The Ninth Realm Ep.9 Archaon and Battletome Everchosen


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Hobby Progress


Reece’s Sylvaneth main army is done and will be featured in the new narrative battle report.

News and Rumors

  • Grombrindal returns to Age of Sigmar!  It’s a repackage of an existing slayer model. Rule for both AoS and Heroquest are included in this month’s White Dwarf magazine.  Hits like a ton of bricks but has a very low armor save.  Some cool special abilities. No points.
  • Also has rules for the new Slaughterpriest model for Heroquest. Has rules for Skarr Bloodwrath and Valkia the Bloody for Gorechosen.
  • Gorechosen should be coming out soon. Has 4 Bloodbound models included in the game.
  • AoS Battlereport.  Khorne Bloodbound vs Stormcast Eternals.  The Brimfire Ritual.


Main Topic – Archaon and the Everchosen Battletome

  • The dark gods turned to Archaon after being defeated by the allied forces of Sigmar during the Age of Myth.
  • Archaon realized the strength of Sigmar’s great alliance lay in their unity. He worked hard towards fracturing that unity to weaken their position, and he eventually gains a foothold in most of the realms.  
  • The Varanguard are extremely powerful warriors made up of the greatest Chaos champions in all the realms. They must survive several trials to become one of the Varanguard.
  • Gaunt Summoners
  • Battleplans
  • Warscroll reviews

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  1. erjak September 8, 2016 5:24 pm #

    Just to throw it out there, dracothian guard have very similar CQC ability (in a vacuum, army buffs make both nuts) and points and are sturdier, have dramatically better mounts and have super deadly shooting.

  2. FunBug No.1 September 10, 2016 2:17 am #

    Another great show!

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