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NOVA Super Star Destroyer!

  • New, and amazing as always, releases from Forgeworld include Eidolon, a douchy but awesome Emperor’s Children Praetor, some Imperial Fists shoulder guards, and two mark III armor Techmarines!

Eidolon 2 Eidolon Techmarine 1 Techmarine 2

  • Anvil Industries continues to amaze, showing off the Assassination force, a new samurai looking model, and some hulking Goliath Close Quarters Battle mechs!

anvil Assassins Anvil Goliath Anvil Samurai and Assassin

  • A wave of new Cryx models for Warmachine is on the horizon, with some sort of Necro-Dragon, a huge new Jack, and some thralls leading the charge.

Soul trappers


Cryx art 1 Cryx art 2

  • Frostgrave announces their second multi-part plastic set, the cultists! Just like their henchmen kit, it’ll allow you to make 20 unique plastic models.

Frostgrave Cultists


  • Dark Age shows of their latest releases, including some raptors, two badass characters, band of wasteland warriors, and what must surely be the arch-villain of the setting: Kane.

blades dark age 1 Kane warchief warlord wastelanders

  • Mad Robot lifts the veil on their new Caipari Shock Troops kit, showing off the entire squad for the first time!

Mad Robot 'not' Steel Legion

  • Warlord announces pre-orders for a huge new army box: The Fallschirmjaeger army deal! This box allows you to field an entire army of the highly trained and deadly German paratroopers containing: four infantry squads, two vehicles, and five weapons teams.

Fallschrimjaeger army

  • Infinity shows off a new render: The USAriadna 6th Airborne!

Airborne Render

  • X-Wing new release: Imperial Raider!

Imperial raider

Upcoming ITC Events

  • ITC Quarterly Update Clarification Poll results:

keep itc ranged d table or not

which new modified ranged d table


* Ranged Destroyer Table B (always counts as S10 for Instant Death as per RAW, except when noted otherwise): 1: no effect. 2-5: D3 Wounds or Hull Points. 6: 3 automatic Hull Points or Wounds, no saves allowed.

  • The ITC FAQ will be updated to reflect the changes ASAP.
  • ITC Update!

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • The new AoS Khorne Fortress terrain looks pretty cool!

Rant Session

AgeofSigmar Khorne 1080

  • AoS discussion, continued.

Tactics Corner

  • Countering Battle Company continued.
  • Killer Combo: Storm of Fire and Thunderfire Battery. Brutal!

Rules Lawyer

Completed Commissions

  • A gorgeous Khorne Daemonkin commission has been completed!

Khorne1 Khorne2 Khorne5-1024x926 Khorne6-1024x764

List Review

You guys were talking about AM the other day and I’d like to get some feedback on a list I’ve been mulling over now that the new Marine book is out.

PRIMARY DETACHMENT: Allied detachment – Astra militarum

HQ0a – Warlord: Ministorum priest(25) Autogun(0) [25]

HQ0b: Ministorum priest(25) Autogun(0) [25]

HQ0c: Ministorum priest(25) Autogun(0) [25]

HQ0d: Primaris psyker(50) Mastery level 2(25) Force staff(0) [75]

HQ0e: Primaris psyker(50) Mastery level 2(25) Force staff(0)[75]

HQ0f: Primaris psyker(50) Mastery level 2(25) Force staff(0)[75]

HQ1: Commissar Yarrick(145) [145]

Troop1a: Platoon command squad(30) [30]

Troop1b: Conscripts(60) 30 Additional conscripts(90) [150]

Troop1c: Infantry squad(50) Lascannon(20) [75]

Troop1d: Infantry squad(50) Lascannon(20) [70]

Troop1e: Infantry squad(50) Lascannon(20) [70] [390]

Troop2a: Platoon command squad(30) [30]

Troop2b: Infantry squad(50) Lascannon(20) [70]

Troop2c: Infantry squad(50) Lascannon(20) [70]

Troop2d: Infantry squad(50) Lascannon(20) [70] [240]

FA1: Vendetta(170) [170]

FA2: Vendetta(170) [170]

HS1: Wyvern battery(65) 1 Additional wyvern(65) [130]

SECONDARY DETACHMENT: Formation – Librarium conclave(White scars)

HQ1: Librarian(65) Mastery level 2(25) Force axe(0) [90]

HQ2: Librarian(65) Mastery level 2(25) Force axe(0) [90]

HQ3: Librarian(65) Mastery level 2(25) Force axe(0) [90]


The general gist of it is that Yarrick leads one of the lascannon blobs, whilst a priest and one of the psykers goes to the other one to give them a better LD for orders and fearless. The rest of them form up in the conscripts. The librarians give the conscirpts Hit & Run so that they don’t get bogged in fights they don’t want to. What to roll on the psykers will depend on the matchups but the 1.0 of it will be divination for the primaris’ and telepathy for the librarians.

I’m not quite sold on the flyers, and if our local scene moves on to playing with 3 detachments I’d probably swap them out for a knight.

What do you guys think?



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6 years ago

Regarding Age of Sigmar, honestly if you turn the game with 40k ITC Format objective, the game becomes way more tactical

6 years ago

Frankie can’t ever read my twitch name right. 🙁 (Niv-Mizzet)

Also I haven’t run into or heard of anyone running my min max version of the battle co. (BA warlord with relic for 2x strategic traits and barely 100 points of upgrades in the whole list.)
Just wondering if you’ve seen it elsewhere?

6 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Im building my Battle company now. To bad I need like 13 drop pods, and I only have two lol.
But im got a hold of the old GW templates and im going to make quite a bit of drop pods.

6 years ago
Reply to  Mike

The list I’m running.

White Scars Battle Company
6×5 Tacs in TLHB Razor
2×5 Devs in TLHB Razor
2×5 Assault in Drop Pod
2 Ironclad Dreadnoughts in Drop Pod

Auxiliary 1st Company
4×5 Sternguard in Drop Pod

Inquisitor 3x Servo Skulls

6 years ago

iTunes podcast audio WAY lower than normal. Almost thought it was a silent podcast.

6 years ago

Just pledged to that LED lit terrain kickstarter. The “object 1” will be a perfect, inexpensive, necron void shield generator for my puppets war insectoid – crons!

6 years ago

Great Show. One note, in Bolt Action it isn’t objectives that you draw from the cup its Activation Orders. Each unit generates one dice, both sides place all their order die in a cup and then you draw dice randomly, which ever players dice it is then gets to do a full activation of any of their units and you just keep drawing dice until the cup is empty and the turn is done. I think its a really fun mechanic that helps break up the monotony of playing too many I Go, You Go games.

Side note, you can easily play bolt action in any scale, its not like warlord games has the IP for world war 2 miniatures. I play it at 20mm or 1/72nd scale because WWII minis are so cheap and easy to find for that scale.

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