40k Brawl! The Dimachaeron Lives! Tyranids Vs Ultramarines Battle Report

Howdy fellow nerdlingers! Simon here from http://www.40kbrawl.blogspot.co.uk bringing to you another 40k battle report, this time around we are giving the Dimachaeron a round 2 in the ring.
Is it truly the heavy weight champion of the Hive we all want it to be? Or in actual fact just a dud runner up in a kindergarten karate competition… Let’s find out!

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The Mission:

Primary – The Relic

Secondary – Purge The Alien ( Devour!)

Secondary – Slay The Warlord, First Blood!, Line Breaker

Deployment – Dawn of War

Psychic Powers & Warlord Traits


Tigirius – Storm Of Fire

Divination: Prescience, Perfect Timing

Telepathy: Psychic Scream



Hive Tyrant – Master Strategist

Dominion, Catalyst, Warp Lance

Hive Tyrant – Master Strategist

Dominion, Onslaught, Warp Lance


Dominion,The Horror, Warp Lance

The Lists!



Hive Tyrant

Twin Linked Devourers

Electroshock grubs


Hive Tyrant

Twin Linked Devourers

Electroshock grubs




Deep Strike

Deep Strike
Fast Attack
Dimachaeron *Please note the Dimachaeron is proxied by a burrowing Mawloc. for all LOS purposes we count the model to be an additional 3 inches tall.
Hive Crone
Hive Crone
Heavy Support
Electroshock grubs
Void shield 


