Tournament Battle Report 1- Dark Angels Ravenwing vs Blood Angels


Hi everyone, Michael here with another written battle report from a recent tournament here in the UK. For more battle reports, unit reviews and analyses, check out the Tactics Corner.

Welcome to the first battle report from my games at Fluffageddon 2016. The tournament was billed as a more relaxed event with a moderate degree of comp and emphasis on building an army that fit with the background of the relevant race.

My first game saw my Ravenwing army take on Tom and his Blood Angels in the Contact Lost Maelstrom mission (3 cards per turn).


My army consisted of:

Ravenwing Strike Force

  • Interrogator-Chaplain- Bike, Meltabombs, Auspex, Mace of Redemption (with CS)
  • 5 Ravenwing Command Squad- Ravenwing Banner, Apothecary, Grenade Launcher (CS)
  • 6 Black Knights- Meltabombs, Grenade Launcher (BK)
  • 6 Ravenwing Bikers- 2 Grav Guns, Sergeant with Meltabombs and Power Sword (RB1)
  • 6 Ravenwing Bikers- 2 Meltaguns, Sergeant with Meltabombs and Power Fist (RB2 and RB3)
  • Attack Bike- Heavy Bolter (AB)
  • Landspeeder- Multi-melta, Typhoon Missile Launcher (L)

Ravenwing Support Squadron

  • Darkshroud- Assault Cannon (SS)
  • 3 Landspeeders- Assault Cannons, Heavy Bolters

My warlord trait gave the Chaplain and his unit furious charge. You can find some of the army restrictions and my thoughts on my list in my previous post.


Tom’s army consisted of:

Baal Strike Force

  • Chaplain- Plasma Pistol, Crozius Arcanum (with VV)
  • 10 Tactical Marines- Flamer, Heavy Flamer (TM)
  • Rhino (R)
  • 9 Scouts- Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks (S)
  • 6 Vanguard Veterans- Sergeant with Relic Blade and Storm Shield (VV)
  • Land Raider Crusader- TL Assault Cannons, Hurricane Bolter Sponsons, Storm Bolter, Multi-melta (LR)

Lucifer Armoured Task Force

  • Techmarine (T)
  • Baal Predator- Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons (BP1)
  • Baal Predator- Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons (BP2)
  • Predator- TL Lascannon, Lascannon Sponsons (P1)
  • Predator- TL Lascannon, Lascannon Sponsons (P2)

His warlord was the Techmarine and got Soul Warden for his warlord trait, giving him Adamantium Will. He was unfortunate to roll this twice in a row, so would be of little use in the game.


Quite a vehicle heavy Blood Angels army. My Black Knights should have no problem against them in combat, but the Flamestorm Cannons could make a mess of my Bikers. The vehicles were also fast, making them highly mobile and still able to fire.

We set up the objectives as shown below:


I won the roll for deployment zone and to deploy, choosing to go first. I went for a roughly symmetrical deployment. The Support Squadron went in the centre, with the Black Knights and Command Squad on either side. The Grav Gun bikers and one three-man squad went on the left flank, the other three man squad on the right with the Landspeeder.

Tom deployed a Predator and Baal Predator on either side, with the Rhino and Land Speeder in the centre. The Scouts infiltrated into the trenches in front of the Blood Angels lines. Tom failed to seize the initiative and I scouted most of my army forward, ensuring that I stayed out of range of the Flamestorm cannons on the Predators. Tom then Scouted forward with the Land Raider and the Predators, moving one of the tanks away from the Meltagun Bikers.


20161112_101907 20161112_102518 20161112_102833 20161112_102837 20161112_102850


In my first turn, I drew Objective 2, Objective 3 and Objective 5.


I moved the Meltagun Bikers up towards the Predator on the right flank, the Landspeeder moving up slightly into range of the enemy vehicles, while the Attack Bike moved back to claim the objective. The other Bikers advanced on the Scouts. I moved the Grav Bikers up to target the Scouts, possibly even assaulting them, knowing they would be hit by the Baal Predator the following turn.


