Anonymou5′ Tournament Report: Stones River

Dr. Sathonyx or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Death Star.  A Tournament Report.  Part 1

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I recently attended the Battle for Stones River in Murfreesboro TN.  For the uninitiated, Stones is a 60 person tournament over 4 rounds (so sort of a GT minus) that draws players from all over the South East.  All of the missions are intended to reflect the actual Battle for Stones River, and incorporate a river running through the board, and a bridge crossing said river.

The missions are heavily Troop dependent, and the point total is 1863 (to reflect the year of the battle).  It’s also the tournament that most heavily rewards Imperial Guard Chimeras, as they can cruise down the river with abandon!  It’s a fantastic tournament and I highly encourage any readers who are interested to attend in 2015.

That said, last year’s Stones River was fairly light on terrain, and I did not feel like playing my Daemons in the current Tau and Eldar shooting gallery without a safe place to deploy.  Plus, to be honest, I’m kind of bored with the Flying Circus right now, and wanted to try something a little different.  Fortunately, over the past year I have accumulated a lot of Dark Eldar models and have the option to bring something different.  I decided to run a Beast Star, and see how it functioned.  I decided to run it Eldar Primary, but in order to not feel entirely like I was hopping on the Bandwagon, I painted everything in my Dark Eldar scheme.  With the help of a friend and some last minute painting and converting, I brought the following list.

Farseer (shard of Anaris, Bike)


5 x Dires in a Wave Serpent (shurikan cannon, holofields, scatter laser)

5 x Dires in a Wave Serpent (holofields, scatter laser)

3 x Jetbikes

3 x Jetbikes

5 x Rangers

Wraith Knight (stock)

The Baron

5 x Warriors in a Venom (night shields, extra splinter cannon, trophies)

5 x Warriors in a Venom (night shields, extra splinter cannon, trophies)

5 x Beastmaters with 23 Khymerae

The general concept of the Khymerae Beast Star is pretty simple.  The HQs join the beastpack, ideally bringing Fortune to the unit, granting it a rerollable 4++.  The Baron also has Stealth, so if you can somehow claim a ruins or hill save, you can reroll a 3+ cover.   The giant beast pack uses its huge footprint and fast movement to clog up the board and grant tremendous amounts of board control.  It is extraordinarily good at multi assaults, and actually capable of both bubble wrapping Eldar troops while pursuing and killing enemy Troops simultaneously.  It is effectively invulnerable to elite shooting, and really only fears heavy, heavy volume of fire lists.  It’s designed to be counter meta, in a sense, because it honestly does not care about Ovesa Stars, Centurion Bombs, and other super elite shooty lists.

I brought Eldrad over a second Bikeseer for a few reasons.  Primarily because his odds of getting Fortune are actually significantly better thanks to his Mastery Level 4.  However, his ability to redeploy D3+1 units is fantastic and removes some of the downside for going first.  Plus, his fleshbane, AP3 Forceweapon makes Wraith Knights, Tervigons, and Daemon Princes go away.  Finally, he comes with Runes of Witnessing and Warding stock, which are fantastic abilities.  The fact that he is walking is not very important, because the Beastpack is so ridiculously big that it can easily keep him in coherency as it crosses the board.

I brought the Rangers specifically because the TN/AL area has the best (and only) Ravenwing player in the United States, and his list is one of the few in the game that can significantly hamper my Beast Star with sheer volume of fire.  The Rangers would allow me to block his Scout moves.

I took the Wraith Knight to help me handle “hard” targets that the Beast Star would struggle with.  The Venoms fulfill a similar role, in that they can pour wounds on high toughness models.  They took the Trophies because why should Eldrad have to use his Runes if he doesn’t have to?  Wave Serpents and Jetbikes fulfill obvious roles.

Here is a pic of my Army on its display board.


Here is a close up of the Wraith Knight.  The fluff behind my WK is that the Kabal used its Beastmasters to tame an eldritch horror and through Haemonculi science crammed it into ghost warrior armor.  Instead of a pair of psychic twins piloting it, a Beastmaster rides on the back and guides the Beast itself in combat.


Finally, here is a picture of my three HQs.  The Baron, Eldrad, and the Shardseer.


The Shardseer, you may have noticed, is a female ginger.  This is because, much to my wife’s despair, she was patterned after the female ginger I sold my life to.  Thus, at Stones River, my beastpack became known as the “Emilystar.”  You readers will adjust to that name.  I promise.

See the resemblance?


