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forgeworld super heavies meme


Hey everyone, Novastar sent in a guest editorial on Lords of War for us. But, reader beware, Novastar writes for an adult audience and doesn’t pull his punches. -ed

Super heavies: Quit bitching or go make me a sandwich, either way please stop complaining. Novastar has stated to me that he didn’t intend for this statement to come across as sexist and that he was writing in a particular style with the aim to be funny, not to insult. -ed

Hey Gang NovaStar here to give you some (un)sage advice about tackling your opponent’s point sinks. First I want to let everyone know it’s okay: 40k isn’t broken. In fact, Super Heavies being put into normal games is an intentional fix by games workshop to help shift the meta. What!?! How dare you say it’s not just about the money? Well, it is about the money to some extent but Games Workshop also runs really big, in-house tournaments and events at Warhammer world and when the designers see an imbalanced list or units running amok they really do listen and try to change things. The big GTs said no to Lords of War and look what happened: the next super heavy isn’t a Lord of War.

Anyway, enough of my fan boy shield, lol. Every army has multiple tools to tackle super heavies and pretty reliable tools too, so here is a list of units from each codex that can deal with the new bully on the block and thank god he moved into town because it was tiring seeing all those cheese-dick 2++ zero skill armies out there. Now this list is going to have units that you as a player may or may not own or seen being played because they are deemed bad in today’s game but guess what tomorrow is here and new(old) weapons need to be ready.

I must preface this with that Flyers and Flying Monsters are the bane of almost all super heavies and when they explode are not affected by the blast as long as they are not hovering or swooping.

  • First up is Adepta Sor….Sisters of Battle, ok if you can’t figure out how to kill a vehicle from a land speeder to a super heavy with an army that can spam Melta weapons like 2++ at a GT then I can’t help you, Sisters armies can also bring exorcist tanks everybody loves D6 Krak Missiles =0
  • Blood Angels: Drop pods….oh you want more? Okay using the decent of angel rule BA can accurately drop plenty of melta toting jump infantry where ever you need it, they also can Transport Furioso and Death Company dreads in storm ravens; all three of those options are great against supers.
  • Chaos deamons; Anything with the word Slaanesh in its alignment will put the fear in enemy vehicles your favorite word will be REND lol, With a plethora of Flying Monstrous Creatures in the army vector striking or rear army shooting Supers will go BOOM real quick
  • Chaos Space marines: Helldrake yep it like the coca cola of 40k because you will see one everywhere, obliterators are amazing against supers, a beat stick chaos lord on a fast mount, flying daemon princes, mauler fiends, take huron black heart and infiltrate d3 anti-tank units and alpha strike, Abbadon will put the smack down on well just about everything.
  • Dark Angels: drop pods, Deathwing squads Deep striking for rear penetration, Ravenwing black knights with plasma talon and rending corvis hammers, flank the sides most supers have good front armor but then okay-mediocre side and rear armor
  • Dark Eldar: dark lance spam woot woot, anything with a blaster, wych squads with haywire grenades, scourges with haywire blasters, the void raven bomber with strength 9 lances! Talos can smash in combat.
  • Eldar: damn space elves and their lance lasers, Fire dragons in a wave serpent, warp spiders deep striking for strength 7 rending shots, swooping hawks with haywire grenades, dcannons/dscythes wraith knights, elder have the tools to take on any opponent
  • Grey Knights: storm ravens with multi melta and psybolt ammo will make super heavies and lots of other units cry tears, mind strike missiles are also an amazing counter to psyker death stars, psycannons are great being strength 7 and rending,
  • Imperial Guard: Vendetta gunships + melta vets , most of the ordnance weapons are good against super heavies, pask on a vanquisher
  • Imperial Knights: just think of rock em sock em robots and you get the pictue
  • Necrons: your basic troop choice of warriors loves fighting vehicles, try a 20 man unit firing at any vehicle now give em tank hunter with zanderak
  • Orks: orks are tricky but they still can win, have to get side and rear armor shots with your dakka jets, the blitz bomber isn’t horrible, nob bikers w/ power claw will beat the crap out of super heavies, sure you will lose one or two before you strike, you can alos tie up super heavy walkers with a 30 man boyz squad since they are fearless
  • Space Marines: drop pods, storm ravens, grav weapons, sterngaurd, las canon dev squads, space marines have a great ability to take out supers no prob
  • Space wolves: drop pod (all flavor of good marines get these great vehicles to bring in melta units) thunder wolf cav are beat sticks and are rending, long fangs
  • Tau Empire: rip tides, anything with a fusion blaster, rail rifles ( yes broadsides can take other things besides missiles) hammer heads( remember these strength 10 ap1 guys)
  • Farsight bomb laughs at super heavies
  • Tyranids: all those flying monsters vector striking (you killed my tank I’m going home) swarm the super walkers with 30 man gaunt squads and add more to the fray with a tervigon, ( ya that knight got his points back lol) charge a super heavy with a 3 man brood of carnifexs and watch just the hammer of wraths do work, hello gene stealers what you still exist? Warp blasting zoanthropes yes please.