The Command Squad opened fire on the Scouts, scoring 3 hits and killing one of the squad. The Grav Bikers fired on the Scouts, killing three of the squad and taking them off the objective. The Power Fist Bikers fired their Bolters at the squad, killing one more. The squad passed their morale test.


On the right flank, the Meltagun Bikers fired at the Predator, hitting once but failing to penetrate the tank. The Landspeeder fired at the Predator, hitting once but failing to cause any damage.


The Ravenwing Support Squadron fired their assault cannons at the Baal Predator in front of them, penetrating it once and forcing it to snap fire.

At the end of my turn, I scored Objective 3 and Objective 5, discarding Objective 2. Not a huge amount of damage in the first turn, but I did manage to score the objectives.



This turn, Tom drew Objective 2, Objective 4 and Objective 6.


The Land Raider moved up and over the trenches, managing to immobilise itself as it advanced. The Rhino and Predators advanced on the Dark Angels.


The Baal Predator fired at the Grav Bikers, killing one with the Flamestorm Cannon, but failing to harm the jinking bikers with the heavy bolters. The Scouts fired at the Command Squad, but failed to cause any harm.


The Land Raider fired at the Support Squadron with its Multi-melta with the power of the machine spirit. The shot managed to penetrate the Jinking skimmers, blowing up one of the Landspeeders. The rest of the Land Raider’s weapons fired at the Grav Bikers, killing three of the squad after some terrible Jink saves.


The other Baal Predator and Lascannon Predator fired at the Meltagun Bikers, but failed to harm the Jinking riders.

The Rhino moved up on the trenches to grab the nearby objective, but also managed to immobilise itself! (Those trenches were hazardous). Fortunately, the Techmarine managed to repair the damage done to the Land Raider, making it mobile once more.


At the end of his turn, Tom scored Objective 2.


  • Ravenwing- 2
  • Blood Angels- 1


This turn, I got Objective 1, Objective 4 and Ascendency (hold 3 objectives).


The Command Squad and Support Squadron advanced on the Baal Predator, while the Black Knights and Landspeeder moved up to engage the Rhino. The Meltagun Bikers advanced on the Baal Predator once more.


The Landspeeder fired at the Blood Angels Rhino with its Multi-melta. The shot penetrated the armour and detonated the engine core, blowing up the transport vehicle. The resulting explosion killed four of the Blood Angels and two of the nearby Black Knights. The Black Knights fired at the tactical marines as they climbed from the wreckage, cutting down all but one of the survivors, but also losing one of their number to their own plasma weapons. The sole remaining Blood Angel held firm, but the Black Knights fell back after suffering their casualties.


The Grav Bikers fired on the Scouts, killing one from the squad. The Support Squadron fired at the Land Raider, penetrating and stunning the vehicle with their Assault Cannons.

In the assault phase, the Interrogator-Chaplain led the Command Squad against the Baal Predator, easily destroying the enemy vehicle.

20161112_110006 20161112_110115

The Meltagun Bikers assaulted the other Baal Predator, stunning it with their krak grenades.


At the end of my turn, I scored all three maelstrom cards for 4 points.



This turn, Tom drew Objective 1 to go with Objective 4 and Objective 6 from last turn.


The Land Raider attempted to clear the trenches, but once more was immobilised after Tom failed yet another difficult terrain test! The Vanguard Veterans, led by the Chaplain, disembarked from the vehicle and moved towards the Ravenwing Command Squad. The Predators retreated from the Meltagun Bikers, as the lone Tactical Marine moved up on the Landspeeder.


In the shooting phase, the Land Raider fired its Multi-melta at the Support Squadron. Yet again, the weapon penetrated the Jinking skimmers, this time destroying the Assault Cannon on the Darkshroud. The rest of its weapons targeted the Black Knights, but failed to harm the unit.


The Predator fired at the Meltagun Bikers, hitting only once and failing to cause any harm. The other Predator fired at the Command Squad, hitting with two of its Lascannons, but then rolling a double 1 to wound. The Scouts fired at the Bikers in front of them, killing one of the squad. The squad failed their morale test (even with the re-roll granted by the Ravenwing Banner) and fled from the battlefield.

