Age of Sigmar Faction Review – Sylvaneth Part 2

Take a look at the new Sylvaneth models with the Age of Sigmar Faction Review – Sylvaneth Part 2! Read the first article, here.

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Games Workshop just released a bunch of new Sylvaneth models.  These new models are going to make huge waves in the way the Sylvaneth are played.  The new models add some variety to the tree people and really help flesh out a more complete list.  Also we get to see the return of our Everqueen who looks to be incredibly powerful and synergizes quite well with the rest of the Sylvaneth.



First up is Alarielle she’s a massive model and is an amazing force multiplier for the Sylvaneth.

She’s got 16 wounds with a 3+ save, which makes her pretty tough to start off with.  She’ll save a lot of wounds and those she doesn’t save, she can heal with her Lifebloom ability which heals her for D3 each turn.

If that wasn’t enough healing for you, her Soul Amphorae can be used to heal EVERY Sylvaneth unit within 30” of her by D3.  Because of the FAQ ruling that models are always within X” of themselves she gets to heal that D3 as well.  The Soul Amphorae ability can also summon some units, all the way up to a Treelord.  Depending on how the General’s handbook treats summoning, this could be game-breaking.

She has some pretty great weapons as well; like the Talon of the Dwindling, which acts like a more powerful version of the treelords’ impaling talons.  With her weapon you get to roll 2d6 and if you exceed the wounds characteristic or roll double sixes the model is slain.  The Talon of Dwindling also has four attacks instead of just one.

Her special spell, Metamorphosis, is quite powerful.  It has a casting value of five and if successful she throws dice equal to the casting result at an enemy unit within 16”.  For each four or more rolled the unit suffers a mortal wound.  If that slays the last model in the unit then she can set up a Wyldwood where it was slain.

Lastly her command ability can be used to have all Sylvaneth reroll failed wound rolls until her next hero phase.  That means this lasts even in your opponents turn.  This ability is one of the most impactful command abilities if your army is all Sylvaneth.



Basically the angrier big sister of a Branchwraith.  With five wounds and a 5+ save she isn’t very tough.  Her main value is offered in her special spell, Unleash Spites, which is an area spell that can cause some mortal wounds.  It will take some effort to get her there with how weak her defenses are.



Drycha Hamadreth is our bipolar monster of destruction that goes from unreasonable wrathful to uncomfortably masochistic.  She is quite tough with high wounds and a high save.  Her Colony of Flitterfuries attacks both friend and foe within range, so when deploying and moving her about the battlefield keep friendly fire in mind.

Her Swarm of Squirmlings is an attack that uses the number of models in the target unit to determine how many dice to throw for mortal wounds.  These dice only mortally wound on sixes so try to make sure to target large units.

She has two different modes that she swaps between at the beginning of each battle round.  She’s either “Enraged” which gives her more attacks and boosts her Flitterfuries, or she is “Embittered” which negates two wounds when consulting the damage table and boosts her Squirmlings.

Her special spell, Primal Terror, attacks in a 10” radius around her against enemy’s leadership.  This will be effective against lower leadership units since you get to add 2 to the result, but anything with a Bravery of eight or better won’t even be affected.



The Kurnoth Hunters are the elite warriors of the Sylvaneth and their weapons represent that quite well.  Their Greatbows provide the long range big damage that we’ve been missing, but their melee weapons are also quite good as well.  Their melee weapon options have a moderate amount of attacks with good rending and damage.

Their five wounds and 4+ save will make them hard to take down.  For more durability they have the Tanglethorn Thicket ability which trades movement for rerolling saves and the Trample Underfoot ability that gives them a good chance to do additional mortal wounds in melee.

No matter how you choose to run these guys they will do some serious work.



Spite-Revenants are one of the two new core like units.  The Spite-Revenants are all about bravery attacks and going after the enemies who are in scenery.  They force enemies in nearby scenery to take bravery tests on 2d6 and reduce the bravery of any enemy unit within 1” by one.  They synergize well with Drycha Hamadreth’s Primal Terror.



