Supremacy ITS 2016 Mission Break Down

scar picDo you find the mission Quadrant Control just too easy for you? Do you want to dominate areas AND feel like you need to bring a bunch of specialists? Then have I got a mission for you, today we are talking about the mission Supremacy. For more articles like this visit the Tactics Corner.


Just like in the previous mission Quadrant Control, you are going to be trying to to Dominate four quadrants. The twist is that in the center of each quadrant is a console you can hack. (Any specialist can hack one, but Hackers get Supe deploy+3 to their WIP roll!) This mission uses the standard 12 inch deployment zones.  This mission does have a few special rules:

Dominate: Have more active models in a quadrant – These models include everything but inactive models, and models that aren’t physically on the board (ie dead, AD troops not deployed, and hidden troops).

Baggage: Troops with the baggage special skill are worth +20 points.

INTELCOM: This is a weird one, if you choose to use you CO as this, then you can use the card to negate one troop with the specialist rule.


So let’s talk points:

Control the same number of quadrants at the end of a game turn= 1pt

Control more quadrants at the end of game turn= 2pts

Hack a console= 1 pt

1 Classified Objective worth 1pt (if you have less than 10 points)

I’m going to assume that this rules means that hacking each console is worth a point since this will take the mission to 10 points.

A few things are worth noting, both sides can hack a console, if both hack one this will result in both sides making a face to face roll at the end of the game, with each specialist counting for an extra dice… the more specialists you have alive, the more dice you get! This is the first mission where I think the INTELCOM card is really a toss up. If you use it will improve your chances of getting a single point, the same as if you were to use it to gain a Classified Objective, so if you are light on specialists you might want to consider using it, or if you simply don’t think you will be able to accomplish the Classified Objective.

Beyond that this mission plays very similarly to Quadrant Control. You will want to bring some specialists- I am a firm believer in spamming specialists, since a rifle/CombiRifle is just as lethal as most other weapons in this game, more specialists = more chances to score points.


  • If possible go second in this mission. It will give you the opportunity to make a last ditch effort to dominate quadrants.
  • If your forced to go first, use it to your advantage and move as aggressively up the board as possible to make it difficult for your opponent to get out of their deployment zone.
  • Have a list that is prepared to move out of your deployment zone, every troop you leave in your deployment zone is a troop your opponent doesn’t have to counter.
  • AD specialist troops are worth their weight in gold here, since they can come in late and will be easier to keep alive for potential rolls offs. Infiltrators, forward deployment, and any other deployment skills.
  • Once you take an area, your going to need to hold it, so consider bringining some sort of total reaction remote for area control, or some sort of high armor unit.


Supremacy is a great little mission in that it combines the need for specialists, with the fun of raw killing and taking/holding ground. This mission is going to reward the player who crafts a list to take advantage of its special rules- namely lots of specialists, preferably hackers, and tough units that can dig in and do work during the reactive phase. As always, Frontline Gaming sells Infinity at up to 20% off every day!


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