20161112_110512 20161112_110514

The Tactical Marine fired his Heavy Flamer at the Landspeeder, but failed to penetrate the armour of the enemy vehicle.


The Vanguard Veterans fired at the Command Squad. They failed to harm the Jinking Bikers and the Chaplain wounded himself with his Plasma Pistol. He then led them in an assault on the squad. The overwatch fired from the Support Squadron and Command Squad succeeded in killing two of the Vanguard Veterans as they advanced. They made the 9″ charge, however, and fought the Ravenwing.

The Interrogator-Chaplain issued a challenge that the Sergeant accepted. He struck at the Blood Angel with the Mace of Redemption, but the two wounds dealt were saved by the Storm Shield. The Sergeant struck back, but failed to wound the Interrogator-Chaplain with his Relic Blade (it was only on writing this up that I realised the Sergeant could not use the Storm Shield and Relic Blade, as the latter is a two-handed weapon). The Veterans and Chaplain struck at the Black Knights, but failed to cause any harm. In reply, the Black Knights cut down the Chaplain and two of the Veterans. The Blood Angels passed their morale test and the Command Squad hit and ran from the combat.

20161112_111422 20161112_111915

The Tactical Marine assaulted the Landspeeder, but failed to cause any damage in the assault.


At the end of his turn, Tom scored Objective 6.


  • Ravenwing- 6
  • Blood Angels- 2


This turn, I drew Objective 1, Objective 2 and Objective 3.


The Landspeeder retreated from the Tactical Marine, the Attack Bike moving to support it. The Black Knights advanced on the lone Vanguard Sergeant, while the Ravenwing Bikers converged on the Land Raider and Baal Predator. The Command Squad went after the Predator in the Blood Angels’ deployment zone.


The Grav Biker fired at the Land Raider, but failed to damage it. The Meltagun Bikers snap fired at the Baal Predator, but could not hit it.


The Attack Bike fired at the Tactical Marine, but failed to cause any wounds. The Support Squadron fired at the last Vanguard Veteran, but were unable to slay him.


My turn quickly moved to the assault phase. The Command Squad charged the Predator, the Chaplain once more easily finishing the enemy vehicle.


The Black Knights assaulted the Vanguard Veteran. Things were rough as they only hit with 4 of their 12 attacks, causing two wounds that were both saved. Fortunately, the Sergeant failed to kill any Bikers with his Relic Blade. The combat was drawn and I chose to stay locked.


The Grav Bikers assaulted the Land Raider. Despite hitting automatically with the Meltabombs, I failed to roll high enough to take its last hull point. The Meltagun Bikers assaulted the Baal Predator, but also failed to cause any damage.


At the end of my turn, I scored Objective 1 and Objective 2.



This turn, Tom had Objective 1, Objective 4 and drew Assassinate (kill an enemy character).


The Techmarine disembarked from the Land Raider, moving to engage the Bikers, while the Baal Predator moved away to target the other unit of Bikers. The Scouts moved over the wreckage of the Baal Predator to engage the Support Squadron.


The Baal opened fire on the Bikers, killing two of the squad with its Flamestorm Cannon and Heavy Bolters. The Land Raider fired at the Bikers beside it, killing one of the squad. It fired its Multi-melta at the Support Squadron, penetrating the Jinking Skimmers again and stunning one.

The Predator fired at the Landspeeder, penetrating it and forcing it to snap fire.

The Techmarine assaulted the lone Biker next to the Land Raider. As he advanced, he was cut down by the Bolter fire of the Sergeant!

The Scouts assaulted the Support Squadron, but failed to cause any harm in the assault.


The Black Knights and Vanguard Veteran struck at one another. The Knights wounded twice, but the Sergeant’s Storm Shield kept him safe. The Sergeant was unable to kill any Black Knights in return. The Knight hit and ran from the combat.

The Sergeant in contact with the Land Raider was finally able to destroy it with his meltabombs.