Now I’m not saying that these units will give you an auto win, but nothing in the game should be and we see what happens when those units/combos are allowed: it’s not fun. 40k is a rock, paper, scissor game and super heavies are the rock to 2++ and guess what gang, every codex has a paper to take out that rock, and you have a much better chance to take on a super heavy then you do a 2++ death star

And everyone who plays the 2++ stars, are you really having fun playing your Mike Tyson list vs your opponents Helen Keller list? Really, are you? You’re the reason super heavies are a necessity.

Disclaimer: not all super heavies are created equal there some that are just meteorically insane, use common sense and remember games are supposed to be fun: even tournaments are supposed to be fun competition, not a game of whack our opponent over the head with a beat stick


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  1. JC March 10, 2014 1:29 am #

    Well said.

  2. bigpig March 10, 2014 1:43 am #

    Its like watching WSOP on TV. Its real easy when you know what cards your opponent is holding…… Sadly you can’t do that at a multiround tournament 🙁

  3. anonymou5 March 10, 2014 2:27 am #

    So insulting people with a different point of view is “an adult audience” Not exactly, that’s the most childish way to frame an argument possible. If I opened up a forum post with “quit bitching and make me a sandwich” I’d probably get a warning.

    Best part? “not all super heavies are created equal there some that are just meteorically insane, use common sense and remember games are supposed to be fun -”

    Let me translate “I also have a line where I think some units are stupid for regular 40k, but if you disagree with me where that line is, you are an idiot”

    This article is garbage, this site is better than this.

    • JGrand March 10, 2014 12:53 pm #

      Agreed. There is a productive conversation that can be had about Escalation; however, the OP killed any chance of a rational dialogue immediately.

      Also, why do people love to slurp up articles that are written with sexist language and cursing? What about the internet brings out the 13 year-old boy in gamers? We all deserve better.

    • Chaosgerbil March 13, 2014 11:30 am #

      Article TLDR Translation: Bring your anti-tank as normal and pretend superheavies aren’t a problem, you morons.

  4. Pascal Roggen March 10, 2014 3:02 am #

    it’s a writing style, if you can’t see it’s at least mildly tongue in cheek, well, you might get a bit snarky at quite a lot of things:P

    • anonymou5 March 10, 2014 3:05 am #

      That’s probably fair, haha. Sleepy right now.

      Still, if you’re going to insult me in an article at least be clever about it

  5. Baal Viper March 10, 2014 5:23 am #

    Do you honestly think that people that use a 2 ++ reroll army deserve not to be insulted? They are clearly and intentionally abusing a flawed game mechanic in order to gain an advantage. If they don’t want to take any flak they should play with conventionally, balanced armies that are fun to play against.

    Back onto the topic of the article. I like the idea of limiting the 2++ by adding D weapons but I think that D weapons pose too great a threat to any army that is not either MSU or horde. How do you field any sort of elite army in a meta with D weapons? You don’t unless you’re ok with your really expensive units getting wiped out on 2’s with no saves just as easily as a unit of ork boys in the open. D kills Deathstar, but D also kills everything else… so if you’re paying points for a good save you’re an idiot because your saves are now utterly meaningless. D weapons cut down severely on the number of viable armies out there. Just deal with the real problem (rerolling ++ saves) and then we can all go back to playing reasonable 40k. Do we really want to have to abandon our low model count armies for fear of the D? If we do start using Lords of War, restrict D strength to CC attacks like the Knights at least.