Going into the tournament I was a little worried.  I decided to change lists at the last minute, kind of on a whim, and did not get many chances to play test.  I played the list a total of five times.  However, two of them were against myself and two of them were against volunteers at the local FLGS.  I set my expectations fairly low for the tournament, and went in deciding to think of this as an experiment.

For this article I am going to recap the entire tournament (in two parts!).  For some of the games I will only cover the critical maneuvers, as you will notice many of the same Emilystar tricks work repeatedly.

Also, if you played in one of these games and I made a small mistake please let me know in the comments!

Game 1

My first game found me matched against Tyranids.  The mission was as follows:

Dawn of War Deployment

Primary (11 Battle Points) The player with the most scoring units on his opponent’s side of the river at the end of the game wins this objective. The entire unit must be off the river terrain piece. A draw earns both players 3 Battle Points each.

Secondary (6 Battle Points) The player who occupies the bridge at the end of the game with a non-vehicle unit (majority on the bridge) with no enemy units on the bridge earns this objective.

Tertiary (3 Battle Points) Slay the Warlord. Both players may earn this objective

He is running a Tyrant, two Tervigons, 2×30 Gaunts, one of the new FMCs, a few Zoeys, and four more MCs of various types.

I gave him first turn (thanks Baron!) and he deployed on a broad front.  He held one Tervigon in reserve (outflanking due to Hive Commander) as well as his FMC.  He kept all his scoring gribblies and second Tervigon near the bridge, along with his Tyrant.  He flanked this central formation with his Zoeys and additional MCs.

I understand that Tyranids are somewhat limited on deployment simply by the size of their Army, but this broad deployment effectively decided the game before any models were moved.  I counter deployed in my bottom left corner, with the Emilystar surrounding my Wave Serpents, Venoms, and WK.

Deployment effectively looked like this:


This is a classic example in force concentration through a flank attack.  Every turn I could utilize 100% of my Army, and because of how spread out he was, he was limited in what he could bring to focus on me.  I effectively rolled his flank, killing 2 TMCs a turn as he collapsed into my killing power.

I used the Emilystar to shield my vehicles and WK, then used the vehicles and WK to pick off selected MCs, followed by using the Emilystar to multi assault Gaunts and single MCs.  A single MC can be poked to death by Eldrad, and the Emilystar kills entire Gaunt Broods at I6.

It was a brutal game, and just a bad matchup for the Nid player.

Game 2

I was then matched against a Pulse Bomb variant.  The Pulse Bomb is supposed to be dead in competitive play!  I was not expecting to see it.  Many of you readers will look at this list and scoff at it, but the Beast Star would much rather play against an Ovesa Star than what my opponent was bringing.  Plus, it’s Dawn of War Deployment!.  And to make it worse, the Tau General is the father of the Tyranid player I just defeated!  He will have family vengeance on the mind!

Seriously though, from a straight list stand point, this game is actually dangerous for me.

He was running

Ethereal, Cadre Fireblade, 6×12 Firewarriors, 3×8 Pathfinders, Bursttide, 3xHammerheads (two with Rail, one with Ion)

His list is designed to murder Infantry.  He can put out over 200 S5 shots in a Turn, many of them guided by Markerlights.  The tanks are assumedly there to help kill things that won’t die to mass S5.  It’s hard to say what was selected for tactics and what was selected for story, as his Army had a very elaborate and awesome paintjob and background.  Different Fire Warrior squads had different “uniforms” and names.  It was kind of fantastic.  He was a good general, but it was clear that optimization was taking a backseat to narrative.  That said, by coincidence, his list was almost a hard counter to mine.


Our mission was as follows

Dawn of War Deployment

Primary (12 Battle Points) Floating objective… Treat as Relic Objective with the following modifications. The objective begins in the river on one table edge. It moves 2D6 towards the other table edge at the beginning of each game turn. If the objective if dropped while in the river after being claimed, it will continue to float at the beginning of the next game turn.

Secondary (5 Battle Points) River crossing… Have more scoring units on the opponent’s side of the river at the end of the game. The entire unit must be off the river terrain piece. No points for a draw.

Tertiary (3 Battle Points) Slay the Warlord. Both players may claim this objective.

Deployment (post Scout move)


In this game I get Fortune, two Dooms, and two Presciences.

