Life After the Cover Save is Having a Fundraiser/Raffle!

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Hey guys and gals, BnB here from Life After the Cover Save. I’m writing to you all today about some real serious stuff.

We are on the cusp of living in the age of truly intelligent machines and it has caused me to think: Do robots have souls? Do machines feel? Can they be trusted? Or is my podcast co-host, Robo Ed, a harbinger of death and destruction on a scale that has never before been seen? Pray to your gods, whomever they may be – Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Zeus, Thor, Iron Man – because there is a storm on the horizon and in its bleak, gray expanse I have seen the doom of mankind. I saw a most frightful vision. That’s right friends, the robopocalypse is imminent.

But there is hope.

In order to save humanity we must show the machine-man, Robo Ed, what it is to be human. After all, Ed is only part machine. But we can’t let the machine part of him take over his mind. Yes, brothers and sisters, we are fighting for the soul of one man, but we are also fighting for all if humanity. If we can show Robo Ed the power of love, the strength of community, and the passion for the hobby, does our species can stand a chance.

In my vision, as my eyes were stinging with the black rain of death, I saw the path – the way forward, the method by which we can save our world…

How can we do that you ask? Enter the Life After the Cover Save raffle/fundraiser! We are giving away F.A.T. Mats and Table War cases to help fund a trip to Salute in London and Warhammer World in Nottingham. While there, me, my traveling companions and the English Lifers will show Robo Ed what it is to be human and in doing so we may just save the planet from obliterated by the machines. And we will record some awesome shows. Content baby!

If you don’t do your part and enter the raffle, the poor remnants of our species will eek out a nasty and horrific existence under the yoke of the machines lead by their hybrid messiah, Robo Ed. One of my great spiritual teachers, Sarah Conner, once told me, “There is no fate, but what we make.” Its time to take fate into your own hands and head over to and do your part to save mankind from decimation…


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  1. BNB May 1, 2015 7:32 pm #

    Want to point out that there is over $500 worth of stuff that is going up for raffle. 5 bucks is a sound investment.

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