    • anonymou5 March 10, 2014 7:49 am #

      “Do you honestly think that people that use a 2 ++ reroll army deserve not to be insulted”

      Um, no. No I don’t. That’s ridiculous. It’s a game. And “conventionally balanced armies that are fun to play against” is subjective anyway. I have actually enjoyed every game I’ve ever played against a Seer Council, it’s a list that forces you to think ahead to future turns, and that’s one of the most fun types of games in 40k.

      And a general rule of thumb that works well is to not say things online that you wouldn’t say in person. I highly doubt if you played a tourney game and your opponent ran Seer Council that you would just start insulting them.

  6. Oadius March 10, 2014 6:58 am #

    at some point you may have to rename the webpage The whole D weapons vs 2++ reroll stars debate is getting as old as frak.

    “Do you honestly think that people that use a 2 ++ reroll army deserve not to be insulted? They are clearly and intentionally abusing a flawed game mechanic in order to gain an advantage. If they don’t want to take any flak they should play with conventionally, balanced armies that are fun to play against.”

    with respect – frak off Baal Viper….
    Do you think that Reece believes that Alex F. should be insulted for winning the LVOGT(with his 2++ reroll seercouncil)? I suppose the audience witnessing the final game should’ve thrown rotten tomatoes at the winner.

    A few years ago people like you were calling Grey Knights “a flawed game mechanic”, now not so much.

    grow a pair.


    • Baal Viper March 10, 2014 7:26 am #

      I don’t believe the game designers intended for a 2++ reroll to exist in the game. GK were more than likely written with 6th ed in mind and no matter how stupid good they were, they were killable, A Krak missile still killed a Strike Marine just fine. You could at least damage their army. I cannot speak for Reecius. I however think that people bringing reroll stars are making the game unfun and are playing the game at a huge advantage from before any dice are rolled. The point of a competative game it to create a situation where all possible variables are equal such that the players, not the “equipment” they bring to the game, determine the outcome.

      I know that Alex is a great player, but I am unimpressed with his ability to win with that list, most anyone could atleast break 500 based simply on the units available to them. It’s not impressive to be able to win a knife fight when you brought a gun… And if you keep on bringing a gun, pretty soon everyone will feel the need to bring a gun in order to not get killed… where does that leave all the people who don’t own a gun? They might as well not even come right?

  7. Oadius March 10, 2014 6:59 am #

    I remember when allies were “broken”……

    • Gordy March 10, 2014 11:58 am #

      Funny thing, Battle Brothers are the source of the majority of the balance complaints in 40k right now, including the Seer Council.

  8. Benn Grimm March 10, 2014 7:09 am #

    Wow, what a terrible article, feels like reading a rant on BOLS. Its funny how everyone who has used one of these things in a ‘competitive’ setting says they really shouldn’t be in the game, yet from the pro-camp we just hear theory hammer, that and insults.
    Makes me pretty sure you aren’t bothered about convincing anyone and that you’re just playing to the gallery.

  9. Anonymous March 10, 2014 7:56 am #

    Good article. Always nice to see some mildly positive posts. I enjoyed it.

  10. Ulrik March 10, 2014 8:08 am #

    And again is disputed form of the article and not what it REALLY says. Except vague non-response “article is wrong, superheavies are bad”.

  11. Gordy March 10, 2014 8:51 am #

    Kicking off the article with a misogyny joke. Real classy. Asshole.

    While some of your suggestions are good, most of them are wishful thinking. For example, Sisters have to drive across the board and get within 6″ of the Titan for melta to work. You’re an idiot if you think that’s ever going to happen. The superheavy player would have to be completely incompetent. And, no, Exorcists won’t do anything to it. Str 8 bounces off AV14, and your dice would have to be absolutely on fire to kill the Titan before it auto-explodes them all and you lose any chance of killing it.

