Water Transfers – Tips

This is just a quick look at applying water transfers (decals), please share any tips and tricks you’ve picked up in the past as well.


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  1. Carlson793 November 5, 2016 10:33 am #

    1) Never dunk the transfer in water. Better to have a damp paper towel in a lid/container, then lay the transfer, paper side down, onto the wet towel. This provides better control of the wet decal, and prevents losing a decal that’s floated off the paper in the water.

    2) Always put a clear gloss coat on the entire panel the transfer is going to lie on – this will fill in any inconsistencies in the surface and prevent “frosting”/”silvering” of the transfer due to microscopic air pockets between it and the model surface.

    3) Use a decal softening/setting solution to allow it to adhere to the contours of the surface (I prefer Micro Sol/Set to do this). Use Micro Sol instead of water to adjust the position of the transfer.

    4) After the decal has dried from the setting solution, paint a second clear gloss coat over the panel/decal. This will help fill in the edges of the transfer and blend it into the surface.

    5) Finish with a coat of clear matte varnish to get back to your dull surface

    • FoxCDN November 6, 2016 5:07 pm #

      These are some fantastic tips, thank you!

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