Signals from the Frontline #407


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  • Big News! GW is launching model kits for release in Big Box stores! These were seen at the Nuremberg Toy Fair.


  • Hugh Jackman said he’d be doing his last Wolverine movie, Wolverine 3. Rumors are that it may be the Old Man Logan story line which would be incredible, if true.


  • Infinity showcases their new releases which look fantastic.


  • The first images of Blood Bowl minis are floating around the web!

bb3 bloodb2 bloodbowl

  • The LVO is almost upon us! Get ready for some great gaming with friends.


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Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • Space Wolf Rumors!
    • Wulfen – 150 points
    • Wulfen
    • WS4/BS2/S5 (or 3)/T4/W2/I5/A3/Ld8/Sv4+
    • Wulfen Pack Leader
    • WS4/BS2/S5 (or 3)/T4/W2/I5/A4/Ld9/Sv4+
    • Wargear:
    • Close Combat Weapon
    • Special Rules
    • Rage
    • And They Shall Know No Fear
    • Curse of the Wulfen (p26, i.e. new rule)
    • Counter-attack
    • Bulky
    • Acute Senses
    • Feel no Pain
    • “Death Fury” (At the end of any initiative step in which a model of
    • this unit died that model may pile in and make a full attack, even if it
    • already attacked this turn.)
    • “Far Leaps” (Unit can run and charge in the same turn. In addition
    • it may re-roll failed charge rolls. [Not too sure about german 40k
    • vocabulary, that could also mean failed “attack rolls”, but charge seems
    • more likely])
    • Wargear Options:
    • May take up to five additional Wulfen (30pts each)
    • Every model may take a “Stormsplinter Salvo Grenade Launcher” (2pts each)
    • Every model may take one of the following:
    • -Two-handed Frostaxe (8pts each; p27, i.e. new wargear)
    • -Two Frostclaws (12pts each; p27, i.e. new wargear)
    • -Thunder Hammer and Stormshield (20pts each)
    • One Wulfen may be upgraded to a Wulfen Pack Leader with two Frostclaws (20pts)
    • Credit to anonymous for this leak and translation.

Curse of the Wulfen.

All non-vehicle models within 6″ is affected. For Blood/Sky/swift claws it is 12″, for Long Fangs it is 3″.

Wulfen, Servitors and units that start in a transport are not affected.

At the start of the player turn, roll a single dice for all units. The effect lasts until your next player round.

Units outside of combat gain the Hunt tables effect, units in combat gain the Kill effect.


1-3: re-rolls failed charges and… hammer of wrath

4-5: Add 3″ when you move, run or charge. Basically dunestrider.

6: All models gain Furios Charge and gains 1d3 attacks for charging, unless they have Rage.


1-4: +1 initiative.

4-5: Re-rolls to wound.

6: If killed, you may attack before being removed, even if you already fought in an earlier Initiative step.


Helfrost pistol. I will laugh if that thing ends up being 15 points and straight up better then plasma pistols.

Grenade launcher is 12″, S4 Ap5 assault 3. Or assault D3?

I think they don’t even need to fire it to benefit from assault grenades in close combat.

Frostclaws are +1S, AP2, Shred.

Stormhammer have Helfrost

Twohanded frost-axe is S+3 AP2. “Merciless swing?”

Strike at normal initiative when charging, otherwise at I1. That is 5 S8 AP2 attacks at initiative 5. But hey, who needs instakill T4 when you can drown the opponent in S6 AP2.

EDIT: Huh, nobody among the wulfen have access to helfrost pistol. Are we getting some character model as well?