    Plus, as a long time Grey Knight player, if you face a superheavy with a Storm Raven, by the time the Storm Raven comes on the rest of your army will be completely neutered, and a single lascannon/multimelta won’t kill a superheavy. Plus, it’s not like the superheavy player can’t realize “wait, my guy isn’t good against Flyers”, and then take some Skyfire. IG can get a ton of it, so Warhounds don’t care about Flyers, and Warhounds are probably the most points efficient of all the superheavies.

    And while Drop Pods aren’t a bad list to face superheavies with, there’s this nice little thing called bubblewrap. IG can do it, Eldar can do it, you’ll drop in, won’t be able to get melta range, and then the D will pick you apart piecemeal. You’ve got a fighting chance, but this is one of the only semi-realistic proposals you have, and it’s not exactly an auto-win. I don’t really feel like selling all my stuff in order to play Drop Pod Marines.

    • Nuln-Oil March 10, 2014 9:30 am #

      There’s no misogyny Mr./Mrs/Ms/Dr./Messer/human being.

      • Gordy March 10, 2014 11:56 am #

        Are you kidding? “Make me a sandwich” is blatantly sexist. It’s a direct statement that women belong in the kitchen. Doubly, it implies that anyone who disagrees with the content of the article is a woman, and that being a woman is an inherently bad thing. If you can’t see the sexism in this, there is something legitimately wrong with you.

        Besides, even as a joke, it’s been about ten or fifteen years since it’s been funny. Very few people really mind an insulting joke as long as it’s not serious and as long as it’s at least a little funny.

        • Nuln-Oil March 10, 2014 1:31 pm #

          Gordy, if you get that offended by such a non-specific statement you really should stay away from the internet.

    • Novastar87 March 10, 2014 10:21 am #

      Misogyny: the hatred or dislike of woman. How does stop complaining or go make me a sandwich convey to you the hatred or dislike of woman? Cool your jets and look up a definition before you accuse someone of something so serious. I did not say any gender/race/creed/preference in my comment so I’m a little baffled why you jumped strait the the hatred/dislike of woman theory, good job yourself

      • Gordy March 10, 2014 11:43 am #

        The “make me a sandwich” meme is openly explicitly sexist. Claiming it’s not is like claiming jokes about black guys raping white women isn’t racist. It came into popularity specifically to insult women on the internet. You want a definition? Here’s the top results on google:

        Still think it’s not sexist? It’s either that, or willful ignorance.

        • Novastar87 March 10, 2014 12:37 pm #

          Hey man I’m sorry that the comment upset you, it’s intent was supposed to be light hearted and funny, and it is to me. My wife tell me all the time to “go in the kitchen and make me sandwich” but it wasn’t said in a sexist way at all and I’m talking about little plastic toys and how to beat your friends toys, again sorry to ruin your day

          • Gordy March 10, 2014 1:22 pm

            Like I said above, no one really cares if they know you don’t mean it. If you don’t, then no worries. I will say, though, there’s a time and a place for it. Amongst friends who know you better, no problem. Prefacing an article on the internet like this, and you’re probably going to get a negative response. There are several other comments here similar to mine, some of whom from the opposite side of the argument, and that sort of opening just shuts down communication.

        • Pascal Roggen March 10, 2014 12:39 pm #

          It’s still your call to think of it like that. I just found it demeaning… as it’s meant to be…. it’s an insult. How many women read this blog? you really think it’s aimed at them rather than the 99.9%+ of men that read it?
          there’s almost no cache for sandwich making here in New Zealand. The closest you might get is “cook me some eggs” from “once were warriors”. and that doesn’t demean women, it demeans men[or pretty much anyone who is an abuser in a relationship] the joke is”you’re being a horrible bastard”:P … kinda honour is really terrible to try and get across on text sometimes…..go figure

          • Pascal Roggen March 10, 2014 12:41 pm

            humour lol not honour wow… that’s hilarious:)

          • Gordy March 10, 2014 1:29 pm

            Like I said above, there’s a time and a place for politically incorrect jokes. This really isn’t the place. Plus, if he was serious about it (which it sounds like he wasn’t), then handwaving a sexist comment with something as inane as “but only a few women are going to read it” does not magically make it acceptable. Social context in New Zealand might make this out to not be a particularly big deal, but in the USA pretty much everyone who has an opinion that matters will admit it’s a sexist joke.