Tactical Sqaud
Missile launcher
Tactlical squad
Missle launcher
Drop pod
Power fist
Drop pod
Power fist
Fast Attack
Heavy Support
Plasma Cannons
Ironclad Dreadnought 
Drop pod
Allied Detatchment – Iron Hands
Chapter Master
Power Fist
Storm Shield
Digital Weapons
Bikes x 5
2 Grav
Bikes x 5
2 Grav
Fast Attack
Heavy Support
Ultrayellowpretendmarines win the alpha and decide to take the first turn and deploy defensively. they  spread themselves equally out across the centre and over the left of their deployment zone.
Tyranids counter deploy by setting up the bastion out of range of the devastators and bikes, leaving practically only the missile launchers and Chapter Masters bombardment effective for the first turn.Everything is huddled up and cloaked by the mysterious void shield and the venomthropes shrouding. sneaky, sneaky. 
Ultrayellowmarines elect to the take the first turn and so the Tyrnids throw down the big D6 to seize!!!!!!! 
but they fail so its over to the marines turn 1. Wop Wop.
Space Marines Turn 1
Marines initiate operation cleanse by advancing the bikers up towards the relic while the rest of the force sits and camps in the ruins. 
The two squads of Sterngaurd come crashing down, smashing into the lines of the Tyranids. Both Tactical units fire their missiles into the bastion taking out the void shield leaving the hive Tyrant out in the open for the sterngaurd to savage. 
A thunderous entry from the Sterngaurd Veteran Ultrayellowmarines!
The Chapter Master of the Iron hands calls upon an orbital bombardment and pulverises the Bastion whilst taking the Venomthrope inside for First Blood! Both units of Sterngaurd lay heavy amounts of rounds into the two Hive Tyrants but with thanks to some very handsome roles of look out sir! the Biovores managed to tank a large sum of the hits however losing two of their own in the process.
Tyranids Turn 1
With a very aggressive first turn from the marines the Tyranids need a fierce retaliation to get back into the fight. The two Hive Tyrants Kick off the ground and take flight while the Tyranofex and Exocrone make their way towards the Sterngaurd on the left while the Dimachaeron goes after the Stergaurd on the right. The Psychic phase…sigh. The Hive Tyrant warlord manifests warp lance but fails to hit the stalker. It then proceeds to cast Catalyst! but  suffers a perils result and loses warp lance in the process AND then grounds itself putting it down to 1 wound….Thankfully a glimmer of hope shines brightly in a dark plated tone of grey kind of way…. The Hive Tyrant has a chance to lock itself up in combat – should it survive overdoses of krak!
The Hive Tyrant warlord lays heavily into the bikers and takes out 1 of them with its devourers and then proceeds to assault killing another 3! The lone surviving biker loses combat but is quickly caught up locking the tyrant down in combat for another turn!Salvation for the Hive Commander! The other Tyrant pummels the other squad of bikers and inflicts a satisfying 3 wounds with its devourers.
The Dimachaeron assaults and tears apart 6 Sterngaurd whilst receiving three wounds itself from over watch and krak grenades from the yellow drop pod whilst the Exocrine and Tyranosaurus-fex cut up a few veterans from the black drop pod too. Miraculously both combats are locked down despite both squads of veterans taking heavy casualties, they mistakenly hold their ground!
Space Marines Turn 2
With a heavy turn to follow, the marines pull down the mighty ironclad from deep space and crashes into the heart of the Tyranid corner. It comes thundering down behind the ruin and in the face of the lone Biovore and Zoanthrope. It aims and clicks at the Zoanthrope in a hope to break synapse but fails to inflict any wounds. 
The Stalker aims for the airborne Hive Tyrant currently on 3 wounds and cuts off 2, bringing it down to just 1 single wound left. The rest of the marine force pummels every missile, bolt gun and grav gun it has in range but unforgivingly is not enough as they fail to even hit it with a single shot. 
Combat comes around the the Tyranofex and Exocrine clean up the remaining veterans with little problem while across the boarder, El Dima Chaeron, the mightiest Mexixcan Tyranid ( It’s his new name. I just thought it up. Pretty cool, right?) makes quick tin tacos of the last three veterans and shifts his beady black eyes over towards the bigger, yellower tin can…
The Hive Tyrant finishes off the last biker and makes way for its new prey, the Stalker. 
Tyranids Turn 2
Both Crones arrive, vector striking the dreadnaught ( with no effect. AV13?! damn tin man!) while the two ripper swarms deploy centrally, just behind the large building in the centre of the board near the Relic while keeping out of sight.
The rest of the hive fleet look to devour the remaining drop pods and Ironclad while both Tyrants take flight over the stalker catching sight of its rear armour .
The Zoanthrope cast’s dominion to support the backfield while the Hive Tyrant manifest’s catalyst on its brother Tyrant but is denied by Tigirius’s incredible (OP!) psyche.
Both Tyrants wreck the stalker with an overwhelming amount of firepower from the devourers. The Biovore completely wiffs but lands 3 spicy spore mine-a meatballs right beside the devastators. 
The Exocrine fires streams upon streams at the rear armour of the dreadnaught and immobilises the sucker! leaving it a sitting duck for the sheer brute force of the rest of the Hive to finish it off. unfortunately for El Dima Chaeron, (The mightiest Mexian Tyranid in town) the exciting yellow target that is the Ironclad is made short work off by the Hive Crones Tentaclids which manage to melt its reactor and shut it down for good .
With the Tin-man-can now K.O’d, El Dima makes a fresh path towards a new target, the mellow yellow drop pod and thus, makes it into a bus shelter. Next stop, Terra town!

Space Marines Turn 3

The Chapter Master teams up with the remaining biker and they shoot towards the relic, picking it up and claiming it for their own. Tigirius manifests ignores cover on the devastators,followed by psychic screaming at the Hive Warlord which I fail to deny with 7 dice! (what the FRICK!?) Majestically, the Hive tyrant successfully passes his LD on 10 with no care bears to share….phew! close beans for the Warlord AGAIN!

Both Tactical squads fire everything at the Hive tyrants once again but fail to smite him down from the sky.

Tyranids Turn 3

With a large mass of the marine force still remaining and with Tigirius still alive it is essential that  he is eliminated. Both tyrants make shift over towards Tigirius and pummel him with every shot they have,( unfortunately only one is firing at it’s bull BS as one of them jinked last turn) with a combined 24, twin-linked shots at strength 6, the marines only suffered 2 casualties. wot wot….WOT!

