BeakyCon 6

++ BeakyCon 6 40k Grand Tournament – St Pete, FL ++

BeakyCon is an annual 40k grand tournament held in Florida and this is our sixth year in a row. This year it will be held at Critical Hit Games in St. Petersburg on June 25. There will be five rounds at 1650 points using the ITC FAQ with the caveat no GMC or super heavies this year. If you’d like to register (only $30) go to the following link:

We also have a FB group you can join too:

Here’s our official blog if you’d like more information:

Return of the Wulfen

This year we will allow the public to purchase our Beaky dice. In the past the dice were only available to those attending the grand tournament. The dice sale helps to cover the cost for prize support and your support is greatly appreciated.

The 13th Company is our official logo this year and appears on the sixth side of each dice. If you love Space Wolves these are the dice for you… Bran Redmaw definitely approves !

Here is the cost to order your own dice:

06 = $12 (Blood Claws pack)

12 = $20 (Grey Hunters pack)

24 = $40 (Long Fangs pack)

48 = $75 (Wolf Guard pack)

There is a $5 shipping fee so make sure to include it.

If you would like to place an order use PayPal. My account is:

Make sure to include the following information when placing an order:

1) Put BeakyCon 6 in the subject line.
2) Make sure to specify how many dice you want.
3) Include your name and shipping address.

We will accept orders up until the end of May. The dice will ship the first week of July.


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