Age of Sigmar Learning League – Mariana’s Seraphon

Hello all, Jason here to talk about the units Mariana chose for her first 25 wound Age of Sigmar Warband.

For those of you who are not aware, the FLG staff have decided to jump into the Age of Sigmar head first and start a 4 month learning league. The only modification to the current 4 page ruleset is the implementation of wounds being the list building tool at least until the organized play ruleset is released this summer.  You can read all about the league here.   I wanted to write a little bit about the models everyone has chosen for their warband and some of the reasons they chose them for their first 25 wounds.  Today we look at Mariana’s choices for her Seraphon warband.

For her hero choice Mariana decided on the Skink Starseer.


Not only does the Starseer look super cute on it’s little floating chair with it’s vibrantly colored plumage it is also a 5 wound wizard that will give Mariana some distanced offensive magic as well as having the chance to re-roll die rolls during the game with it’s Cosmic Herald ability.

Next up, Mariana wanted to be able to deal some damage at range so she chose a unit of 5 Chameleon Skinks.


These guys may look small but they pack a serious punch. They can be set up anywhere on the battlefield and only reveal their location when Mariana decides to do so during any of her movement phases.  If they find themselves in a bad spot they can leave the battlefield at the beginning of the hero phase and redeploy the same way on any subsequent turn.  Though they have a very low armor value of 6+ this increases to a 3+ if the unit is in a terrain feature.  Not bad!  Last but not least their Dartpipes put out 2 shots per model at 16″ and if a 6 is rolled to hit they do 2 damage instead of the normal 1. OUCH

Needing a way to deal with some of the heavy hitters on the battlefield, Mariana chose the Salamander as her next choice.


The Salamander is a fairly fast, 6 wound model (3 wounds + 3 Skink Handlers) that can shoot a 12″ Stream of Fire that does d6 damage that rends at -2.  It’s essentially a mobile warmachine.   If a unit takes a wound from the Stream of Fire attack, on a roll of a 4+ the unit takes an additional d3 mortal wounds as the corrosive liquid continues to damage them.  It’s not slouch in combat either and comes with 3 rend -1 attacks along with the Skink Handler attacks.  A solid choice!

Last but not least, Mariana couldn’t pass up on picking at least one big mad monster, the Bastilidon.


Though it doesn’t have the large wound count that some monsters come with, the Bastilidon ain’t not slouch at 8 wounds and a 3+ armor save. Due to it’s Impervious Defense special ability it also ignores rend characteristics and on a 4+ it will ignore mortal wounds. THAT’S TOUGH.  Mariana decided to stick the Solar Engine on it’s back which fits into her shooting themed list.  The 20″ Searing Beam has 2D6 attacks that rend -1 and do 2 damage and the Skinks themselves lend their Javelins to the barrage, though they don’t really hit all that well.

So there you have it, Mariana’s first 25 wounds for the Age of Sigmar Learning League.  What do you think of her choices? What would you have taken instead? Let us know in the comments section.


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    westrider May 14, 2016 2:57 pm #

    Dude. When you’re going by Wound Count, that Bastilidon looks like amazing bang for your buck, as well as just being a plain badass Model.

  2. Avatar
    Chris May 14, 2016 5:44 pm #

    That looks like a pretty cool and fun list. Not for me since I like to run up and hit stuff but cool none the less. I agree with the above that the bastilodon looks pretty good. Without some melee guys you’ll have to watch out for some of the fast melee armies though. We learned that the hard way with my beastmen…. They normally go 10-16 inches and then they can charge… Surprised the poor wood elves the first time we played.

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