Signals from the Frontline #431

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Rant Session

Tactics Corner

Scarblade Strike Force Description Size
Hunting Pack
Korsarro Khan Moondrakken 1
Chaplain Bike, Auspex, Hunters Eye, Melta Bomb 1
Command Squad Bikes,Grav Gunx5, Apothocary, Melta Bomb x2 5
Rhino Dozer Blades 1
Bike Squad Grav GunX2, combi Grav 5
Bike Squad Grav GunX2, combi Grav 5
Bike Squad MeltaX2, Combi Melta 5
Bike Squad MeltaX2, Combi Melta 5
Bike Squad MeltaX2, Combi Melta 5
Fast Attack
Attack Bike Multi Melta 1
Scout Bikes Astartes Grenade Launger 3
Speartip Strike Force
Land speeder Typhoon Missile Launcher 1
Bike Squad MeltaX2, Combi Melta 5
Bike Squad MeltaX2, Combi Melta 5
Callexus 1

Iron Hands Fists of Medusa Strike Force
Stormlance Battle Company
Captain: Fist, Jump Pack, Gorgon’s Chain, Artificer Armor
Command Squad: Pod, Apothecary, 3x Storm Shields, 5x Meltabombs
Tactical Squad, Pod
Tactical Squad, Pod
Tactical Squad
Attack Bike
Devastator Squad
Librarius Conclave
Librarian, Lv. 2
Librarian, Lv. 2
Librarian, Lv. 2
Skyhammer Annihilation Force
Assault Squad: Jump Packs, Eviscerator
Assault Squad: Jump Packs, Eviscerator
Devastator Squad: Pod
Devastator Squad: Pod
Honoured Ancients
Ironclad Dreadnought, Pod, 2x Hunter-Killer Missiles
Honoured Ancients
Ironclad Dreadnought, Pod, 2x Hunter-Killer Missiles

Rules Lawyer

Completed Commissions

List Review

The Purge Detachment
Renegade Command Squad, Chaos Covenant, Ordnance Tyrant, Command Vox
2 x 25 Plague Zombies
1 x 30 Plague Zombies
2 x 1 Quad Mortar Batteries
3 x 3 Laser Rapier Batteries, Militia Training
3 x 1 Earthshaker Artillery Carriages
2 x 1 Medusa Siege Gun Artillery Carriages
Void Shield Generator with 1 Extra Shield

Forsworn Detachment
1 x Renegade Knight with Double Avenger Gatling Guns

Daemonic Incursion Tallyband
1 x Herald of Nurgle, Doomsday Bell
7 x 1 Nurglings
1 unit Chaos Furies

Basic premise is a lot of shooting, meat shields with the plague zombies,
while the Nurglings can deepstrike or infiltrate up to corrupt objectives.
Lots of individual units to provide target saturation. I can swap out the
Daemonic Incusion with a secondary Renegade Knight with Double Avenger Gatling
guns, but am worried that although it will be much shootier, I’ll lose out on
a number of forward moving objective grabbing units.  Appreciate it and love
the podcast and shows!

“1650 Highlander list – Cult mech”

Tech-Priest Dominus (160pts) [Erradication ray, Macrostubber, Stasis field, The Scryerskull Perspicatus]

1 unit of Kataphron Breachers (200pts)
Kataphron Breacher [Arc claw, Heavy arc rifle]
Kataphron Breacher [Arc claw, Heavy arc rifle]
Kataphron Breacher [Arc claw, Heavy arc rifle]
Kataphron Breacher [Arc claw, Heavy arc rifle]

1 unit of Kataphron Destroyers (330pts)
Kataphron Destroyer [Heavy grav-cannon, Phosphor blaster]
Kataphron Destroyer [Heavy grav-cannon, Phosphor blaster]
Kataphron Destroyer [Heavy grav-cannon, Phosphor blaster]
Kataphron Destroyer [Heavy grav-cannon, Phosphor blaster]
Kataphron Destroyer [Heavy grav-cannon, Phosphor blaster]
Kataphron Destroyer [Heavy grav-cannon, Phosphor blaster]

1 unit of Kastelan Robot Maniple (955pts)
Cybernetica Datasmith [Infoslave Skull, Mask of the Alpha Dominus, Refractor field]
Cybernetica Datasmith [Raiment of Technomartyr, Refractor field]
Kastelan Robot [Heavy phosphor blaster, Two power fists]
Kastelan Robot [Heavy phosphor blaster, Twin-linked heavy phosphor blaster]
Kastelan Robot [Heavy phosphor blaster, Twin-linked heavy phosphor blaster]
Kastelan Robot [Heavy phosphor blaster, Twin-linked heavy phosphor blaster]
Kastelan Robot [Heavy phosphor blaster, Twin-linked heavy phosphor blaster]
Kastelan Robot [Heavy phosphor blaster, Twin-linked heavy phosphor blaster]


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10 Responses to “Signals from the Frontline #431”

  1. RyanTSG May 9, 2016 11:06 am #

    2 Things,

    1. Pablo’s list is illegal – The storm lance requires Rhinos and Razorbacks you cant run pods. Not a big issue since he can run a Demi-company instead for the same effect but Obsec and the one use power.

    2. On the Cult Mech list I would run less Robots and a Max sized Corpsecarii electropriest unit. The Corpsecarii are surprisingly good at shooting within 12″ the amount of firepower putout is crazy with the shock rule.


    • DirtyDeeds May 9, 2016 6:32 pm #

      The error in pablo’s list was addressed towards the end of the video.

  2. Val Heffelfinger May 9, 2016 2:27 pm #

    Hey Y’all – don’t see it up on youtube/pocket casts… I’m jonesing over here!

