What is Dragonsgate?

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Hello there frontline blog readers! My names Carter (aka Wizardfrog) and the folks at frontline have given me the opportunity to plug my site:


What is Dragons Gate?

Dragons gate is a persistent rpg world using the pathfinder rule set, it was created with the goal to be a community of players and GMs who can play whenever they want, and as much as they please. Adventurers explore the world of dragons gate, which is based around the city of rook. Every since the site opened last fall we have grown rapidly. We currently have 380 players (with 70% of those being active) and have averaged 1 pathfinder game a day for the last 4 months!

Who is welcome?

Everyone! I am proud to say that we have a wide variety of players, and anyone is welcome so long as you are civil. Once you’re first character has been approved by our team, you are free to set up any games with approved gms, or apply to be a gm yourself. The only limit is how much time you want to invest.

How do I join?

Simple, just go to the above site and create a character for us to approve, we only ask that you have a small (4 sentences) backstory and an accurate character sheet, the approval team is more than happy to help in this endeavor as well. Once you have submitted a character, log onto our IRC and ask for approval, we are very fast with these and most players wait less than 24 hours (though we are not being payed for this, and life gets in the way, so please be patient if we do not respond right away). Once you are approved you are free to hang out in IRC and watch for a gm to announce a game for players, or keep an eye on the scheduled sessions section of the forum as many gms like to get post set games in advance there.

Dragons Gate is approaching its 1 year anniversary, in that time the players, gms, and leadership (myself included) have watched our world grow into something I am immensely proud of. If you like pathfinder, and meeting new and interesting people, then give us a shot!

For more information, visit our forum linked above or our wiki @


Good luck on you’re adventures, and hope to see you in the city of Rook!


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