2015 Hobby Pledge Challenge


The gauntlet has been thrown and weapons drawn, Obadiah, of Sisters of Battle fame, has challenged me to keep my pledges. For the rest or the year, we will both be posting monthly updates of the progress that we’ve made. To keep things fair, we’ve formalized our goals:

Adam’s Pledge

  • Finish Las Vegas Open Imperial Knight army
  • Assemble and Paint Judge Squad for Dredd
  • Assemble and Paint battle value Teknes, Wrath of Kings force
  • Bonus: Assemble and Paint:
    • 1850 Slaanesh Chaos Marines
    • Allied Carcharodons
    • 1850 Grey Knights or Carcharodons
    • Skirmish level Nasier force


Obi’s Pledge

  • Finish Las Vegas Open Sisters of Battle army
  • Assemble and Paint Renegade Robots for Dredd
  • Assemble and Paint battle value Hadross, Wrath of Kings force
  • Bonus: Assemble and Paint:
    • 1850 Astra Militarum (Toughest Girls models)
    • Allied Imperial Knights (Castigator and Acheron)
    • Update Sisters army (in the unlikely event of a new book)
    • Skirmish level Goritsi force

These are our initial pledges, the Bonus round only applies when the first 3 tasks have been completed. The goal of the bonus is really to keep us on task with relevant projects, otherwise he and I are liable to go crazy starting a lot of little things that we never finish. The winner at the end of the year will be determined by whoever completes their primary pledges, and completes the most additional work, as voted on by the community.  If the new edition of fantasy jumps up and steals our attention, we will roll a fantasy army into the bonus pledges.

The Stakes

The loser will be buying the winner a nice bottle of whiskey, and have to wear an undetermined article of humiliating clothing at the 2016 Las Vegas Open.


About Adam

Cofounder of RUMBL – player finder for Miniatures Wargames. I also run a little blog called TheDiceAbide, check it out.

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  1. Reecius January 23, 2015 2:08 pm #

    Can’t wait to see the final result!

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