Signals from the Frontline #452

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ITC Championship Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Matt Root FNGC 8 717.89
2 Thomas Hegstrom Oakey 2DR’s 8 608.66
3 Joshua Death N/A 9 567.05
4 Brett Perkins FM 5 564.47
5 Andrew Gonyo BCoast 7 563.8
6 Jeremy Veysseire TZC 7 546.22
7 Eric Hoerger BCoast 5 543.14
8 Steven Heitmeyer BComp 5 543.12
9 Matthew Schuchman BCoast 6 540.21
10 Julio Rodriguez nWo 11 525.45

ITC Team Rankings

Rank Club Name Club Code Placings Points
1 Team Zero Comp TZC 63 1264.45
2 nWo Blackshirts nWo 48 1246.19
3 Beast Coast BCoast 49 1241.36

Adepta Sororitas

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Bartosz Czolczynski 3citys 7 343.51
2 Nick Barden N/A 4 308.29
3 Joshua Shubert HardT 3 203.19

Adeptus Astartes

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Thomas Hegstrom Oakey 2DR’s 8 496.87
2 Justin Pizzoferrato Merc40k 5 459.14
3 Nate Bates BComp 6 392.1

Astra Militarum

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Carlos Kaiser REKT 4 347.73
2 Doc Dragon N/A 5 319.75
3 Aurelio Correa IFL 10 317.7

Blood Angels

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Chris Morgan N/A 4 271.29
2 Erik Dahl N/A 6 217.42
3 Danny Kwan REKT 5 202.45

Chaos Daemons

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Eric Hoerger BCoast 4 475.89
2 Vincent Arroyo Sex 4 442.68
3 Aidan Barkley Char 4 364.85

Chaos Renegades

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Brett Perkins FM 4 450.95
2 Adam Solis REKT 8 347.45
3 Aaron Hayden PE 4 340.23

Chaos Space Marines

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Alan Dehesa RQTF 5 354.36
2 Chuck Arnett Mugu 4 313.53
3 Todd Silber DSD 3 283.46

Cult Mechanicus

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Matt Root FNGC 5 600.52
2 Geoff Robinson TZC 4 393.01
3 Jeremiah Petits FNGC 5 343.02

Dark Angels

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Aaron Aleong nWo 3 403.6
2 Grzegorz Hellich G’sCl 5 385.85
3 Rafał Kroczka 3citys 6 379.16

Dark Eldar

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Jeff Biery CofC 3 301.01
2 Willow Ryder LCC 3 250.64
3 Eric Cacace SCart 4 225.09


Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Matthew Schuchman BCoast 6 450.36
2 Julio Rodriguez nWo 9 447.7
3 Andrew Ford NP 5 421.88

Eldar Corsairs

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Carter Leach Merc40k 6 384.51
2 Jeff Biery CofC 3 327.17
3 Derek Page SCart 3 206.1

Grey Knights Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Doc Dragon N/A 4 185.97
2 Chris Aynesworth N/A 2 167.44
3 Thomas Firmin N/A 2 167.37


Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Joshua Death N/A 2 179.34
2 Garrett Lilley Bako 4 150.43
3 Robert Dayton MH 3 147.65

Imperial Knights

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Adrian James HerbAs 5 420.42
2 Chris Jones 1s 9 351.41
3 Joshua Death N/A 4 343.76


Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Randolph Soanes-ulrich GWNG 4 188.1
2 Doug Kus Merc40k 3 163.84
3 Wesley Pauley Damage 1 104.07

Knights Renegades Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Alex Gonzalez LCC 2 201.8
2 John-paul Mawet Mugu 1 113.88
3 Ken Eubanks FU 1 99.34

Khorne Daemonnkin

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Horton Doughton Border 4 405.12
2 Brad Bitler DSD 4 288.05
3 Denny Page Mugu 6 283.13

Militarum Tempestus

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Josef McCoy Deff 2 116.52
2 Reece Robins TZC 1 71.08
3 David Koszka B&W 1 50.83

