Grab the new Deathwatch: Overkill from Frontline Gaming at 25% Off!



The old school models above are back, and looking better than ever in their new Deathwatch: Overkill boxed game!

Grab the new Deathwatch: Overkill board game this week from Frontline Gaming and save 25% off of retail!

This new box set is awesome! You get a board game, a ton of new and characterful Space Marine models from the Deathwatch but also the awesome Broodkin, too! These are the spiritual successors to the Genestealer Cult models from days gone by, and not only look fantastic but have some awesome rules, too!

Grab yours from Frontline Gaming by midnight PST on Friday, March 11th and save 25% off of retail, and only $6.99 flat rate shipping to any location within the continental USA.

Shoot your order to:

Or call your order in to: 888-781-5120

We do not answer the phones on Sundays, FYI.

So shoot in your order and get the new hotness! Due to GW policy, we are unable to sell their product outside of the USA.


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