Daily Awesome Conversion

11304105_10153407183028829_1970600766_n 11310982_10153407183478829_1994348796_n 11414348_10153407183413829_1499890554_n11289658_10153407183363829_1147723902_n11303453_10153407182968829_336727407_nThese amazing conversions are the Tournamanet Army of Blakey K Y’all, and his beautiful assistant Nikki B Carter. A seasoned hobbyist and as you can see his conversions and paint scheme are top notch! Great work Blakey, this is some amazingly awesome work!


About Rantimus

Rantimus is our Australian F.A.T. Mat distributor, and an avid gaming enthusiast.

2 Responses to “Daily Awesome Conversion”

  1. amnesiadidit June 5, 2015 6:47 am #

    Now that is some blood for the blood god!

  2. Reecius June 5, 2015 8:50 am #

    Yeah, awesome army!

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