            But, yes, you do have to be careful what you write, because it doesn’t always get translated via text only.

          • iNcontroL March 10, 2014 4:49 pm

            OMG THAT MOVIE PASCAL.. so fucking good. No idea why my teacher showed me it in highschool but damn is it good.

  12. Nuln-Oil March 10, 2014 9:28 am #

    I think this article could have been written in a less offensive manner, but then again I think the people get offended are the type of people running the deathstars that got us here in the first place.

    This article’s tone could have been more centered on the honest feelings people have when dealing with the the current (perhaps past) deathstars. Prior to the super-heavies, and until it is seen that they will shift the meta, people such as myself will not participate in tournaments. It’s just plain and simple. I see no point in going to a tournament where 50-60% of people are playing 1 of 2 lists (slight variations), the only answer to which is to have the same or similar list. I also am less inclined to partake in warhammer in general. Indeed, the difference between a top tier army and a lower one is staggering. They aren’t even close. Warmachine and other games certainly present wonderful alternatives. I think GW is realizing this and trying to prevent a loss in customers.

    Also, another problem that was not being addressed here is the fact that TOs were restricting super-heavies, stronghold, and forgeworld, all while allowing 2++ re-rolls. While some TOs limited the re-roll, which is actually pretty awesome, it still did not change the fact that most tournaments are being run by Eldar/Tau/Taudar. So now, if we want to prohibit super-heavies and D weapons, we are going to have to deny an entire army and possibly deny parts of the rule book (assuming we get a new edition this summer doing everything rumored).

    I welcome the super-heavies, as they are an answer to the current problems and are also countered by several strategies, all outlined above. It would be nice to go to a tournament and not know what 80-90% of people will be running.

  13. Novastar87 March 10, 2014 9:55 am #

    I don’t care who makes the sandwich I just really like a good sandwich, and this article was written with extreme tongue in cheek.

    If I ever faced any of these Dstar list at a tournament I would laugh and smile and jokingly call my opponent a cheese dick, and proceed to have a great game win or loss, I do apologize if my dry sarcastic humor is not for everyone what can I say I watched to much Kinison as a kid.

    I played a 500 point game against a buddies knight and coteaz and some henchman, I had 3 venoms with spiky elves the only thing to hurt the knight was two blasters and 3 haywire grenades, I took out the knight with 3 blaster shots, it’s very doable now that’s an awesome case scenario.

    If your playing grey knights the cast psychic communion so your reserves come in on a 2+

    You can strip 2-4 hull points per average melta shot

    • Chaosgerbil March 13, 2014 11:44 am #

      “You can strip 2-4 hull points per average melta shot.”

      Nope, not even close. If you want to right tactical articles you should learn some basic mathhammer / statistics.

      Your chances to hit with BS 4 are 2/3, let’s say a roughly 2/3 chance to pen, then a 1/2 chance to roll a 4+. So you will get that 2-4 HP result on average 1/9 times. That’s not counting shields, a 4++ drops that result to 1/18 shots.

      Whenever I hear people say “STOP WHINING” I have to laugh because they are complaining about other people complaining.

      And yes, almost everyone knows the sandwich comment is demeaning towards women.

      • Chaosgerbil March 13, 2014 11:46 am #

        Ack, sorry for the typo, should be “If you want to write.” Yes I see the irony.

        • Chaosgerbil March 13, 2014 11:55 am #

          Crap I screwed up my math too, should be 2/9 times or 1/9 with a 4++ shield. Too bad there’s no edit button

  14. Benn Grimm March 10, 2014 10:29 am #

    I think the main problems in the game atm all stem from problems with OP brb psychic powers and the cover system as it stands. If stealth didn’t stack with shrouded and the book powers were toned down(or a choice few outright banned/dropped) 2 plus pluses wouldn’t exist.

