Store Closed Saturday October 3rd

Hello all!

The store will be closed Saturday, October 3rd due to the staff heading out to the Know No Mercy tournament in Sacramento.  We will re-open on Monday, October 5th.

You can email your product orders to


Have a great weekend!

About Jason

Raw Dogger, aka, Phat J Sleaze (formerly of the Booty Boyzzz) is a highly opinionated, questionably skilled 40k enthusiast. When not working at Frontline Gaming, he can be found down on Jabroni Avenue.

2 Responses to “Store Closed Saturday October 3rd”

  1. Panzer1944 October 2, 2015 9:43 pm #

    So you at the tournament.

  2. Dbiesto October 2, 2015 10:14 pm #

    Good luck Jason! Show no mercy, glad the store was open today.

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