    • Mariana May 9, 2016 2:43 pm #

      Im about to put it up =)

  3. Jp May 10, 2016 4:47 am #

    So when you guys said you wouldn’t nerf these new powers but put it up for a vote come June you were lieing? I understand the annoyance of the moving terrain at a tournament but the other two freshly nerfed powers do not need to be. Ya teleporting assaulting Death Stars and ignore line of sight is really powerful but in the days of warp spiders and storm surges just obliterating your army by turn 2 I don’t see an issue of teleporting deathstars.

    I find it funny how one minute teleporting deathstars is not fun for the game but the very next minute your praising Frankies tsble you by turn two tau. If I was going to get crushed I’d rather see flying Thunderwolves vs riptide wing and two storm surges…

  4. xthexclincherx May 10, 2016 5:53 am #

    Seeing the changes to the new powers is a bit of a shame to players that like to use them to NOT teleport deathstars… it would be great to see TH/SS terminators slinging back into the fight this way… but of course, that gets discarded thanks to deathstars 🙁

    I wish there was a creative way that could be found to remove the REAL thorn in everyone’s side here, which is the concept of mashing up all sorts of Battle Brother allies in one unit to exploit loopholes.

    Has the ITC ever entertained the thought of a way to dismantle the real issue that makes most 40k tournaments not fun for new players (if they get these matchups)… perhaps some rules around combining multiple ICs, multiple factions, formations, etc.? If we take a look at the things that make up the most annoying death stars in the tournament scene right now, we’d have to address thunderwolves, cent stars, and chapter master command squad jazz…

    SO, to me, all these share the common theme of:
    1) Many IC’s joined to one unit
    2) In most cases, multiple factions all layered on, by way of adding more Battle Brother ICs
    3) Exploiting rules loopholes where certain traits of Battle Brothers or “non-Chapter Tactic ‘chapter tactic'” all can be combined
    4) Sprinkle on a formation of ICs, almost always the Librarius Conclave…and of course, it’s White Scars when adding to a non-CT star lol

    So if we really looked at those points above, maybe we could undergo an exercise in thinking…
    – what if we treated SW and DA as having CTs
    – only one formation or IC can join a unit
    – Battle Bros are treated as allies of convenience in regards to joining units.

    Then, we could go ahead and revert all sorts of limitations we put in place like changing these psychic powers (well, some of them perhaps) and adjusting rules.

    We have tried this approach in our local gaming scene (which is admittedly dominated by Armies of the Imperium battle bro armies) and have had EXCELLENT success. I know it might now work everywhere, but why not entertain the thought of it and see where that would leave us?

    • Ryantsg May 10, 2016 6:47 am #

      I really like these ideas.

      Limiting BB to AOC means that Allied forces are just that Allied forces. Not sure about 1 IC per unit, but maybe.

      I think that there is a big issue with Mobility being such a huge focus. Any Assault Unit that can only move 6″ should be half price, or free land raiders etc.

      • xthexclincherx May 10, 2016 7:22 am #

        Yeah, the bullet points were just meant as suggesting things we’ve tried, not necessarily applied all at once (obviously you can’t join ppl if you apply the suggestion of BB as AoC for purposes of joining units)… but yeah, they’ve worked well. Thunderwolf stars went away, DA + SW went away, and in stead, you see cool things like CM + Command squad still around, but it’s not a deathstar… and you still see librarius conclave + TH/SS termies… but it’s not a deathstar. In fact, we use Invis at full strength because it’s not making 1500 points of your army invis at once… it’s a unit.

        Again, keep in mind that Armies of the Imperium are most of our meta… so Im sure full strength invis on other armies may be weird… maybe not. I dunno. But still, one or two of these changes still allowed our players to have “epic units” but not Deathstars… and it allowed people to focus more on a single army and it’s given rules (formation,s play-style, models, etc.) rather than a hodge-podge of the best cherry-picked stuff that looks for loopholes.


        • xthexclincherx May 10, 2016 8:23 am #

          Also, the way we play the new powers in the above environemnt: Electrodisplacement is as-is, and the moving terrain one is just altered so that you can’t move fortifications and anything IN the terrain “at all” disembarks before the terrain is moved (objectives stay on the table too, NOT with the terrain). Oh and also, the ignore cover & sight one was just as the ITC suggested (choose one – ignore sight OR ignore cover OR more through cover).

          Hope that helps spark some other ideas. Also, let me know if these ideas break a more “diverse” meta, since ours seems so focused on the Imperium haha.

  5. Matt May 10, 2016 9:30 am #

    TheXclencher totally agree with your points – I think though a lot of tournament organizers are hesitant to put in more restrictions like that, due to it might “cut down attendance”. But it also brings up the argument that restricting death stars causes other meta stuff to dominate instead. Give and take – but your right; reign in death stars a bit would be good for the competitive scene, if nothing else than some variety. But it may be more limited to the high end players (who are going to take the hyper competitive lists) compared to the mid-range players who don’t.
    That was actually my Purge list – appreciate the feedback guys I had already ordered an aegis defense line a day or two prior (the draft FAQ kind of sealed the deal for me on it). To Pablo’s comment – it’s actually pretty effective against Gladius style armies, as between the Knight and rapiers, you can pop at least 2-3 rhinos a turn, with indirect artillery taking out the squads. Same with killing warp spiders; there is enough of a footprint to push them out of 12″ range to keep artillery safe. Death Stars still worry me, but even if a zombie horde can hold them up for a full game turn, charge in the next one. An unkillable SM Chaptermaster on bike plus honor squad with power fists still only kills 11 zombies on the charge a turn- unless they are doubling them out, a 4+ FNP makes them last even longer.

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