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The mighty WAR DOZER, D9R by Michel Pérez,  the model is made by Meng and is Ratio 1:35 scale. Of course I see a bit of red paint and some Spiky Bits and little bit of Waaaa…. I digress….

Here is what he says about it:  There are very few vehicles as spectacular as a bulldozer; its dimensions, configuration, power, its “modus operandi”, etc.. all make it really attractive. Of course, for modelers it is also a wonderful subject. I spent a great deal of my working life in the world of earth moving, surrounded by heavy machinery, and so I enjoyed many opportunities to see these monsters of civil engineering at work.

This has all become very useful when building models, especially when it comes to the painting, as I know perfectly well how they get dirty, move and deteriorate. On the other hand though, this has also been somewhat of a handicap, as I have been more demanding of myself than usual. I was afraid of not being able to capture all of the images and ideas about these vehicles that I had in my head.


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