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  • Natfka launches another awesome blog! The Faeit 212 Community News site, where people can post about events, bat reps, news, etc. that are going on. Cool!
  • Twin Linked GT is coming up! Be sure to grab your tickets, they have 60 people coming, going to be fun! Also, swoop up a
  • Warmachine Tactics available on Steam

warmachine tactics

  • Toughest Girls in the Galaxy show off some new models.



tgitg2 yaga sould weavers

  • Check out this awesome Taurox conversion by Peter W.               1/48 scale Tamaya WW2 Tiger Tank

taurox conversion

  • We have some Glotkin left! Also we came up on some more Space Hulk and we have some Ultimate Paint Sets, just in time for Black Friday!
  • Big news, FFG/Asmodee have been given the license to make GW Specialist games, so that means we may be getting HH/Epic, BFG, etc. Wow, that is cool!
  • GW has been cracking down on recasters apparently, as some of them operating on Alibaba, have been axed.
  • Puppets War releases some cool little ammo boxes.

puppets war 2 puppoetswar

  • Infinity shows off some great new models, the Iguana Squad for the Nomad faction.

iguana squad


  • Star Wars, the Force Awakens trailer to be reveled at certain theaters this Friday!
  • Congrats to the Heavy Gear Kickstarter which successfully funded at 150K of their 20k goal.

Upcoming ITC Events

  • Next events on the circuit are the TSHFT Open in January in Seattle, and the Bash in the New Year in Tokyo!

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  •  We stand corrected, Baal is pronounced like Bail, not Ball. Oh well, that joke was short lived. But, rumors is that very soon we will be seeing a new box set called Deathstorm with some cool minis in it! Sounds like a Termie Captain, Termies, Death Company and a Death Company Dread, and the Nids get 8 Stealers, Broodlord, and a Carnifex.
  • Apparently there will be two books for the Hobbit final movie: the Battle of Five Armies, one for skirmishes, the other for massed battles.
  • Blood Angels Tactical Marine box spotted? Rumored to come with both Grav and the long hoped for Heavy Flamer?!?! Too cool if true but counter-rumors indicate that it is not a new kit, just a reboxing.
  • Khaine is all sold out! Wow, that was fast. Apparently all of the Hardback books for the Endtimes were printed at the same time and they underestimated the demand. To compensate for this, they are moving forward the date of producing the softcovers. Rumors that Tyrion is now 700pts and Malekith has 2 version, one the Phoenix King, the other the Eternity King which weighs in at 1,000pts!

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7 years ago

The taurox conversion looks tremendous! Ive had 4 sitting in boxes looking sad but it may be time to finally build them. Hope that guy doesnt mind me getting some “inspiration” from his awesome work.

7 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

The desire to make a Scion army in Tauroxes is rising.

*A sentence I never thought I’d write*

7 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Such an awesome idea. Hard to work out the right models to buy ahead of time, so I’m sure heaps of people will be stoked to know which model works well as a tread donor. He should put up a picture of the taurox treads, powering the tigers 😛

7 years ago

The Iguana TAG has been available for a year+. They are just advertising it because it’s part of their recommended next purchase to expand on Op:Icestorm. The Jotum TAG is in the PanOceania list in the same type of promotion. Just a heads up because its not a new release.

7 years ago

Great news on the specialist games front. I was a crying shame they let them fall by the wayside.

If they had bothered to promote them and even God-forbid give the a small space in the GW store them may have had better success.

I remember just after Epic Armageddon was released GW Australia refused to even stock the game and only relented under fan pressure. Also a player wrote on the specialist games forum that his local GW refused to allow people to play Epic in store! Jervis soon sorted that one out, probably the last really good work he did. Crazy business model.

7 years ago

Yous guys doing 25% off for x-wing?

7 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Ye! I want to expand into other games but have too many models to paint as it is. Figured x-wing was the way to go. What time are you open on friday?

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