Back in the deployment zone of the Tyranids, the Exocrine makes another bus shelter out of the 2nd  drop pod whilst the other giants make their way up the left flank (Tyranid perspective) of the board. 
The State of affairs from the Marine perspective at bottom of Turn 3, left flank.
Space Marines Turn 4
With the Chapter master holding onto the relic as if it where his only child, the marines hold a sturdy grasp on the fate of this battle. they make their way towards cover, making every effort they can to stay out of line of site. 
Tigirius has a ball ache of a turn as EVERY spell he attempts to manifest is denied! P-O-W!
Everything once again fires into the second hive tyrant, missing almost completely until out of nowhere a lone missile is fired from a window in the central ruin, spiralling straight towards the Hive Tyrant, obliterating it out of the sky without any chance to move out the way!
The remaining drop pod fires its automated storm Bolter for the third time round at the zoanthrope and manages to take a single wound off it.

Tyranids Turn 4

Losing 1 out of 3 Synapse creatures is a very scary loss for any Tyranid player( even if they are fearless) especially when it not only contributes to warp charges but it also kicks out a HELLOVALOTOV’ fire power. Alas, it did it’s job perfectly and really helped tie up the marines attention.

The Warlord Tyrant flaps his little wings over the building while the two crones vector strike the chapter master taking off 1 wound! 3 to go! The Tyrant warlord manifest’s catalyst for a third time on the hive crone and the Zoanthrope finishes off the phase with dominion, securing the backfield once again.

The Tyrant lays its devourers into the bike squad and murders the final member leaving only the chapter master remaining and securing another KP. The biovore proceeds to miss once again but shoot up another spicy spore mine into the fray!

El Dima Chaeron has since acquired a taste for metal after making the last bus shelter and decides to devour yet another one, removing the final drop pod from the Tyranid infested zone.

El Dima turns back for one final chew on the remaining drop pod.
The city at the bottom of turn 4.
Space Marines Turn 5
Tigirius turns his gaze upon the Hive warlord and manifests psychic scream at him successfully which is not denied despite throwing all dispel dice at it. The Tyrant takes his LD and fails on 11 removing his final wound earning the marines Slay the Walord! A crippling hit for the Tyranids!
The marine with the missile launcher that previously one shot blew the hive tyrant out of the sky now takes aim on the Dimachaeron and removes another wound from it, reducing it to just 2. The Chapter master then finishes off the turn by assaulting the ripper swarms ( which inflict 1 wound!) and only kills two bases leaving him locked in combat!
Tyranids Turn 5
Yikes… what a turn to follow. With only the two crones and the other swarm of rippers up in the face of the marines boarder, the rippers flank around and make their way for the chapter master after earning themselves rage on the instinctive behaviour table – booyah! They charge in with 12 attacks but fail to inflict any wounds. The chapter master then proceeds to smite down the last swarm of this first unit but once again stays locked down in combat with the remaining 2.
The two crones make their way over to Tigirius and are forced to land due to their limited path of flight. they flame the Devastators on the middle shelf, turning them all bar one into ashes while Tigirius goes unharmed once again.
A true nightmare haunts Tigirius…
The Spore mines launch a fine assault on the tactical squad at the bottom shelf and explode! inflicting 1 casualty on the squad bringing turn 5 to a close. ( Well done biovores, you managed to kill a single marine in the space of 5 turns! Woo, AWESOME!)
With the current state of the board, we are not sure who has the lead and instead of tallying up the results just yet, we role for another turn…
A 5! The game goes on!
Space Marines Turn 6
After failing to manifest ANY psychic powers(lol!) Tigirius is on a rampage and makes his way down to the crone to smash it to pieces in hand to hand combat. He charges in with the support of his tactical squad and cuts it apart with minimal issue with krak grenages. Fuck I hate krak grenades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other Ultrayellow tactical squad assaults the other crone which I’m pretty sure the remaining marine regret’s as the crone absolutely obliterates all bar one of them with the combined power of both it’s overwatch and its combat attacks.

Locked down, the marine takes on the giant Croney!

The Chapter Master finishes off the turn by destroying the last 2 Ripper swarms.

Tyranids Turn 6

In order to secure as many VP’s as possible the Tyranids advance up into the Space marines deployment zone to verify control of line breaker.

The Psychic phase comes around and I figure, what the hell I’ll cast dominion with the one wounded zoanthrope…. I perils on 2 dice( ONLY ME! AHA WOOO!)…Thankfully I role a 6 on the table! the Doom is born once again!

think again… Zoay fails it’s leadership brining it back down to mortality and gives up what could be a game changing kill point as well as losing the last of the Tyranids synapse. FUCK.

