Signals from the Frontline #384


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  • Thanks to everyone that joines us for Tuesday Night Fight this week! Great game between KDK and White Scars Battle Company, with a photo finish. Also, Big congratz to MasamuneMato who won a Ghostkeel as a part of the giveaway! Next week we will be featuring the new Tau on the live stream! Be sure to join us as 7pm PST on our Twitch Channel to join in on the fun and to earn a chance to win the new Tau Commander! Subscribers get triple the odds to win!
  • We are getting very close to unveiling our new tournament terrain! We have 1 piece just about done, and will be working on getting it painted up and looking sharp. Stay tuned!
  • LVO News! If you are on the 40k wait list, be sure to keep your eye on your email in the next few days. Also, do not hesitate on those Warmachine tickets. They’ve been selling steadily and we’re approaching half full, already!


  • Hawk is firing on all cylinders! They’ve got new images out for both DzC and DfC! Shaltari and UCM ships and Resistance infantry: Sappers and Scouts! And be sure to check out their KickStarter! It funded in 14 minutes, wow!

dfc1 dfc2 dzc1 dzc2

  • Came across a minis company, Wargames Exclusive, who make some cool stuff including some female Necrocyborgs that look suspiciously similar to Nercons…but hey, maybe that is just our biased perspective as 40k players 😉


  • 30K is going to be….a board game? Hmmm. The rulebook is rumored to be 48 pages in length though, which certainly sounds like there’s room for some depth.
  • New Infinity releases for a wide variety of forces and they do look pretty dang cool!


  • Knight Models release the Batmobile for their Batman miniatures game.


  • Orks are announced for the upcoming BFG video game.


  • Forge World put their Solar Auxilia Storm Section with Power Axes up for pre-order and they look fantastic.


  • Beyond the Gates of Antares put up the PanHuman Concord up for pre-order.


Upcoming ITC Events



Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • FW saying they will be releasing an FAQ to update older material such as the rules for Baddab War units. Cool, but that was supposed to be done before last Christmas, lol.
  • New 30k Characters coming out in HH book 6: Garro, Shadrak Muduson, Tybalt Marr, and Tylos Rubio.

Rant Session

  • Further discussion on Tau and how to interpret the Hunter Contingent.

Tactics Corner

Rules Lawyer

  • Further discussion of Tau and how to proceed.
    • Let’s all just take some time to play with the various readings of the rule, then we can have a vote on the topic. No rush, here.
  • Anonymous asks: Can I just take a Comms relay?
    • We read that as you must take it with another fortification such as an Aegis, etc.
  • Anonymous asks: Can I take the Wraithconstruct Auxiliary section in a Battle Forged army even though it doesn’t have a dataslate?
    • No. It is not a formation or detachment unto itself.
  • Naru2k3 asks: Can you target a transport a Culexus is in with psychic powers?
    • Yes, although any Malediction will instantly turn off. Withfires would work but keep in mind the 12″ Culexus bubble that is measured from the hull of the Rhino.
  • Ekellie asks: If a player is tabled, how does that impact mission points?
    • Depends on the mission. In the ITC you get the win (1,000 mission points) and both players keep their accumulated points earned during the game.
  • Phaze 24 asks: With a void shield, do you get the benefit if a unit is half in, half out of it? And if you are inside the Void Shield shooting at another unit inside it, do they get the shield bonus?
    • Yes. No.
  • Legion9Studios: Does Drop Pod Assault work in detachments or army wide?
    • Army wide.
  • Mackliao11 asks: Which version of the Leman Russ Conqueror do we use?
    • The IA2 V2 version is the “general purpose version.” The much better version found in IA12 is only for the DKoK army presented in that book.

Completed Commissions

A tabletop standard Ravenwing army!

rw1 rw2 rw3 rw4 rw5 rw6 rw7 rw8

List Review

Orks 2000 Points

Combined Arms Detachment


-Warboss (Warlord) – Mega Armor, Bosspole, Da Lucky Stikk


-Tankbustas – 9 Tankbustas + 1 Tankbusta Nob with Bosspole


-Boyz – 19x Boyz with sluggas + 1 Nob with Power Klaw, Bosspole, Shoota

-Boyz – 19x Boyz with sluggas + 1 Nob with Power Klaw, Bosspole, Shoota

-Boyz – 17x Boyz with sluggas + 1 Nob with Power Klaw, Bosspole, Shoota

Fast Attack

-Dakkajet- 3x Twin Linked Supa shootas

-Dakkajet- 3x Twin Linked Supa shootas

-Dakkajet- 3x Twin Linked Supa shootas

Heavy Support

-Flash Gitz- 9x Flash Gitz + 1 Kaptain

Blitz Brigade Formation Detachment

-Battlewagon- Reinforced Ram, 1 Rokkit Launcha


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  1. Avatar
    iNcontroL October 30, 2015 11:28 am #

    great show guys!

    • Reecius
      Reecius October 30, 2015 11:42 am #

      Thanks, buddy!

      • Avatar
        Novastar October 30, 2015 3:39 pm #

        More 30k talk please 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Hotsauceman1 October 30, 2015 5:30 pm #

    Im purprised you guys hav not mentioned the Corsair leaks.
    Like how for 50 points you can have a Vyper squad with 2 Splinter Cannons each. 150pt for 36 poison shots. Better than venoms lol
    Or how their bikes can take splinter Cannons too. Along with Lances.

    • Avatar
      abusepuppy October 30, 2015 10:41 pm #

      Splinter Cannon on the bike is pretty much 100% worse than a Scatter Laser.

  3. Avatar
    Mike October 30, 2015 8:34 pm #

    Yes to an FLG rules overhaul please. Even if it’s just small errata here and there. Some experienced players doctoring up the injuries that GW has done to the game would be awesome.

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