  • Chaos Daemon rumors!
    • There are some images floating around the web of new Daemon formations in the Curse of the Wulfen book.
    • One appears to be a Cannon of Khorne formation that fires a combined blast that goes 10″ called the Gorethunder Battery!
    • The other is called the Murderhorde, but it is difficult to see what it says.
  • AdMech
    • The new Ad-Mech kits is a dual built kit, with both options in the box.
    • Both are upright walkers.
    • General appearance is of a thinner version of the plastic Kastelan.
    • One robot has anti-infantry high rate of fire weapons.
    • One robot has a large battering ram close combat weapon.
    • Knights moving to LoW.Mixed chatter regrading specialized Ad-Mech fortifications.
    • New combo Robot kit will make 2 different robot versions.New Transport kit.New Flyer kit.
    • Look for a Combined Adeptus Mechanicus book to replace the current pair released in 2015.Ad Mech is slated for a Q2 2016 Release.
  • Dark Eldar Rumors!
    • The next Dark Eldar codex is due out in the second half of 2016 with several changes.
    • Raiders are *free* for anything that can take dedicated transports.
    • Venoms are not free but can disembark passengers after moving 12″.
    • Wyches sound *good* and fluffy – and they’re getting new models.  They all get shred and hydra gauntlets cause blindness.   They also have the innate ability to choose to wound off their choice of attributes rather than toughness.  So they can pick initiative and wound Necrons on a 3+.  That’s what Wyches do to slow people. Their Hecatrix rerolls *everything* in a challenge.
    • Combat drugs are on a 2D6 chart and are optional.  
    • Darklight weapons (dark lances, blasters, blast pistols) all gain the blind special rule.
    • During night fighting all enemy units are treated as affected by the blind special rule and there are powers to make it dark on various rounds.
    • Whenever a Dark Eldar unit with the Power From Pain rule attacks an enemy unit that’s blinded, those attacks gain rending and instant death.
    • Power from Pain is no longer a turn chart.  Instead there are different types of pain the army focuses on, during a given turn and the army fights differently based on what’s chosen.  No more details other than that.  
    • The Court of the Archon gets a second copy of the warlord’s warlord power.  Additionally enemies do not achieve the Slay the Warlord objective until they’ve killed both the warlord and the Court.
    • Succubi are like what Lilith Hesperax is right now.  Not exactly sure what that means.  
    • Hellions can hit-and-run on their initiative step rather than at the end of the combat round.  Shoot, assault, make CC attacks, and then bounce out of combat before the enemy can make their attacks.  
    • Wracks are 2W and any character automatically passes LOS rolls if they have a Wrack with them.

Rant Session

Tactics Corner

Rules Lawyer

Completed Commissions

List Review

Drop the BOOM!

CAD:  Ultramarines

  • Tiguirius-  165 points


  • 5 Sterngurad with 4 combi-melta, sergeant with mbomb, drop pod-  212 points


  • 4 scouts with bp/ccw, sergeant with bp/ccw, mbomb, storm with h flamer-  100 points
  • 4 scouts with bp/ccw, sergeant with bp/ccw, mbomb, storm with h flamer-  100 points
  • 4 marines with a meltagun, sergeant with combi-melta, mbomb- 95 points


  • 4 Centurions with grav, hurricanes and sergeant with las/ml and omni-scope-  410 points

Inq Detatchment:

  • Coteaz-  100 points
  • Flesh Tearers Strike Force:
  • Mephiston-  175 points
  • Librarian ML2, Veritas Vitae- 105 points


  • 4 Marines with a meltagun, sergeant with combi-melta, mbomb, drop pod-  130 points


  • Drop pod-  35 points


  • Dante-  220 points

1847 points


Phillip French


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6 years ago

Those Dark Eldar rumors are pretty tasty…

Jason Wolfe
Jason Wolfe
6 years ago
Reply to  DirtyDeeds

They seem too beefy. Too many tricky fun things. Sounds like the made up CSM rules we saw a few months ago.

6 years ago
Reply to  Jason Wolfe

It seems very similar to the wishlisting page on Dakka.

6 years ago
Reply to  DirtyDeeds

Dude, beyond wish listing – do you EVER think that this would happen?

“Hellions can hit-and-run on their initiative step rather than at the end of the combat round. Shoot, assault, make CC attacks, and then bounce out of combat before the enemy can make their attacks.”


“Raiders are *free* for anything that can take dedicated transports.”

MAYBE in a formation, but otherwise there is no way that DE are getting these kind of rules. I don’t even think GW is competent enough to write things like that.

6 years ago
Reply to  ntdars

” I don’t even think GW is competent enough to write things like that.” I don’t see this sort of reasoning nearly often enough because its so very true. I think the only way that they can make a light unit good by accident is by giving it a ton of firepower without noticing it. Like the Venomspam.

6 years ago
Reply to  Jason Wolfe

If the rumors end up being true, I’m not sure I’d call them too beefy.