The other crone that is locked in combat proceeds to eat the head of the marine, (Now known as Sgt. Head Regrets)

We roll to see if there is a Turn 7 in sight and…. with a role of a 4, there is…

Turn 7

With the Crone now out in the open but with nothing to fire at it, the marine force just work on getting the objective into a secure zone however with the crone’s massive movement capability it is difficult indeed to get away safely.

With the Chapter Master now cornered, the Hive crone has it’s final task. It advances up towards the master and spits out its Drool cannon but fails to wound him. The crone then assaults, hitting him with its hammer of wrath but again, fails to wound.

Currently the Chapter master holds the Relic which is worth 3 victory points. We decide not to tally up the score as the final combat is far too intense to spoil so we play on.

As the Chapter master has 2 wounds left, there is just no way the Crone is going to be able to inflict enough hits to kill him outright.

Smashing this guy at WS3 has odds of outright killing the sucker at 0.139

Where as hitting him with 4 attacks at S5 has 0.333 chance of doing just a single wound .

I know which option I’m going for…CRONE, SMASH!

As the Chapter master is wielding a power fist the crone gets to attack first.

I role to hit….4!!!!

I role to wound…6!!!

with a 3+ invulnerable, the chapter master has a 1.67 chance of surviving. thats 67 out of 100 times he gets to live to tell the tale.

He roles it….and the odds are in his favour. he survives! He bashes the crone back with his fist but not enough to out right kill him.

The game ends and we finally tally up our scores and would you believe it, it’s a draw!

Final Score 

Tyranids – Line Braker, 11 KP – TOTAL = 12

Space Marines Slay The Warlord, First Blood! 7 KP, The Relic! TOTAL = 12

Woah… After Space marines very hard hitting turn 1, it was pretty difficult to see the silver lining but somehow the Nids brought it back and dominated the entire game up until turn 5 where Tigirius got my warlord!
One thing I didn’t realise about the Relic (and I didn’t find this out until after I had assaulted the chapter master with my rippers) is that you can’t contest it! I had never realised this and totally kick myself for not knowing this as I would have gone for another target!( Or tried to take it earlier on in the game)
The other thing that came up, at least in the form of a though in my mind was Psychic scream and airborne targets… How does that work?
Can Psychic scream target flyers/FMC’s? I can’t see a rule that says no so I guess they can but Yeesh! It doesn’t feel like it keeps up with the dynamic of the game but… ah well! no bitter man here!
It was an awesome game and its great to see the Dimachaeron smash and chew on everything once again AND not dying this round! I should totally take on some more Alpha striking armies!
Anyhow, I’ll stop rambling on and let you get on with your other nerd activities, thanks for reading and I hope you are inspired to go out and get a few games in of your own!
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22 Responses to “40k Brawl! The Dimachaeron Lives! Tyranids Vs Ultramarines Battle Report”

  1. Avatar
    Simon August 1, 2014 2:05 pm #

    Before any one else tells me off for taking LOS rolls with the hive tyrants,( dakka are too quick!) I’m sorry, my bad, Lo siento!

    Still a rookie- clearly 12 years of being a nerd means nothing in 40k :]

  2. Avatar
    ArchonKalafex August 1, 2014 3:50 pm #

    Awesome BatRep! Go Nids beating up on the banana marines. Dimachaeron should have totally went after the marine warlord though! Would have made a great narrative 🙂

    • Avatar
      Simon August 1, 2014 11:51 pm #

      Ah man he totally should have! I was very reserved though out of fear of losing anything on the first turn though :S
      Next time, el Dima is going for tiggy!!!

  3. Avatar
    Joshhodg August 1, 2014 5:29 pm #

    So about Psychic Scream. It’s a Wotchfire power straight up. Which means it has to roll to hit. So you can target flyers but your only gonna hit on a 6.

    • Avatar
      IndigoJack August 2, 2014 7:17 am #

      This is an awful big point of contention at my club. While yes, witchfires must roll to hit, there aren’t actually any rules that tell you how to roll to hit if it doesn’t have a weapon profile. How many shots is it? What happens if you move and attempt to use psychic shriek? The rules for moving and shooting specifically tell you to reference the weapon. Another issue that arises is psychic shriek tells you that it affects the target. Does a target cease to be your target if you miss it?

