool nonetheless!

    • Reecius
      Reecius December 28, 2016 5:35 pm #

      It does a bit, but if you see it IRL, it’s HUGE. Has a Knight lower half.

  2. Avatar
    Dakkath December 29, 2016 1:16 pm #

    If I were to place an order from FLG, say for the Kill Team box set, could I then turn around and sell unwanted pieces of the box to the secondhand store, apply the discount to said purchase, and just have you guys grab it before shipping the rest? Specifically, I want the rulebook and small-sized BRB from Kill Team, but I don’t need the tac squad or fire warrior team sprues.

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