Chaos Renegades: Fast Attack Analysis

Hey everyone it’s Adam from A short article today, just going over the Fast Attack choices of the Chaos Renegade armies. Fast Attack isn’t something that the Renegades are particularly known for, but due to the discount they get on vehicles, their Hellhounds and Sentinels are incredible deals, and when given nothing but Template and Blast weapons, you really don’t care about that extra point of BS anyhow! Additionally, I forgot to talk about the Renegade Chimera before, so I’ll throw that in at the end. Be sure to check the Tactics Corner for more great reviews!

Renegade Hellhound Squadron

Renegade Hellhound by Perfect_Organism

Renegade Hellhound by Perfect_Organism

First up in Fast Attack is the Hellhound squadron, which consists of 1-3 of the Hellhound variants, taken in any combination. They have all the standard upgrades, none of which seem all that important, except maybe the dozer blade to keep them mobile (and for only 5 points), interestingly though, they cannot take the hull-mounted multi-melta that Astra Militarum can take. Really there’s almost no reason at all to bother with the 10-point Militia Training (BS3) upgrade, instead just upgrade the heavy bolter to a heavy flamer for free.

  • Hellhound – This is the grand daddy of the variants, with a nice S6 Ap4 torrent template, giving the tank two template weapons, neither of which use BS and both of which are going to torch medium/light infantry out of cover. This is also the cheapest of the Hellhound types.
  • Devil Dog – Unlike the Hellhound or Bane Wolf, the Devil Dog isn’t meant for anti-infantry duty, but instead is for blasting tanks, it’s gun is effectively a multi-melta with a blast, making it quite deadly and accurate for busting tanks. Like all melta weapons though, it suffers the curse of being a single-shot, so it just take one roll to not go your way for the shot to be wasted.
  • Bane Wolf – Similar in function to the Hellhound, the Banewolf trades torrent for poisoned (2+) and AP3, meaning it has the same effective range as it’s hull-mounted heavy flamer. The weapons good AP value, plus being a template for ignoring cover, on a fast chassis, means it can be really obnoxious, especially in a full squad mowing through scores of marines. Of the three, I think this one both feels the most appropriate for Chaos, and also provides a threat that must be dealt with quickly.

Renegade Sentinel Squadron

Renegade Sentinels by Moongump

Renegade Sentinels by Moongump

Dirt cheap walkers, coming in at 20 points per model (3-6 per squad) with a multi-laser, which can be upgraded to a heavy flamer, autocannon, missile launcher, lascannon, or multiple rocket pod. Most of the upgrades are quite spendy, but are a flat fee per squad, heavy armour gives them front armour 12, but they lose move through cover, and is the most expensive upgrade at 80 points, making 6 of them an even 200 points. Militia training for 40 points could be handy if you’re planning on giving them anything but a heavy flamer or multiple rocket pod. Personally, I’m a huge fan of just taking 6 with heavy flamers and running them around being obnoxious for only 120 points. I’m not convinced that they’re a super competitive unit, but it’s hard to argue with that many walkers for that low of a price.

Renegade Salamander Squadron

Renegade Salamander by ArbitorIan

Renegade Salamander by ArbitorIan

Think a fast, open-topped chimera and you’re on the right track, it comes with a hull-mounted heavy bolter which cannot be upgraded, and a top-mounted heavy flamer, which can be upgraded to an autocannon or heavy bolter for free. Like all vehicles in the Renegade armies, they’re dirt cheap stock because they only have BS2, but can be upgraded to BS3 for 10 points. I’m not sure what role these really fill, though perhaps with autocannons and BS3, a squad of 3 of these might be annoying to get on the flank of your opponent, though there are other options I’d prefer… If they could upgrade the hull-mounted heavy bolter to a heavy flamer, then they’d be a great poor-man’s Hellhound, but oh well.

Renegade Arvus Lighter Squadron

Arvus Lighter by Granesh

Arvus Lighter by Granesh

These civilian flyers, which almost look like space taxi’s, are not available to Renegades of Vraks, nor are any other flyers, but you’re not really missing much. They’re the cheapest flyer in the game, you can take 1-3 for a single Fast Attack (work independently, but are bought as a squadron, so only give up 1 KP for all 3), and cost the same as a Renegade Chimera. They have a few dirt cheap (5/10 points) improvised weapon options: twin-linked multi-laser, two hellstrike missiles, twin-linked autocannon, or two twin-linked heavy stubbers; but, their weapons can only make snap shots (meaning they can’t actually fire the hellstrike missiles, as Ordnance weapons can’t snap fire). With all that going against them, I actually think they’re pretty cool! They’re a super cheap way to get scoring units around the board, can deliver squads with meltaguns into a good position, and hardly cost any points in the process.

Renegade Valkyrie Squadron

Renegade Valkyrie by Stempe

Renegade Valkyrie by Stempe

Just like Imperial Valkyries, which means there isn’t a ton to say about them, They’re well armoured flying transports, though their weaponry is a little anemic. The only upgrade I’d recommend is upgrading the Hellstrike missiles to the two multiple rocket pods, to give you some firepower that’s not really affected by their poor BS, keeping you from having to buy Militia Training. Grav-chute insertion can be fun for dropping in some Ogryn Brutes (you can fit 4 inside), or possibly an allied Chosen squad loaded up with meltaguns, but generally, I’d rather save the points (or buy said Chosen a Dreadclaw instead).

Dedicated Transport: Renegade Chimera


Renegade Chimera by Terrorfex

I probably should have covered this before, like when I was doing the Troops and Elites, but better late than never! Coming in at 10 points cheaper than their Imperial counterpart and with BS2, they’re otherwise identical. A very solid vehicle for only 55 points, I think the best way to use them is to take advantage of their lower price and poor BS by giving them a turret-mounted heavy flamer as well as a hull-mounted heavy flamer…. which was my favorite way to run Chimeras anyhow!

See you guys next time with the biggest, baddest, most important part of Chaos Renegades, the Heavy Support!


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  1. Diceskill July 14, 2015 1:14 am #

    You missed a fun little detail on the Hellhound – it’s 18″ Torrent. Still expensive, but that little detail can make the Hellhound quite effective.

    • Reecius July 14, 2015 11:05 am #

      Really? I missed that, that’s funny. Why would they give it a longer range? Must be a typo but, hey, for now it makes Hellhounds in those books pretty bad ass.

      • Diceskill July 14, 2015 10:36 pm #

        The Hellhound was the first model ever to get something resembling what is the Torrent rule today. It kinda makes sense to give it ‘torrent+’, even if it comes from FW’s typo- and error-prone rules writing.

    • JM July 20, 2015 12:06 pm #

      The inferno cannon profile isn’t in IA13, only Vraks, which is why I missed it as well. A fast vehicle, with an 18″ torrent is a helluva threat range. Makes me reconsider them as a valid option.

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