      • Avatar
        Blerfin August 2, 2014 10:38 am #

        The book says they are shooting attacks in every way and can be fired as snap shots. If the model lacks the skyfire rule it would be forced to snap at a flying target. As for how to roll to hit, you use the ballistic skill of the sniper unless snap firing just as you would a shooting attack. The book also says that if it has a weapon profile use that, if not use the rules above which is what I laid out. It’s actually pretty cut and dry.

        • Avatar
          IndigoJack August 2, 2014 10:59 am #

          It’s anything but cut and dry. The rules don’t exist. How many shots is it? Can you still fire if you moved? If your going to answer with “1” and “yes” you’re going to need to show me where in the rule book it says that

          • Avatar
            Joshhodg August 2, 2014 1:44 pm

            It’s pretty dang cut and dry if you ask me. It specifically states those rules he said above. You roll to hit and replace the to wound roll with the effect stated. Since it doesn’t say it limits your movement it doesn’t. Since it doesn’t say it’s more than 1 to hit roll it isn’t. I mean why would it even be more than 1? I really don’t understand why people are confused about this.

          • Avatar
            IndigoJack August 2, 2014 3:26 pm

            Why can’t I roll a dice for every model in the unit in range? Where in the rule book does it state that shooting attacks default to one shot? Btw, you should really read the rules for moving and shooting. The rules specifically tell you it depends on the weapon. There is not a default for moving and shooting. These are things determined by a weapon’s type, which psychic shriek doesn’t have.

            Now, if you can show me somewhere in the rules that says in lieu of a profile, treat a shooting attack as assault 1, then I’ll concede. Otherwise, stating that it’s only one shot because it doesn’t say that it is more doesn’t work because it also doesn’t say that it is one shot.

          • Avatar
            Joshhodg August 2, 2014 4:04 pm

            “Witchfire powers are shooting attacks. Indeed, they are often referred to as psychic shooting attacks and MANY have profiles similiar to ranged weapons. Just like when shooting a weapon, a Psyker must be able to see the TARGET unit (or target point) an cannot be locked in combat if he wishes to manifest a Witchfire power. Similarly, a Witchfire power MUST roll to hit, UNLESS it has the Blast special rule, in which case it scatters as described on page 158, or it is a Template in which case it hits automatically. ~ hits are allocated to the closest target models to the Psyker.”

            “There are several different sub-types of Witchfire, each applying slightly different targeting restrictions. If the Witchfire does not list a sub-type, or simply describes itself as a psychic shooting attack, use the rules given above to resolve it. If it has one of the following subtypes, use the rules for that subtype.”

            Focused Witchfire

            “Psychic Shriek Warp Charge 1
            Psychic Shriek is a Witchfire (notice no sub-type) power with a range of 18″. Roll 3D6 and subtract the TARGET’s Leadership.”

            It’s a Witchfire, no sub-type therefore according to its own rules it MUST roll to hit. If you can’t figure it out from that you never will.

          • Avatar
            IndigoJack August 2, 2014 4:16 pm

            You don’t understand what I’m saying. I get that it says you have to, but it doesn’t say how. Psychic shriek doesn’t have a ranged profile, so how many shots is it? Do I have to snap fire if I move (remember, the rules for moving and shooting are specific to the weapon, and since psychic shriek has no profile, there’s nothing to tell if you can move or shoot with it) and again, please, if your going to say its only one shot or you can move and shoot with it, show me in the rule book where it says you can. I assure you, it doesn’t exist.

    • Avatar
      Logan August 2, 2014 1:21 pm #

      Psychic scream is a nova. According to the BRB nova his flyers and FMC.

      • Avatar
        Simon August 2, 2014 1:25 pm #

        Shoot, I meant Psychic shriek ( obviously tigirius cannot cast a tyranid power)

  4. Avatar
    Archibald August 2, 2014 9:36 pm #

    @IndigoJack: You’re making it complicated for no reason whatsoever. It is not difficult to understand.

    P.27 says, “If the witchfire does not list a sub-type, or simply describes itself as a psychic shooting attack, use the rules given above to resolve it.”

    The “rules given above…” are explained thoroughly on p.27.

