Chapter Tactics #4: Beating Battle Company

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Today Pablo and his Guest go over the strengths and weaknesses of Battle Companies.

Hello everyone! I am back with another Tactical Saturday! This video was meant to be the third in the series however I felt like talking about Traitor’s Hate right after its release would be more relevant and entertaining. As always Chapter Tactics is a 40k podcast which focuses on promoting better tactical play and situational awareness across all formats of the game. For today’s episode Pablo and Brandon Grant go over Battle Companies and all their various forms.

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Brandon Grant’s Dark Angels Battle Company

Show Notes:

  • Brandon Grant’s winning Dark Angel’s list can be found here.
  • Steve Sisk’s 6-0 LVO Battle Company list can be found here.

battle company

Kyle’s Ultramarines 2nd Company List(1850)

Battle Company
1 Captain Cato Sicarius, 155 pts(Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield + Auspex+ cataphractii terminator armour)
1 Chaplain Elianu Trajan, 95 pts(Auspex)
Command Squad
5 Lions of Macragge, 140 pts(Meltagun x5 Droppod)
Tactical Squads
5 The Victors, 80 pts(Meltagun Droppod)
Sergeant Vandar
5 Swords of Judgement, 80 pts(Meltagun Droppod)
Sergeant Octavian
5 The Indomitable, 80 pts(Meltagun Droppod)
Sergeant Solinus
5 The Shield Bearers, 80 pts(Meltagun Droppod)
Sergeant Manorian
5 The Thunderbolts, 80 pts(Meltagun Droppod)
Sergeant Vorolanus
5 The Immortals, 80 pts(Meltagun Droppod)
Sergeant Fennion
Assualt Squads
5 Macragge’s Avengers, 80 pts(Flamer x2 Droppod)
Sergeant Ixion
5 The Heroes of Selonopolis, 80 pts(Flamer x2 Droppod)
Sergeant Strabo
Devastator Squads
5 Guilliman’s Hammer, 210 pts(Grav-cannon x4 Droppod)
Sergeant Tirian
5 The Titan Slayers, 140 pts(Grav-cannon x2 Droppod)
Sergeant Atavian
Ironclad Dreadnoughts
Brother Agnathio, 145 pts(Heavy Flamer x2 Droppod)
Brother Ultracius, 145 pts(Heavy Flamer x2 Droppod)
10th Company Task Force
Scout Squads
5 Squad Leandus, 60 pts(Sniper Rifle x4)
Sergeant Leandus(Sniper Rifle)
5 Squad  Lycurgan, 65 pts(Sniper Rifle x4)
Sergeant Lycurgan(Sniper Rifle)
5 Squad Aremacus, 65 pts(Sniper Rifle x4)
Sergeant Aremacus(Sniper Rifle)

For all future list-lab lists I will be also editing your list for legality, not to make fun of you, but to promote more responsible list building. Edits are in red. 

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  1. LordDrakonus September 24, 2016 12:51 pm #

    Thanks so much for the review the pts error was formatting error, army builder while amazing sucks to make into normal text. Loving this podcast keep it up!

  2. LordDrakonus September 24, 2016 12:54 pm #

    Thanks so much for the list review! The pts mistake was a formatting error, army builder while amazing to build list sucks at out putting them as readable text! I’ve been having great success with the snipers but the advice is great! I maybe doing a 2nd battle company soon this time tanks…….

  3. Brutishcard September 28, 2016 5:05 am #

    This pod cast is really great. Good insights and I love all the segments so far. You always seem very well prepared and the quiz is a particular highlight.

    • Brutishcard September 28, 2016 7:15 am #

      Not that other podcasts aren’t well prepared! That was the wrong word. Language is hard.

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