Death Masque: 25% off MSRP this week!

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Death Masque: 25% off MSRP this week!

But wait, as they say in the infomercials, that’s not all! If you also order a copy of the Silver Tower game, we’ll give you 25% off of that awesome game and FREE shipping on your entire order! Those new Death Watch models are simply incredible, plus you get some fantastic Harlequins as well as the new plastic Eldrad! Supplies are moving fast, so don’t wait to grab this awesome new Games Workshop product.

Here’s a review by reader NovaStar:

Hello all, NovaStar here to talk to you about the new Deathwatch sprues in the new Death Masque box.
   First off I have to gush over it, it is simply fantastic full of win! Now with my fanboy out of the
way lets discuss its features. It has seventeen unique chapter shoulder pads the nine loyalist
legions from antiquity and five different successor chapters, two of each of power mauls and
inquisitor styled tower shields, two heavy thunder hammers, five power swords a xenophase
sword, a frag cannon and a infernus heavy bolter ( rippley pattern) and one sweet Stalker
pattern bolter.  All of the marines are in new  flashy Mk8 armour equipped with a motion trackers
on the right wrist( there coming from the  walls!)and squad cams on their backpacks.
   One of my favorite parts of the kit is the ammo  pouches and combat blades are molded onto
the belt line of the back piece super win, I could never get those to look right with a plethora of
heads and a flowing cape with a swish for  the gota be different cool black shield and this kit is
dripping with parts, I also revived a  Deathwatch version of the chapter upgrade frame that
comes with ten death watch shoulder pads for normal marines and two for terminators and a
couple of heads and vehicle inquisitor I icons.
   Sorry if this overview was short and sweet but as with all of GWs latest kits it’s chalked full of
technical innovation and oozing with bits, and the xenos scum killing has been cranked to an
eleven, though I will admit it could have done with an extra shotgun or stalker pattern bolter
they were a bit chintzy with those two options and i cant wait for the now confirmed (by
Warhamemer TV) Corvis Blackstar fighter/drop ship to be released because I’m itching to send
my Deathwatch on their first bug hunt! Remember kids sometimes you have to take off and
nuke em from orbit it’s the only way to be sure.

To sum it up: buy Death Masque and get an extra 5% off of your entire order. Also order the Silver Tower, and get FREE shipping, too! That’s some huge savings.

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Similarly, the Age of Sigmar Championships is filling up, quickly! Games Workshop is flying their team out to run the event and are very excited to be with us at the LVO. Grab those tickets sooner than later to join in the fun with this awesome game. Also, the player packets are now up in the product description if you want to check them out.

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