    -Roll to hit the same way you do for a shooting attack. Yes, it says that in there. In other words, you use the psyker’s BS. There’s nothing that says it’s a Snap Shot if the Psyker moves, so there’s no reason to assume or even ask if it’s a Snap Shot when the psyker moves. Roll as normal for shooting.

    -Psychic Shriek isn’t a Beam, Focussed Witchfire, or Nova, so it doesn’t use those rules.

    -If something has forced the psyker to only be able to fire Snap Shots, the rules on p.27 say “Psykers can make Snap Shots in the Psychic phase with witchfire powers in the same way as with other shooting weapons.”

    -The power does exactly what it says it does in the description; profile or not. One ability, one shot, unless it says otherwise. Assuming it’s confusing or blurry is absolutely unnecessary.

    -“…a Psyker can manifest several different witchfire powers during the same phase (assuming he has enough Warp Charge) and each can target a different unit if you so choose.” So while a Psyker can fire multiple times, they must be different, so no repeats on the same power from the same Psyker.

    -You asked “why can’t I roll a dice for every model in the unit in range?” Because the rules for witchfire and the power Psychic Shriek don’t permit that at all. p.198: “Roll 3d6 and subtract the target’s Leadership – the target unit suffers a number of Wounds equal to the result.” The key phrase is: “…THE TARGET UNIT…” Not models in the unit, or each model in the unit. You roll 3d6, subtract the target unit’s Ld, and the target UNIT takes those wounds.

    -The book doesn’t have to say a power or weapon without a profile defaults to assault 1. By not saying it, it’s not a question: the power does what it says in the profile, follows the rules for witchfire, and it’s over. So one psyker can manifest it once, it does what it says in the description to one target unit, and that’s it. End of discussion.

    • Avatar
      IndigoJack August 3, 2014 5:40 am #

      I see that despite the fact that I asked for page numbers in the rule book, you’ve provided none. Where in the rule book does it say you can move and shoot? Assault weapons specifically grant you permission to move and shoot. It’s part of their profile. Please, read the rules for moving and shooting. Also, your argument about using one shooting attack on one unit means one attack doesn’t work either. I fire one heavy bolter at one unit and get three shots. That’s because the profile states it is a heavy 3 weapon. The profile is the only thing that tells you how many shots something is. If you believe different, show me where it says that in the rules.

      I agree, the key phrase is, “target unit…” More specifically, “target unit suffers…” When does my target cease to be my target? I targeted them in step 2 of manifesting my power. If I fail a roll to hit, do they cease to be my target (and by extension, does the power fail)? When a normal shooting attack misses, you can’t roll to wound. That’s because the rules for rolling to wound specifically, “to find out if the hits wound…” and you need to hit to wound. Psychic shriek has no such wording. It just says, “target unit suffers…” Not, “unit hit suffers….”

      I know it seems I’m being obtuse about this. The point I’m trying to make is that you have to make rules up to roll to hit with psychic shriek. Nothing tells you how to interact with it after moving, nothing tells you how many shots it is (again, if you’re going to deny this, please provide a reference in the rule book), and all the other issues that exist. If we already have to make stuff up, why don’t we assume that when the rules say, “a witchfire must roll to hit”, they meant a witchfire with a weapon profile, to which rolling to hit can be applied without making large assumptions about the rules? I know it’s a bit of a radical leap, but it’s one that makes more sense once you realize that, RAW, you can’t roll to hit for psychic shriek, because the rules don’t exist. And again, for the third time this post, if you’re going to say psychic shriek is one shot, show me the page number that says shooting attacks without a weapon profile are one shot. And if your going to say that you can move and shoot with psychic shriek, read the rules for moving and shooting then tell me where it says psychic shriek is an assualt weapon.

      • Avatar
        Joshhodg August 3, 2014 2:11 pm #

        Feel free to play it however you want wherever you live. The rest of us are going to play it as the book says and not get stupid about it.

        • Avatar
          IndigoJack August 3, 2014 8:04 pm #

          I fail to see how I’m getting stupid about it. When I saw that psychic shriek was a witchfire, my first question was, “how do I roll to hit if it doesn’t have a profile?” So rather than making up rules (like it seems that many people have) I looked at the rule book. The best place to start, was under Roll To Hit (p. 32).