Necrons Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Alexander Fennell DSD 4 419.1
2 Alex Gonzalez LCC 7 405.11
3 Baxter Seguin Mugu 5 386.76

Officio Assassinorum Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Jhason Hardy DSD 1 101.82
2 Tim Roberts Arc 2 81.96
3 Garye Lawrence MK 2 80.26

Orks Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Rich Kilton 2DR’s 6 385.69
2 Troy Graber FMs 6 378.23
3 Jacob Ballard DefHaw 5 353.91


Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Quinn Shepas BK 3 288.12
2 Matt Evans DMT 2 129.41
3 Phil Harlos GWNG 1 118.07

Space Wolves Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Dylan Mosley TZC 4 368.19
2 Chris Cole DA 5 318.09
3 Trevor Sandoval RQTF 3 317.76

Tau Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Andrew Gonyo BCoast 6 465.52
2 Jeremy Veysseire TZC 5 447.82
3 Steven Heitmeyer BComp 5 441.6

Tyranids Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Tyler Larson Mugu 4 325.6
2 Jaminh Vo MH 6 306.6
3 Corey Reece N/A 5 266.75

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • Age of Sigmar Steelhead Duardin rumors!
    • Duardin have a completely different aesthetic than the Fyreslayers
    • They are also somewhat different from the aesthetic of the old WFB Dwarfs.
    • They are heavily steampunk inspired (even more than some earlier designs such as the newer Gyrocopters), so look for lots of pipes and gears.
    • A Metal Golem has been consistently described as part of the range.
    • Duardin units are described as wearing a “space suit/diving suit”.
    • Weapons are described as “sci-fi rayguns” in appearance.
    • As with Fyreslayers look for a handful of new kits accompanied by a large set of round based repacks of the renamed Dispossessed.
  • A new AoS Battletome coming out: Dominion of Chaos.
    • It has rules for some of the terrain pieces and groups of terrain, as well as new battleplans.
  • AoS Realm of Battle tiles on the way and they look incredible, plus, they’ve got rules for in game use, too.
  • More rumors of a new flyer to accompany the Deathwatch release.
    • This is a very different layout and organization than the traditional Codex: Space Marines.
    • The codex will contain a very small number of units and many characters.
    • Every Character from Deathwatch Overkill is included.
    • There will be a HQ choice.
    • There will be 1-2 Troops unit choices.
    • 3-5 Formations.
    • The big theme of the codex is customization. While the number of units is very small, there are lavish and exhaustive upgrade options for each and every model in the army. Things such as wargear, weapons, and even originating chapters all can be picked and have in-game effects.
    • It is quite possible to sink giant amount of points into a very small amount of models if you wish.
    • Xenos weapons?
    • Special Captain Artemis said to be coming out for them, too.
  • Plastic Eldrad spotted! Wow, wonder what this release will accompany?
  • Rumors of a new Kharn the Betrayer model coming out along with CSM campaign rules.

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19 Responses to “Signals from the Frontline #452”

  1. Avatar
    tag8833 July 21, 2016 1:52 pm #

    Since GW didn’t fix the typo that nerfed Mob Rule found in Ork Formations, could the ITC? Just allow us to ignore the +2 on the Mob rule chart, or use the ordinary Mob rule chart.

    It wouldn’t unbalance anything. Ork formations would still be the worst formations out there next to tyranids. The bonuses are still pretty lackluster, but the Mob Rule penalty makes them so much worse than they would have to be.

    • Avatar
      Codi July 21, 2016 2:01 pm #

      What makes you think that is a typo?

