Conversion of the Day

IMG_5813 IMG_5814 IMG_5815 IMG_5816 IMG_5817 IMG_5818 IMG_5819 IMG_5820 IMG_5821 IMG_5822 IMG_5823 IMG_5824Herr Hauptman’s Champagne” – a really fantastic Diorama by Rhodes Williams featuring a LWS ( Land-Wasser-Schlepper ) – Superb Modeling !!!


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Rantimus is our Australian F.A.T. Mat distributor, and an avid gaming enthusiast.

5 Responses to “Conversion of the Day”

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    Chris January 16, 2015 12:23 am #

    Wow. I can barely even comprehend how this was made. Amazing work.

  2. Avatar
    Shane January 16, 2015 2:10 am #

    I can’t even comprehend how many hours work must have gone into this, just amazing!

  3. Reecius
    Reecius January 16, 2015 10:17 am #

    This wins the internet for the day.

  4. Avatar
    Gruebot January 16, 2015 3:08 pm #

    Holy crapazoid! Mind boggling craftsmanship.

  5. Avatar
    droozy January 17, 2015 12:18 pm #

    Stunning. How big is this diorama? I love how they are braving shark invested waters to save the booze!

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