          “To determine if the firing model has hit its target, roll a D6 for each shot that is in range. Most models only get to fire one shot, however, some weapons are capable of firing more than once, as we’ll explain in more detail later”

          Then under Weapons (p. 40):

          “Some shooting weapons fire multiple shots. Where this is the case, the number of shots a weapon fires is noted after its type.”

          Since Psychic Shriek doesn’t have a type, it’s actually reasonable to assume that it’s one shot. See? Not hard to prove, just requires actually picking up a book. The problem is, you guys assumed you were right and that you didn’t need to prove a thing. I’m sorry, that’s not how you win arguments… ever.

          There are still actual problems with rolling to hit with psychic shriek. The biggest is that there is no instruction on whether or not you can move and shoot with it. Moving & Shooting (p.32)

          “Whether a model has moved or not can make a big difference in its ability to fire. Some guns are so heavy that they can only be used effectively if their firer halts completely to brace himself or set up his weapon on the ground This is explained in more detail in the Weapons section (p. 40).”

          Type (p. 40)

          “A shooting weapon always has one of the following types: Assualt, Bomb, Heavy, Ordnance, Pistol, Primary Weapon, Rapid Fire, or Salvo. These rules (found on the next two pages) measure a weapon’s portability and affect the way they can be fired, depending on whether or not the model carrying them moved that turn.”

          Huh, it says a shooting weapon always has one of those types, yet psychic shriek doesn’t. There are no rules that allow you to move and use psychic shriek. They simply don’t exist.

          And then there’s the wording on psychic shriek:

          “Roll 3D6 and subtract the target’s Leadership – the target unit suffers a number of Wounds equal to the result.”

          It says target unit, not unit hit. Look back up at the rules for Roll To Hit. What did it call the unit before rolls to hit were made? The target.

          Now, to be perfectly honest, a lot of is probably an issue with the rules writers. One person wrote the psychic powers, and another wrote the rules for manifesting psychic powers. The one who wrote those rules probably assume that all psychic shooting attacks would have weapon profiles, and the person that wrote the rules for psychic shriek (and other witchfires that don’t have weapon profiles) probably assumed that the language would be clear enough that you wouldn’t need to roll to hit. Without real and proper play testing, no one noticed that there was a contradiction.

          • Avatar
            Ja3ko August 3, 2014 8:53 pm

            Psychic shriek rules state ‘targeted unit’ do you always target the entire unit? what if

          • Avatar
            Ja3ko August 3, 2014 9:07 pm

            I never rolled to hit with psychic shriek so hadn’t thought about this till now. My interpretation was that since the rules said ‘target unit’ the hit/wound/save process was aborted at this step and special rules took their place.

            So if you are rolling to hit i have a few more questions for you;

            Psychic shriek rules state ‘targeted unit’ do you always target the entire unit?
            What if you would not normally be able to target members of the unit? (e.g. out of LOS or range)
            Or there are different cover saves? (for focus fire)
            Can you snipe parts of the unit to avoid high Ld or ensure removal of special/heave weapons or characters?
            If yes to the above what about DtW if a character with an exceptional deny the witch role is in the unit?
            Cover saves?

  5. Avatar
    Bassface7 August 3, 2014 11:28 pm #

    Sorry to add another little rules niggle but you can’t change flight modes and assault in the same turn, whether you changed deliberately or fell down from a perils as you did.

  6. Avatar
    Simon August 4, 2014 3:04 am #

    Damn… Am I missing something or is that kind of unclear though?
    That makes psychic tests even worse if your right- especially as all my dice are apparently weighted to roll a 6 whenever I try cast powers!

  7. Avatar
    Ming August 4, 2014 5:55 pm #

    Yeah, there are a few weird things that may break the rules in this narrative bat rep. Note – if you plan to do a bat rep, it is best to keep the “bravado” down a notch and instead focus on what you and your opponent learned. For all the shriek discussion above, if the flyrant had changed from swooping to gliding (in order to not have to fly off) then the need to roll 6’s becomes 3’s. The players may have rolled a simple single dice for the hit roll, but the writer fails to clear that up, and also fails to acknowledge when the marines used their three trait options, or tiggys warlord buff.

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