Frankie on Tournament Prep

Hey everyone, Frankie here to talk a little bit about getting ready for a large GT.

Most interesting man in 40k

Well the LVO is right around the corner and I just wanted to give a little bit of tactical advice to the 40k players that will be attending. First of all, make sure to play a few test games. It’s always important to get practice in with a list to see what its weaknesses and strengths are. The more games you play, the more comfortable you will be at the event. I’ve also tried it the other way with a list that I just made which would normally be ill advised, but luckily  I am the World’s Greatest 40k Player, so it didn’t have any effect on my tournament experience. But I could see how hard it would be for someone without my raw talent, haha!


Now if you have time, for sure get in a few test games against your worst match-ups. Even get in a test game with your main unit getting killed on turn one to see if you can recover or what tactics you need to use if the wheels do fall off the bus during one of your tournament games. It’s also important to try playing your army in the tournament time limit. Also, practice going second as it will teach you different deployments and tricks you can use to take advantage or mitigate the alpha strike. Another important thing to practice against is if you have a chance practice against some net lists. Since a lot of the field will be the same build or close to it make sure to know what you would do if you were pared against said lists.


Some lists that you will need to be ready for will be: Centurion Stars, make sure you have answers for there psychic powers. New Necrons: make sure to have an answer for those Wraith wings whether it is strength ten attacks or a few tar pit units. Daemon summoning will be important to defend against as well and ironically, from Eldar armies. A really good tactic against that army is to get it into close combat fast or lower itheir warp charge as fast as possible. Last thing to make sure to be ready for is the Tyrannic War Vet Formation and Flyrant Spam, so make sure to have some good anti-air.


Last bit of advise, make sure to bring a good attitude! You will be hanging out with friends from all around the world and playing a game that we all love. It doesn’t matter if you win the whole thing or lose half your games as long as you have a lot of fun and meet some people you wouldn’t otherwise. I’ve made friends from Australia to Canada and really enjoy spending time with them whether it is on the opposite side of the game table or grabbing a drink after they kick my butt. Not that my butt gets kicked all that often!


Make sure to have a good time and let’s get ready to rumble 5 days in counting!!! Good luck everyone and I look forward to seeing all of you.


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Frankie is the greatest 40K player on the planet. Nuff Said.
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7 years ago

Good advice. I’d add that if you HAVEN’T played against a certain netlist/FW/formation and you face it, then instead of rushing into deployment you should take 5 minutes to read your opponents list and ask questions about special rules you don’t know. I often hand my opponent my list and they put it to the side without a glance, then are shocked when it turns out something can ignore cover or hit-and-run, when having it in the back of their mind would have saved them.

7 years ago

And to quote a previous article.

Never give up! Embrace losses! Play the guy (me) with an entire ork walker list if you need a pick me up. I expect to lose so badly, I brought explosion markers that light up! 🙂


7 years ago
Reply to  greggles


7 years ago


Casey H
Casey H
7 years ago

Wow, Frankie, you missed so many items:
– general liver training
– Having/using last year’s LVO beer cooler holder
– bottle opener
– flask
– ID badge/room key, tip and Thank You note for the kind persons who will carry you back up to your room after BeerHammer. It will only take one person to carry me back to my room (or Cooper Waddel’s) seeing as I’m so small, so it’ll balance out for 3 people to carry up any other typical player.

I might go ahead and appoint Liz though, as I know she’ll be stable enough and not take advantage of me (again, Cooper Waddel)

Okay, now for game items ….

Cooper Waddell
Cooper Waddell
7 years ago
Reply to  Casey H

I mean…. let’s be real. I ain’t carrying you, ill point you in a direction and video record what happens next.

7 years ago

I think my new IG list will use Manticores & Servo skulls rather then Wyverns.
Makes it more likely to kill those pesky warriors & Wraiths.

Andrew Webb
Andrew Webb
7 years ago

how has nobody mentioned condoms? Chicks dig round-basers.

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