    Exceptions not caught by this would be Fateweaver/Grimoire and Archon/Fortune and you could just ban those particular combos. Also some sort of ruling that Riptides cant be joined by IC and nerf Wave Serpents back to how they used to be; there we go; 40k fixed! 😉

    Knights I’m guessing will be at tournaments because how do you say no to an official codex? But D weapons are still dumb and i really hope they get round to writing decent rules for them at some point, then at least super-heavies wouldn’t be such an issue.

  15. Infinite Freedom March 10, 2014 11:01 am #

    I think this guy just became my new best friend.

  16. Tron March 10, 2014 11:25 am #

    “have to get side and rear armor shots with your dakka jets, the blitz bomber isn’t horrible”

    You should have to make everyone here a sandwich for saying this.

    • Novastar87 March 10, 2014 12:29 pm #

      I make a mean philly, and ya orks are the only real head scratchers for me, to and you can’t turn the dakka jet into a D strength kamikaze lol, nice thing about 6th Ed is allies to plug up leaky boat

    • Chaosgerbil March 13, 2014 11:48 am #

      Yeah that’s ridiculous. A non-hover flyer reliably getting rear shots? Keep dreaming. It’s an AV 10 frame and it needs to survive three turns to get a rear shot.You think Str 6 really has a great chance against superheavies?

  17. Rob March 10, 2014 12:31 pm #

    What is your soltion to the the gargutuans particually the named deamons ? I played in a kitchen sink tourney with my stock orks which have done well before “open” 40k and can say i felt like i was playing checkers while others were playing chess. The first lord of war was a fellow ork one with a d weapon which died in combat but foir 2.5 turns it pummled me, my second game was against a triptide list going long ways with no los in the middle and my list wasn’t fast enough but lastly i played against a flying circus list with the named slannesh greater deamon. I tried shooting her, with my army and then she proceed to go through half my army because apparlently they can sweeping advance and yes i tried large mobs with hidden fist and she swept my boss and nob bikers too ! It was no fun.

    • Novastar87 March 10, 2014 12:49 pm #

      When I get home from work I will check my books and get back to you, are you opposed to taking a stompa or squigoth yourself? The bad thing is iirc the ork codex is 4th edition and it’s just really showing it’s age at the moment

  18. Rob March 10, 2014 1:33 pm #

    Not opposed. I guess i am struggling with open 40k because i build my armies not to the flavor of the month but to stand the test of time with very little changes ( built my orks around a hundred boyz, my spacemarines around tactials so on) as a have a very small amount of discretionary income. I guess my biggest gripe is that these new changes and open environment render my armies obsolete in their construction and composition. I
    n the best my stock orks have been able to adjust to the meta/ flavor of the month and win tourney games by playing the mission and generalmanship. A hundred is no good when the opponent is removing 40 a turn . I guess in terms of the game spectrum i want to be competive without violating the unwritten rules of competition . ( just cause you can doesn’t mean you should, play to win but fight fair etc). I like the way the current orks codex is written except ld 7 costs me more games than actually shooting or combat. The problem with garagatuan is that she had d6 random atatcks then d3 stomp attacks at in 1 oh and fleet . So she was killing like 10 a turn which means you have 2 turns to bring her down. She insta gibs the bikers . I had no answers. I ran 3 squads of 20 instead of 2x 30 because i though if d weapons remove squads then having more units was the play (msu philosphy) and also allowed me another klaw. Its just such a different game with everything included and feels like you have to re-train yourself on how to build and play your army. I am also been playing through 3 edtions now and although some of the rule nuisances change mainly the game has stayed the same.

  19. TheDirtyD March 10, 2014 2:18 pm #

    Yes, it should be titled rant and not article. No, it doesn’t matter. Yes, it needed to be said by someone with some pull. And why is no one bringing up super heavy flyers and the fact that they cannot be hit by blast weapons, distortion or otherwise? And this isn’t chess, this is an extrapolation of warfare that includes the shifting nature of military composition. Yes it has been fast the last couple of years now. But it’s time to buck up and find solutions. Be it tactics, army composition, or being more adamant about terrain placement for your benefit. The tools are out there. So stop being offended, get used to losing occasionally, and find a new chinks in your opponent’s armor.