      • Avatar
        tag8833 July 21, 2016 3:07 pm #

        1) It doesn’t Match the fluff.
        2) Why would a formation include more penalties than bonuses?
        3) Why would special/elite/legendary units like those that are part of formations be more likely to run away?
        4) It is an easy typo to make. Usually rolling higher on a chart is better, so if you didn’t play Orks, and were writing rules for them it would be an easy mistake.
        5) There is no reason for it. It is a game mechanic tweak that accomplishes nothing. I’ve heard it argued that it was an effort to encourage larger units. But if so, it fails at that, because the formations generally require so many units that to make them large would make a game that is very logistically difficult to play on a 6″ by 4″ table. The only thing it does is encourage ork players to take CAD’s rather than formations.

        Those reasons aside. If we got the word of god swearing it was intentional, it is still an unbalancing rule with a super easy fix that would be widely popular and wouldn’t upset the meta. A change would mainly mean that it sucks mildly less to play Orks. They’d still be a bottom tier codex, but might have a small amount more variety in their lists.

        • Avatar
          Codi July 21, 2016 4:17 pm #

          So it is a typo because you don’t agree with a rule. You are grasping dude…

          • Avatar
            tag8833 July 21, 2016 5:42 pm

            If you had a special rule titled

            “Space Marines are the Best.”

            And the fluff for it was: “Units of space marines taken as part of this formation are the best. They are more well trained, and more disciplined because of their veteran Sargents. They are always up for a fight, afraid of nothing.”

            And then the rule was: When taken Moral or pinning tests, units in this formation fail on a 6 or more.

            You would conclude that it was a typo of some sort. It doesn’t match the fluff. It doesn’t make sense.

            Whether you agree with it or not doesn’t change the fact that it seems to be a typo.

          • Avatar
            Codi July 21, 2016 7:38 pm

            Wishing it is a typo doesn’t make it so.

        • Avatar
          AbusePuppy July 22, 2016 4:03 am #

          Thing is, it’s not strictly worse- outside of combat, the +2 makes you pass more often. The overall result might be arguably worse, but it does have a non-trivial upside.

          • Avatar
            tag8833 July 22, 2016 5:36 am

            It is worse. The only way you pass more often is if you have 10 or more models in your unit after taking casualties.

            Because the formations require massive numbers of units, it makes it very difficult to run big units. The table just isn’t big enough to run 6 units of 20 Orks and have that be an effective army, and if you did try to run that army you’d be losing 2 squads a turn to Skathach WraithKnights

            Not to mention Elite units like Nobz can’t get above 10 models if they want to.

            Also, before you roll on Mob Rule against shooting, you get your full leadership. If you are in close combat, your leadership is modified, so the chance of Mob rule coming into play is much higher.

            I think alot of people comment on this without understanding how mob rule actually functions. There are Ork players who don’t really understand it. I have a bud who runs a Stompa, and just doesn’t know how mob rule works. I think in Reece’s most recent Ork batreps he was looking it up or getting it wrong. In all of my games against Orks in tournament play, I’ve never seen someone use the Ghaz mobrule nerfs correctly without me forcing them to. Nobody but me ever calls them on it, because nobody understands mob rule.

            It isn’t a game mechanic that is obvious how it works. The more games you play the more often you see that the mob rule checks that matter most are at the end of the game, where you’ve got 2 boyz and a mek in assault with 3 Scat Bikes, and the boyz lose combat.

            I lost at top table of an RTT a while back. I had 3 squads of Orks in CC with some plague drones. No Ghaz nerf involved. I lost combat by 2. I failed all of my leadership checks (2 leadership 5’s, 1 Leadership 7 because of a warboss). Then I failed all 3 Mob rule checks. I had a roll a 1,2, or 3 to stick, and I could reroll because of bosspoles. I rolled 6 consecutive 4+’s to end up swept by the last 1 wound Kornedog and lose the game. Statistically I should have stuck.

            If I had been playing with the Ghaz supplement. Instead of passing on a 1-3, I would have only been able to pass on a 1. That means I fail 3 times as often. That is the scenario where the mob rule nerf hurts, and why people aren’t making use of the Ghaz formations.