The Tree-Revenants are mobile and hit decently hard in melee.  Their ability to teleport to any Wyldwood instead of moving makes them incredibly good for repositioning and getting objectives if you have your Wyldwoods set up well.  Their melee attacks are above average with a -1 rend which will help them provide some value when you do get them into melee.  They also pile in at 6” which will almost guarantee being able to attack in the combat phase and possibly even pull in some units your opponent didn’t want in combat.

The New Sylvaneth models are going to have a huge impact on the game, especially the Everqueen who will make the Sylvaneth armies incredibly durable.  The new Kurnoth hunters have great synergy with the rest of the Sylvaneth and provide a lot of value with any of their weapons.

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11 Responses to “Age of Sigmar Faction Review – Sylvaneth Part 2”

  1. Avatar
    Ytook July 15, 2016 2:33 am #

    Good stuff.

    Play the Spite Revenants well using the wyldwood placing and teleporting abilities for being pure Sylvaneth and I think you could seriously shut down big parts of the board, and funnel your enemy just where you want them.

    Just a little clarification on Drycha though, her squirmlings cause mortal wounds on a roll dependant on her damage table, not 6+ (that’s the flitterfuries).

    • DustyK
      DustyK July 15, 2016 5:33 am #

      There is a battalion in the battletome that really works well with the Revenants. Once I get part 3 up there will be a review on that. By themselves they are a bit lack luster, but like you said in a Sylvanerh allegiance they can really lock down board control with proper placement.

      • Avatar
        Ytook July 15, 2016 8:41 am #

        Definitely, I think they’re one of those units that people will underestimate, in the hands of a good Sylvaneth player and in a good Sylvaneth army I think they’ll be a really good board control unit.

        • DustyK
          DustyK July 15, 2016 9:33 am #

          I think they will be a classic, bad on paper, good on board units.

          I love the theme of the Sylvaneth that they set up. It’s all about synergy and smart big picture play.

  2. Avatar
    Blight1 July 15, 2016 4:35 am #

    Also the bug colonies on Drycha are mutually exclusive so you have to pick one when building your list/her.

    • Avatar
      Blight1 July 15, 2016 4:40 am #

      I do think the squirmlings are a better choice even if they have shorter range. Rolling for each model and wounding on at worst a 5+ (best a 3+) is generally better than 10 rolls hoping for 6s.

      • DustyK
        DustyK July 15, 2016 5:34 am #

        Oh you are right, thanks for pointing that out! I also agree that the squirmlings are a better choice for what you said, and that unlike the flitterfuries the squirmlings don’t attack nearby friendlies.

  3. Avatar
    Age of Sigmar King July 27, 2016 2:26 am #

    Really like the Kurnoth hunters in terms of both gameplay and aesthetics. The longbows are actually pretty devastating.

  4. Avatar
    DreamPainting October 8, 2016 3:44 pm #


    Can you please delete my photos of Kurnoth Hunters and Tree-Revenants? Nobody asked me to use them on any webpage and I do own them.

    • Reecius
      Reecius October 8, 2016 7:27 pm #

      Of course we will take them down but a few things:

      1.) When you post an image to the web and don’t include in the file name your name, no one knows it’s yours. It appears that you saved the name of the unit in the filename so when one of our writers did a Google Image search for say, “Kurnoth Hunters” your image popped up. No one went to you blog to take them, they were one of the first images to pop up in the search. As a matter of fact, I have no way of knowing you actually did paint these. I believe you or course, but I cannot tell who created these from the image files.

      2.) If you’d prefer for us to credit the image to you (which we do when we can see who actually originally posted the image, which we couldn’t in this case), and link to your blog, we’d be happy to do that which sends more traffic your way.

      3.) This is a 3 month old post.

      But like I said, we’re happy to credit you for the images or simply delete them and never post any images of your work on our site again if that is your wish (although then, less people would see your work, of course). But please don’t assume we came to your blog and stole your images as that is simply not the case.

      Let me know how you’d like to proceed.

  5. Avatar
    DreamPainting October 8, 2016 3:49 pm #

    Can I ask you to delete MY photos of Kurnoth Hunters and Tree-Revenants? Nobody asked me to use them for any purposes and I do own them.

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