The Ninth Realm #24 – Building Lists for Competitive Play

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Episode 24 -Building Lists for Competitive Play



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  • New Tzeench Battletome incoming, Disciples of Tzeench!
    • 136 pages
    • 3 subgroups – Daemons, mortals, and new Arcanites (gores and Arconites)
    • Allegiance Abilities for each group
    • Two new spell categories Fate/Change
      • Fate is Subtle bard effects used by Arconites/mortals
      • Change has Destructive powers for Daemons
      • Gaunt summoner can choose from both by keywords
      • I love delete this is a wanted to sometimes life
    • New Battleplans
    • New battalions for each group
    • Path to Glory just for Tzeentch
    • Ben Johnson will be playing the army in January not known
    • So much more to come

Main Topic – How to Build a List for Competitive Play

LVO Side Board Explanation

In order to use units from your Sideboard each game use the following process.

1: Both armies and sideboards must be placed on the table beforehand so everything that is available can be seen by both players. It should be made clear, both in your army lists and on the table, what is your main army and what is your sideboard.

2: Before deciding Territories, the players must roll off. The loser of the roll of decides if they wish to replace Warscrolls in their army with a Warscroll from their sideboard.

3: If they do, then they may remove as many Warscrolls from their main army list as they want, and replace them with one Warscroll from their sideboard, bearing in mind the following:

  • The addition of sideboard Warscrolls may not take an army above 2,000 points.
  • Their army must still adhere to all minimum and maximum restrictions for Battleline units, Leaders, Behemoths and Artillery Pieces after the new Warscroll has been added.
  • Warscrolls may have their model count increased by adding Sideboard Warscrolls to them, where applicable. This may not take them above their normal model count limits (if any) nor may any Warscrolls have models added to them which they could not normally contain.
  • You may replace your General, but when you do you must immediately choose a new one and inform your opponent who your new General is.
  • Any Warscrolls removed from your army do not become part of your Sideboard, they are completely removed and are no longer an option for you to have in your army for this game.

4: Once the first player has gone through this process once, their opponent must then do it as well.

5: Once a player chooses not to replace Warscrolls from their Sideboard, or can no longer do so because they are either out of replacement Warscrolls or points, they can no longer replace Warscrolls from their army with Warscrolls from their sideboard.

6: Repeat the process alternatively until both players have either chosen not to replace models, or can no longer do so.

As you can see, you don’t have to take a sideboard if you don’t want to. This is an option if you simply can’t get 2,500 points painted on time, for example. Having one is a marked advantage as it can allow you to take certain units to give you an edge in your game, or even remove units that your opponent doesn’t want to fight, if you are aiming for the Most Sporting Opponent award. We recommend taking no more than 10 minutes to sort out your sideboards before you run into the danger of not finishing your game on time.

Selecting your Sideboard

The sideboard is 500 Points worth of models that can be chosen using the normal rules for army selection for Matched Play, with, the following additions:

  • Your main army must contain the required minimum and maximum number of Leader, Behemoth, Battleline and Artillery Warscrolls, regardless of your sideboard.
  • Your Sideboard must be from the same Grand Alliance as your main army.      
  • If you replace a model with a Command Trait or an Artefact, that Trait or Artefact are lost.  
  • Any changes to your army will still count towards your allegiance. Once deployed your army must still adhere to any requirements in terms of allegiance requirements, Grand Alliances, Command Traits, Artefacts and Battleline units. This means that if your army has Ironjawz Brutes as its Battleline units, and you swap a Megaboss for a unit of Grotz, then you will need at least two more Destruction Battleline units in order to play.
  • Any Command Traits or Artefacts that you do not have the required allegiance for as a result of swapping your units simply become unusable in your game, and your models do not count as having them.   

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5 years ago

Good topic this time. I agree with Reese – the biggest part of list building for me is finding the trick or gimmick of what you want to do. That really will dictate how the list is built but also will increase how much you enjoy the game. Can’t wait to see what people bring to the LVO!

Scott R
Scott R
5 years ago
Reply to  Requizen

I’ve had a lot of fun seeing the lists from the GW tournaments. You even get to watch them play on the tad less with Warhammer TV.

My list may need a change after the latest FAQ. The Greenskinz Big Mob list I wanted to bring may now be illegal, “Battalions which include units which no longer have a warscroll cannot be used in Matched Play.” However it would not feel right if GW did not throw a wrench into my plans just before LVO.🙂

Scott R
Scott R
5 years ago
Reply to  Scott R

“Play on the table” silly auto correct.

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