ITC Team Tournament Name Verifcation


Hey everyone, we had some data loss from the LVO ITC Team Tournament, but have managed to piece everything together to get you all your points! However, we need you to verify the spelling of your name, please.

So, we are going off of the manual team entries as our digital data for the ITC Team Tournament got corrupted, unfortunately. I am sure some of these names are misspelled so if you could please be so kind as to let us know that your name is spelled correctly before I run it through the uploader, that would be awesome. Sorry for the delay, everyone, technology is awesome….most of the time!

TEAM: SLC Drunk (0-1-2)

Curtis Stretchbery – Eldar

Jon Kuhl – AM

Allen Emlet – BA/Grey Knights

Aaron Tyrell – Necron

Alex Freshmen – Orks

Thomas hegstrom Oakley – SM

TEAM: Team Fist Punch  (1-1-1)

Grayson Cirerol – DKK

Seth McCoy – GK/DA

Richard Utri – Farsight/Tau

Sean Canning – AD Mech

Matt Johansen – Eldar/Dark Eldar

Bill (William) Friend – Space Marines

TEAM: Speed Bump   0-2-1

Shayan Firoizabadi – Necron

John Campos – Eldar/Dark Eldar

Misty Simpson – Knights/SM

Tom Malone – Tau

Danny Kwan – BA

Albert ?  – DA

TEAM: Sex Panther  (2-0-1)

Vincent Arroyo – CSM/Daemons

Randall Nelsen – Eldar/Tau

Jason Byrd – AdMech/Skitari/Knight

Stepon Parello – BA

Shane Gankard – Inquisition/DA

Justin Del Valle – Orks

TEAM: Left Coast Corsairs (2-0-1)

Willow Ryder – Dark Eldar/Eldar

Tim Hosker – Space Wolves

Paul McKelvey – Tau

Alexander Gonzalez – necrons

Matt Barlow – Tyranids

Anothony D/Amore – SM

TEAM: Warhogs  (1-1-1)

Cyle Thompson – BA

Chase Garber – Tyranids

Trent Northington – Eldar/SM

Joe Kulas – KDK/Daemons

Cody Boe – Necrons

Cody Johnson – Space Wolves

TEAM: Dream Crushers  0-2-1

Trevor Stein – CSM

Marc Macleod — Knights/Skitarii/Assassins

David Gertz – SM

George Macrodimitris – Eldar

Kevin Tyers – Dark Eldar

Robert Hoeffer – Tau

TEAM: Kung Fury 40k  (1-1-1)

Gregory Verzosa – Eldar/DE

Jon Bunn – Tau

John McCool – Orks

Matt Evans – Ad Mech/Skitarri/Knights

Will Holyes – SM

Mike Haspil – GK/SOB

Team: Chump Change  (2-0-1)

Ben Cromwell – Admech

Jim Yeh – CSM/Daemons

Ben S (?)  – A<

Jesse (?) – SM/Inq

Alex (?)  Eldar/Dark Eldar/Space Wolves

Jeremy V (?) – Tau

TEAM: Beast Coast and Tyler (3-0)

Nick Nanavati – Daemons

Werner Born – Necrons/Tau

Kurt Clauss – Tyranids

Matt Schuckman – Eldar

Phil Rodakanakis – Dark Angels

Tyler Devries – SM

TEAM: Orkshop (0-2-1)

Andrei Gaxiola – Eldar/DE

Chris Deutscher – Tau

Jon Ledesma – KDK

Matt Ledesma – IK/SM

Tom Fuller – AM/Inq/ADmech

Jordan Snyder – Orks

TEAM: Demises Inc.  (2-0-1)

Jon Lapson – Eldar/Dark Eldar/Harlie

Seth Rousk – Renegades/Daemons

Jared Greene – Tau

Aaron Bratl – SM/BA/Inq

Charlie Kemoes (?) – Tyranids

Logan Rousk – Necrons/CSM

TEAM: Herbie’s Angels (0-2-1)

Jason Peck – Tau

Morgan Peck – Grey Knights

Herb Schaffer – Dark Eldar

Jay Gardner-Hojele – Daemons/CSM

Darrin (?)  – Admech/Skitarii/Knights

Scott Freeman – Orks

TEAM: Fuck Your Mother  (1-0-2)

Michael Snider – Necrons

Brandon Grant – DA/AM

Alan Dehesa – Renegades/CSM/Tau

Ryan Meed – Daemons

Mark Hayes – Eldar/DE

Jon Costa – DKD

TEAM: Mercy Killers  (2-1)

Trevor VanCleave – Tau

Noah Small – AM/BA/Legion of Damned

Mike Larson – IK

Justin Takamoto – Orks

Garye Laburence – Eldar/DE

Peter Kelly – Daemons

TEAM Event Horizon 1-2-0

Doc Glenboski – GK/SOB/DA

Zakary Sheridan – AM/BA

Sean Teague – IK/Inq

Kyle Watson – Skitarii/SM

Nathan Creer – Tyranids

Ryan Creer – Daemons

TEAM: Mugu Legion  (2-0-1)

JP (?) – Renegades/Daemons

Denny (?) – SM

Baxter (?) – Necrons

Mason (?)  – Orks

Matt (?) – DA

Chuck (?) – Tau

TEAM:  Regum Auratis  (1-1-1)

Brian Jones – Tau

Rob Woods: Skitarii/Admech/Knights

Dan Duffin: Orks

Damian Knight: CSM/Daemons

Chris Morris: Necrons

Nickolas Talbot: SM/BA

TEAM: Atlantic Alliance  (2-0-1)

David Calder – SM

Tim Dasnell – KDK

Kris Mills – Eldar

Mike Kiser – SOB/AM/INQ

Joe Guzowski – Orks

Patrick Mckerey (?) – SM

TEAM: Mercs   (1-1-1)

Brian Delgado – Eldar

Mark Parker – Necron

Miles Luera – SM

Jason Macintyre – CSM/Daemons

Adrien Jeanniard – Daemons

Nathalie Fregosi – Tyranids


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6 years ago

Also the scores from the 2nd wooden spoon (in the event page) aren’t calculated in the total points anymore.

6 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Thanks for always checking the comments. o7

6 years ago

Kung Fury 40k = Denver Mountain Trolls if that makes a difference. Otherwise Will’s last name is Hodges and not Hoyle. Probably due to my chicken scratch hand writing. Thanks for updating this, a few people were curious how we finished relative to the field.

6 years ago

I’m pretty sure the Warhogs went 2W 1L, we lost to Beast Coast but came back and beat Hearbie’s Angels (I’m pretty sure that’s who they were). Anyway we got 3rd so 1-1-1 would not have got us there.

And don’t listen to Greg, he’s probably drunk. 😉

6 years ago

Team Chump Change is
Ben Cromwell
Ben Schimmoller
Jessica Ann Edgren
Alex Yuen
Jeremy Veysseire

6 years ago

Do you want us to email you the stuff or just post here?

6 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

email sent!

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