  20. Mark March 10, 2014 2:34 pm #

    3 rules issues and one comment.

    Exorcists are better than Krak missiles, as they’re AP1.

    Warp Spiders don’t get the extra D3 armour pen that rending normally gives.

    Abbaddon will have a sad vs a Transcendant C’Tan or a super heavy walker that rolls a ‘6’

    Also, Gordy’s a cunt, just ignore those humourless fucktards in the future (feel free to moderate this bit out…)

  21. Oadius March 10, 2014 3:48 pm #

    Gordy is good people. I’ve played against him numerous times(competitively) and he is always a pleasure.

    • Mark March 10, 2014 4:21 pm #

      I have a problem with people who get offended by things that are obviously in jest, that’s all.

  22. Mike March 10, 2014 4:33 pm #

    I liked the article. It could have been cleaned up a bit, but whatever. The sandwich comment was intended as humor. Take a couple of deep breaths and maybe stay off the internet.

    I don’t agree with most of it. All the solutions presented for how various armies can beat SHs seem like they’d require some serious luck to pull off. Or they’d require players to always include those units, or be stomped. Example: I have to include some anti tank weapons, because the game includes vehicles. Cool, great. It’s how the game works. But to say that if I play IG, I have to bring some Vets in a Vendetta ( both of which are units I don’t include in my IG), to beat a SH seems boring to me.

    While I do think that SHs is a viable counter to 2++ re rolls, that just creates a new problem unit. 40k should be a game with both sides trading punches in each round. Players who want SHs in games are just like the players who bring 2++ Stars. They don’t want a game of trading punches. Rather then looking for a sparring partner, they are looking for a punching bag. If that maks any sense.

  23. peter March 10, 2014 6:11 pm #

    So I can just make a joke about jews, blacks or wheelchairs? I mean obviously I can but then again I’m not writing an article for a popular site. Time and a place and it really doesn’t matter if you don’t mean it, misogyny/racism/discrimination/bigotry are horrible but can still be funny but interpersonal not to an audience so just don’t do it. It really doesn’t matter if its just for fun or for style or any other lame ass excuses for hack writing. Language can express every emotion and desire and concept and with it we can raise things up or crash them down in beautiful prose, crudity and the cheap use of exploitative expressions displays a weakness in your conveyance.

    (I’ve been the subject of enough racism that were “just” jokes)

    Now on to the meat of the article. Similarly unimpressed. A lot of weapons mentioned that simply don’t stand much chance of killing a superheavy. Or if they do they will never reach it to do it.

    Case in point Abaddon is mentioned, well whoopdedoo because how does he get there? Landraider? Gone on a 2+. The other less than exemplary idea was Firedragons, how do they get there? They die. Someone else has already mentioned the rudimentary basic of bubblewrapping titans against drop pods.

    More to the point the idea that they were put in as a solution. So they hit the game with a hammer and made a huge crack in the jug. Their solution is to get a sledgehammer and hit the jug and say – “hey look guys, that crack is gone!” Because they have introduced something even more gamebreaking in order to plug a gamebreaking concept. The simple solution I first saw put forth on BoLS was to remove battle brothers.

    It is certainly a better idea than smashing the jug.

    • Mike March 10, 2014 7:17 pm #

      The fact that you used Jews, blacks and disabled people as examples probably means you see those people as different, or as groups who can be made fun of. The fact that you used those examples is very telling about how your brain works. So really your no different then those who would use the Sandwich joke with actual malice. Which as someone who knows NovaStar in real life I can say he wasen’t.

      • d_monik March 10, 2014 9:04 pm #

        I believe he was giving examples of groups that are often discriminated against, to give his statement context. Probably. 😀

      • peter March 10, 2014 10:08 pm #

        Actually I used them because I am one of those groups (actually technically two of those groups) and I’ve experienced discrimination based on those things. So they weren’t based off the fact that I can use them, that was rather silly. Trying to psychoanalyse someone over the internet is about as useful as a lasgun against a terminator and about as smart an idea.

        What you can do is determine what is considered offensive, discriminating based on gender, sexuality, race or handicap are things that people genuinely have trouble in real life and have no choice over at all. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t bother you, it does bother other people.