At the end of his turn, Tom scored Objective 4.


  • Ravenwing- 9
  • Blood Angels- 3

At the end of turn 3, I was ahead on maelstrom points and had managed to take out much of Tom’s army. In reply, I had only lost a single unit so far.



This turn, I drew Objective 3, Objective 6 and Hold the Line (have 3 units in my deployment zone and no enemy units).


The Command Squad advanced on the Vanguard Veteran, as the Black Knights moved up on the Scouts. The two remaining Ravenwing Bikers moved to engage the Baal Predator.


The Black Knights fired on the Scouts, wiping the unit out. The Command Squad were also able to kill the Vanguard Veteran after his Storm Shield finally failed him. The Attack Bike fired at the Tactical Marine in the trenches, killing him.

20161112_114143 20161112_114140

In the assault phase, the two Bikers charged the Baal Predator, destroying it with their grenades.


At the end of my turn, I scored Hold the Line and Objective 3 for 3 points.



Tom drew No Prisoners (destroy an enemy unit) to go with Objective 1 and Assassinate.


With only the Predator left, the Blood Angels’ vehicle moved to try and kill the lone Biker Sergeant to score his two maelstrom cards. The Predator fired its Lascannons at the Biker, but failed to cause any harm.


  • Ravenwing- 11
  • Blood Angels- 3


This turn, I drew Objective 6, Objective 6 and Big Game Hunter (kill an enemy vehicle).


The Ravenwing units converged on the last enemy vehicle. The Landspeeder fired at its rear armour, taking a hull point. The Support Squadron then fired at it, destroying it with their Assault Cannons.

At the end of my turn, I scored all three objectives, Linebreaker and Last Blood (kill the last unit in the game).


  • Ravenwing- 16
  • Blood Angels- 3
End of the game.

End of the game.


Thanks to Tom for a fun and entertaining game, there was some awful rolling on both sides.

I really felt for Tom in this game with some of his rolling. He only had to make 3 difficult terrain rolls for his tanks the entire game and he failed all three! That alone helped in half killing his Land Raider for me.

He also struggled with the Lascannon Predators, generally only hitting with one of the three shots each turn. This was more than made up for by his sharp-shooting Multi-melta on the Land Raider. Three times it fired at my Ravenwing Support Squadron and three times it penetrated after I failed my 2+/4+ Jink save! His Storm Shield guy was also on fire, blocking a whole host of blows and plasma shots before finally succumbing to the Bolter fire of the Interrogator-Chaplain.


I think his army was a strong list, but was just a poor match up against my Ravenwing. The Flamestorm Cannons were the biggest threat for me, but they didn’t seem to do much when they got up close thanks to poor rolling from Tom.

Overall, things went well for me in the game. I got easily achievable cards each turn and was able to deal with most of the threats in the Blood Angels army easily.


Winning the game by such a large margin also put me top of the leaderboard going into game 2, so I was keen to see who I would be facing in the next game.

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  1. Reecius November 20, 2016 9:20 am #

    I love these oldschool picture and text bat reps!

  2. Adam Vollrath November 20, 2016 11:43 pm #

    Reading the army lists I knew those flame predators were the only really threatening units. Black Knights can roll over everything else.

    • Michael Corr November 21, 2016 12:39 am #

      I don’t know, those exploding Rhinos can be pretty hazardous!

  3. Morollan November 21, 2016 3:35 am #

    Not sure if the BA list is a bit confused or just plain illegal but the Lucifer Armoured Task Force needs to include at least 1 Land Raider. I assume the LR Crusader was actually part of the LATF.

    • Michael Corr November 21, 2016 4:39 am #

      The Land Raider was probably in the formation rather than the CAD.
      The problem with my notes, as I wrote in the recent editorial, was that none of my opponents at the tournament had a copy of their army list for me. This means I am forced to write down roughly what they have and can make mistakes if I am not familiar with the formation.

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    Great batrep thanks!

    • Michael Corr November 22, 2016 12:29 am #

      Glad you liked it, more on the way soon.

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