Think about the Eldar and the layers of rules that go along with each weapon/exarch/unit/formation all they way up to the Craftworld Warhost and these rules actually seem a bit light by comparison.

I hope there is something to the rumors. The Dark Eldar could use a trick or two.

6 years ago
Reply to  Jason Wolfe

More telling is that it would be very strange for such a relatively new and very good kit to be re-done so soon.

6 years ago
Reply to  DirtyDeeds

I am SUPER skeptical. Not only does a lot of it sound like wishlisting, but they already have a 7E codex (even if it is shitty.) I don’t believe that GW has EVER released two codexes for a faction in one edition, much less for a relatively-unpopular one like Dark Eldar.

6 years ago
Reply to  abusepuppy

It does sound like wishlisting. I’ve seen some threads on the dark city about the potential of initiative-based attacks by Wyches.

It also seems pretty early for a new release, but Mechanicus is potentially getting a third codex in this addition isn’t it?

In hindsight, compared to the releases beginning with the Necrons, the Dark Eldar and Covens releases seem a bit like they were rushed out the door. I also thought it odd that new formation boxes (like the Wych Cult Shardstorm) were released with no rules. The DE and Covens (along with the Blood Angels for that matter) seem like low hanging fruit for a decurion-style codex release.

It will be interesting to see if GW does something with their “gamers” codex idea to allow for more frequent rule tweaks.

6 years ago
Reply to  Khezden

Supposedly, Mechanicus is just getting its two Dexes rolled together into one, with maybe one or two things added. And given that they’re the first proper Army actually added to the Game since 3rd Ed, it doesn’t seem too unreasonable for them to get some catchup, even if it does have the taint of Marketing around it.

6 years ago
Reply to  westrider

I agree. Multiple releases per game version doesnt seem unreasonable or unlikely given GW’s current rapid release schedule. What you said about Mechanicus could easily be applied to the DE and especially the BA.

The Covens codex did sell out of hardcover and is now paperback and web store exclusive. Did it sell poorly or is it already queued up for replacement? We’ll see if the rumors pan out.

6 years ago
Reply to  abusepuppy

CSM and IG both got 2 Dexes during the course of 3rd Ed. Their re-done Dexes were sort of trial runs for the 4th Ed Dexes, but they were done twice in one Edition.

Sean McNamara
Sean McNamara
6 years ago

When will the 40K ITC FAQ be updated?
Only a week to go until LVO and we all want time to practice after the rule revisions?

6 years ago

I haven’t heard or seen Wulfen since the Codex: Armageddon days. Hope SW players start using them, old models were so fun to fight against. No offense to Khorne but it sounds like there will only be more Khorne in the update. On the plus side I have 10 flesh hounds and 10 blood letters if this new formation is only khorne. REALLY hoping murderhorde incorporates more Chaos tho…

6 years ago

Bruh. Those Dark Eldar rumors sound like the fluffiest fucking rules I’ve ever heard of for DE. I dare say fluffier than the 90’s with jetbike and skyboard Archons. Here’s praying to Khaine for a redemption codex!

6 years ago

LOL at these Dark Eldar rumours.

6 years ago

While I don’t dare hope those DE rumors have any legitimacy, I have to admit that even as crazy as all that sounds, it would still be on the level. They’d be taking seriously terrible units and at least giving them some punch. Dark Eldar has always been a kind of Glass Cannon army, except as it is now it’s a glass cannon that fires – for the most part – wads of wet tissue paper with no more enthusiasm than a common school boy. Wyches, Hellions and Raiders would still be ridiculously easy kill / maelstrom points on the table, they just might rack some up themselves before they die.

Having said all that.. many grains of salt needed for those rumors… I just don’t see it happening

6 years ago

Honestly if they thinkg their crappy old bike and Land Speeder designs are going to be gateway drugs for anyone it just shows they are completly full of themselves. Just consider what they are competing with in a toy store and then they didn’t even bother to update their 20 year old models for that fight.

6 years ago

can we nerf the Dark Eldar in advance, they abilities are like the Ghostkeel on steroids (blind everything!) and since we can nerf that without a vote i say we preemptively nerf this too. AM I RIGHT!?!

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