And we’re off! Next stop: LVO!



After months or preparations and planning, it’s just about show time! The Frontline Gaming crew is hitting the road!

We come by land, we come by air and, well, maybe not by sea, but we curse like sailors so I’ll say that counts!

We’ve checked and double checked our lists, made more terrain than I’d care to remember, packed the gear, tried to plan for every contingency and slept not much, but are super excited to be heading out to join you all for an awesome three days of gaming and fun.

This site will be updated as regularly as possible with updates and hopefully photos and videos. We’ll also be posting round pairings and results for some of the main events. That means players can get their pairings off of the flg site, and those that can’t make it can see who’s playing whom. And of course, Sunday is our streaming debut. Wish us luck! A lot of that will be trial by fire, lol, so bear with us and give us any constructive criticism on how you think we could improve.

Thanks, and away we go!


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The fearless leader of the intrepid group of gamers gone retailers at Frontline Gaming!

24 Responses to “And we’re off! Next stop: LVO!”

  1. Avatar
    fluger February 18, 2015 9:25 am #

    Best of luck, everyone.

    • Avatar
      Dr.insanotron February 19, 2015 3:51 am #

      You have to make it down for it sometime buddy

  2. Avatar
    CaptainA February 18, 2015 9:28 am #

    See you tomorrow! Can’t wait!

  3. Avatar
    TrueKnight February 18, 2015 9:51 am #

    Have a great time fellas!

  4. Avatar
    Bellerah February 18, 2015 10:29 am #

    My Wraiths and I fly in on Thursday, hope you are all setup by then!

  5. Avatar
    iNcontroL February 18, 2015 10:34 am #

    LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Seriously… friday can’t come soon enough 🙂

  6. Avatar
    z3n1st February 18, 2015 11:47 am #

    All your base are belong to us!

  7. Avatar
    Junior February 18, 2015 12:58 pm #

    COOLIO !!!

  8. Avatar
    Andrew February 18, 2015 2:05 pm #

    gl hf. If I see anyone else walking around the airport with an army transport case I will assume we are friends.

    • Avatar
      AbusePuppy February 18, 2015 6:28 pm #

      If I see anyone else walking around with an army case, I will assume we are DEADLY FOES TO THE DEATH! TO THE DEATH!!!!!!

      • Avatar
        Greggles February 19, 2015 3:08 pm #

        I’m here! Mine made it through TSA! Awww yeah! Which of the convention centers in flamingo are we actually at?

  9. Avatar
    Hugz4Genestealers February 18, 2015 11:40 pm #

    Good luck, and may the best Bug win!

    • Avatar
      Kwodd February 19, 2015 7:59 pm #

      The Hive Mind will be triumphant, Pig or Geoff all the way!

  10. Avatar
    Zero-Charisma February 19, 2015 1:24 am #

    Have a great time guys! next year this is going to be my Gencon now that i live in Cali. So keep it up!

  11. Avatar
    Cavalier February 19, 2015 3:38 am #

    Super pumped about the ongoing coverage of the event. I’ll be checking the site regularly. Good luck guys!

  12. Avatar
    Dr.insanotron February 19, 2015 3:54 am #

    Super pumped out here in Vegas having a good time with the fellas

  13. The Mediocre Gamer
    AgentP February 19, 2015 5:16 am #

    Showing up tonight. First time to LVO, really looking forward to it, and to hanging out with people.

    OrdoFanaticus – Portland

  14. Avatar
    brent February 19, 2015 6:09 am #

    Good luck Gentleman! I look forward watching the stream on Sunday since I cant be there (a deep personal Sadness)

    Good luck to all the great people i met last year and will miss hanging out this year – I will see you next year however!

    to all you new folks who this is your first LVO – great choice for your first GT, Good luck, and Never Surrender! 🙂

  15. Avatar
    Screamo February 19, 2015 6:24 am #

    Best of luck chaps! 🙂 looking forward to hearing all the coverage over the next few days, especially pumped for the streaming on Sunday! 😀

    What filthy lists are people gonna be taking?

    • Avatar
      Greggles February 19, 2015 3:57 pm #

      I am taking…
      9 killa kans
      3 deff dreads
      one mega dread
      one gorkanaut
      one stompa
      one kff big mek

      8 tea light explosion markers to the friendly! #orkwalkers4life

  16. jy2
    jy2 February 19, 2015 9:17 am #

    I am brimming with anticipation. Sorry Geoff, but you aren’t going to take Best Tyranids this time around. 😉

    • Avatar
      Cooper Waddell February 19, 2015 10:31 am #

      I didn’t know he did it last year 😉

  17. Avatar
    Chris Hadden February 19, 2015 3:09 pm #

    Super pumped! All checked in and ready to help set up!

  18. Avatar
    Mark Aksel February 20, 2015 12:10 pm #

    Leaving me hanging guys! GIMME SOME UPDATES.

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