        You might know Novastar in real life, he might be the greatest person in the world and he might stroke kittens all day long and help grannies across the road in his spare time. That doesn’t excuse it. But as I hope I made plain in my post, the apparent act of gender bias to create a tone…well it is what it is, crappy writing.

      • Chaosgerbil March 13, 2014 11:53 am #

        Hi there Captain Oblivious! I’m glad we live in such a color blind world that bigotry has been eradicated.

  24. Novastar87 March 10, 2014 9:10 pm #

    I just gave an example of units that are good at blowing stuff up, not all super heavies have D weapons, and I did not mention stronghold assault which has a lot of defensive answers to those types of weapons( and it’s own problems), if your playing a casual game then agree wih your opponent what should be fielded, but why should I not be allowed to play with a knight/stompa/baneblade but have to face Death Stars? The games are just as (un)fun as each other, we had a GW grand opening near where I live and a guy brought his knight to the 500 point scenario challenges( kil points) I took it out with 3 blaster shots from two warrior squads in venoms, I even helped the guy with target priority because he was new, now I’ve apologiesed if I’ve offended anybody, but come on it was joke, to bad you didn’t think it was funny, well a lot of other people did, this post came with an explicit warning, hey internet grow a little thicker skin and take a chill pill, not everyone is trying to personally offend you so don’t get so worked up

    • peter March 10, 2014 10:20 pm #


      OK so you mentioned some good and some crappy units to deal with LoW. That was the article you were writing right? The point is people are angry about the devestatingly good ones with D-Weapons that break the game, the ability to clear the board on the first strike on 2+ everything dies.

      Your inelegant riposte to this idea was to mention a bunch of crappy units that probably won’t deal with them…well OK I mean good job for not addressing the issue. Did you hear people complaining about the Lord of War that doesn’t have a D-Weapon and is overpriced? No they complain about the fact that people could break the game by bringing one type of unit and now they can break it by bringing another type of unit. Various game reports have proven (on THIS site no less) that bringing a scout titan basically made it no contest. You either raised those units as viable units to run or you were just vaguely pulling random units out of your ass for no reason.

      Why shouldn’t you field what you want? No reason. It is a broken game. No reasonable person is complaining about you.

      Your premise is that we have a broken game option, and your conclusion is that a further game breaker is a good solution. It turns out that breaks in the game aren’t zero sum game, they merely add to massive internal imbalance.

      As for “explicit warnings” on post content, don’t lay out the heat if you don’t want to take the fire back. If you talk shit, or lay out a tone, expect someone to call you on it. If you lay out a crappy poorly reasoned opinion then expect to get called on it.

      Have some courage of your convictions and some intellectual integrity – don’t retreat into apologism of…umm well I warned you and err…yeah I mean but it might be OK with this. No screw that either you thought the wording was right and funny or it wasn’t and either your thoughts about LoW are right or they aren’t.

      • Ulrik March 11, 2014 12:38 am #

        “Did you hear people complaining about the Lord of War that doesn’t have a D-Weapon and is overpriced?” – Yeah. A LOT. They call it “Escalation” and its simply bad because sooo many HP! And works same till its finished! And than it booms! Sorry mate, but there is complete hate against complete superheavy list.

        “and either your thoughts about LoW are right or they aren’t” – Yeah, because there is no such thing as debate. Or middle ground.

        What Nova says (in provocative manner Im not fan of, but whatever) that people say myths about LoW. Instead of trying to play with/ against some LoW they just refuse to play those. Who cares about fun, where in the end, there is possibility you dont have to win! Now you will tell me that against Revenant its not fun. I agree. Problem is, there is ton of LoW that are good, certainly not gamebreaking, definetly not indestructible, but got washed away by mere “but Revenant!” non-argument.

        See, middle ground. Not black/ white.

  25. Pinkwoodelf March 10, 2014 9:59 pm #

    I don’t know why everyone got so worked up about his reference to “sandwich” making. I as the woman tend to find my husband is the one always making me the sandwich. Who cares who makes the damn sandwich! Now with all distractions aside, well written article.

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