            Recently at Bugeater, I had a game in the Bag. I charged a Wraithknight and did 4 wounds to it leaving it with 1 wound left. I had 2 powerclaws, and 5 tankbustas left in that combat, but because I lost by 2, and couldn’t roll a 1-3 on either unit of boyz or a 1 on the tankbustas I ran. If I had been playing the ghaz suppliment, the boyz would have needed a 1 to stick, and the Tankbustas would never have a chance for mob rule to save them.

          • Avatar
            abusepuppy July 22, 2016 2:13 pm

            In many situations, yes, it is worse- but realize that if you roll a ‘1’ on the table for any unit that isn’t locked in combat, you would have failed the test anyways- but the Ghaz modifier typically makes that into a success.

            I realize that, _functionally_, the rule ends up being worse off a lot of the time- but it is worse in the same way that, say, a Meltagun is worse than a Grav Gun. They do both have their advantages and it’s not _purely_ inferior at everything, even if (at the end of the day) the one is probably better than the other. The +2 on the table does in fact have some advantages, so even if you don’t like it- and I can’t blame you if you don’t because Orks have kinda gotten screwed- I can’t really agree that it is somehow a typo or misprint based on the idea that it doesn’t do what it is supposed to.

          • Avatar
            Tag8833 July 24, 2016 4:26 am

            It’s worse like a BS2 melta gun is worse than a bs4 Meltagun.

  2. Avatar
    donthemagnificent July 21, 2016 3:28 pm #

    I think that the posting for upcoming events is a misprint. They are events from August 20th ish.

  3. Avatar
    Vankraken July 22, 2016 2:48 am #

    Sadly the gitfinder ruling is very much RAW as it states the model has to not have moved to modify the Ork’s profile BS. Relentless just makes it count as not moving for the purpose of weapons like heavy. By moving in the movement phase you already lost the BS boost from gitfinder regardless if you shoot or not. Would of been nice if GW threw the Orks a bone on this (or gave flash gitz their 4+ armor back) but sadly the anti Ork bias is strong in Nottingham. Speaking of Gitz I wish they would of addressed the Flash Git formation being an unholy abomination to properly roll for shooting. 21 assault 3 guns with master crafted is a nightmare to roll properly. Instead they just made sure it was clear that the Gitz formation has to use the even more painful mob rule results.

    Also the Errata on Blitz Brigade seems redundant as Scouting already prevents you from charging on the first game turn anyways. They should of BRB FAQ scouting to clarify that scouting transports make it so the passengers can’t charge turn 1.

    Ugh as an Ork player primarily this FAQ feels like salt in the wound as GW just reinforces the bad Ork rules and even throws in a bit of snark for why things like boyz squabbling hits harder against each other than when they are fighting the enemy.

    • Avatar
      AbusePuppy July 22, 2016 4:05 am #

      I think the only thing the blitz brigade errata changes is that it only applies if you actually use Scout.

      • Avatar
        Frozocrone July 22, 2016 4:11 am #

        Before it said ‘turn’ meaning player turn, so it could have been read as if the Ork player went second, they could have still charged turn one. The Errata changed it to ‘game turn’, making that illegal.

        • Avatar
          Vankraken July 22, 2016 8:38 am #

          Oh I see how it was worded in the supplement. Still the BRB states scouting prevents charging the game turn you scout. I wonder why they even needed a rule for the blitz brigade in the first place.

          • Avatar
            abusepuppy July 22, 2016 2:15 pm

            This was actually a big argument a while back with the Corsairs codex, which has transports with Scout but does not have the Blitz Brigade’s text about embarked units; Scouting with a transport is not necessarily the same thing as Scouting with the occupants.

          • Avatar
            Codi July 22, 2016 2:34 pm

            That is one good thing about the ork codex, is that the intention of the rules are all pretty clear. Even if we don’t like it.

  4. Avatar
    John Palmer July 27, 2016 1:50 pm #

    You’re damn right I’m bringing 11 Gretchen and a Big Me with KFF to give my insert x here a 5++ now it works on enemy models.

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