He wins the roll off and takes first turn (way to go Baron).  Like his son, he deploys on a broad front, with his Fire Warriors lined up as much on the edge of his deployment zone as his huge footprint will allow him.  He deploys two of his tanks and his Riptide on my right side, where the relic is located.  For a Tau Pulse Bomb list, this wide deployment is fine, because it allows him to limit my own deployment, and his range is such that he will still be able to apply most of his firepower.

His deployment puts me in a bit of a quandary, as I cannot completely escape pulse rifle range, and hundreds of S5 shots can absolutely kill the Emilystar.  I deploy on a line at the back of my deployment zone, putting me roughly 35 inches from his front line of Firewarriors.  In a few spots I have LOS blocking provided by the hill, and I can stuff a few more Beasts into those locations, a little closer to the mass of death sitting across from me.  The max effective range of a Fire Warrior is 36 inches, so I am not entirely out of range.  Fortunately, he will have to make difficult terrain tests to get his guns into range, but I am not willing to count on that.  I need a few more things to keep my unit alive.

I deploy my WK closer, not to soak Pulse shots, but to soak up markerlights.  The base of the hill is area terrain, and he won’t want me to have saves against his tank fire that wounds.  Similarly my Wave Serpents are going to be getting cover saves from his AT fire, and my Venoms are out of sight of tanks (and thanks to night shields, out of range of Fire Warriors).  I also infiltrate my Rangers onto the Relic, in order to eat small arms fire for a turn that would ordinarily go into my Beasts.  If he doesn’t shoot my Rangers, I will have the Relic.  To further ensure the Rangers get shot, the Wave Serpent behind them is deployed empty.  My Jetbikes stay in ongoing Jetbike Reserve.

I know in this game that the Baron is probably going to die.  He’s going to die because he’s going to have to tank Pulse Rifle Wounds at some point.  Because that many Pulse shots are going to kill my Emilystar.  The Baron can take 36 wounds off of my hands.  However, he cannot die until after the Riptide dies, because until then I will need Hit and Run.  This presents an interesting dynamic and I need to frame the game in a way that reflects this goal.

The deployment has made my strategy simple, I am going to ignore the two Fire Warrior Squads on the far left (along with their Pathfinder friends) as I can largely take them out of the fight by shifting all my forces right.  I am going to concede the points toward the Secondary Objective (troop units crossing the river) as I know I can kill the remainder of his Fire Warrior squads (or at least box them in) and get at least three of my Troop units across the board (thus winning Secondary).

On his turn 1 very little happens.  My WK takes a wound, my Rangers go to ground and somehow survive (Stealth plus area terrain plus going to ground equals a very poor man’s terminator, and his markers had all gone into Serpents or the WK at that point), and my Serpents escape glance free.  None of the Firewarrior squads manages to get into range of the Emilystar.

On my turn 1 I cast Prescience on a WK and a Venom, Fortune on the Emilystar. I shift the Emilystar up and right, funneling them around range of the furthest left Fire Warrior squads, and outside of the triple tap range of the middle two Fire Warrior squads.  I bring my Wave Serpents and Venoms up slightly (the Venoms to the edge of their range) and target the remaining two Fire Warrior Squads.  My WK jumps forward into the river and whiffs on a Tank.  The Warriors in the Venom both shoot at the Riptide, inflicting two unsaved wounds (meaning I’m probably not going to have to even assault the Riptide).   The Venoms and Serpents put the hurt into two squads of Fire Warriors.  However, due to the Ethereal, no one runs.

On this turn I have reduced the amount of effective fire that can reach the Emilystar, I have continued to dance the Venoms outside of Pulse Range (so if he wants to kill them he has to waste real firepower), and I have shoved the Wraithknight in his face.


On his turn 2 he now has two serious threats in his face, the leading edge of the Emilystar and the Wraithknight.  He also just lost a good handful of Fire Warriors, crippling his ability to really hurt the Beasts.  The intent of this was to force him into a decision, does he use his Ion Large Blast and Railgun Submunitions on the Beasts or the powerful version on the WK.  This decision in turn, should take the attention off of my crafty Rangers. He ends trying to use pulse fire on the Beasts and Tank/Riptide/Markerlight fire on the WK, killing two Khimarae and putting a wound on the WK.  His other squads of Firewarriors advance.  His Riptide, down three wounds now (two from Kabalites, one from a failed Nova Charge), decides not to charge my WK.   His turn 3 is effectively a repeat, with him getting the WK down to a single wound and killing a few more beasts.  My turn 2 and 3 are both similar, shifting the Emilystar forward and whittling down the right Fire Warrior squads with Venom and Serpentfire.

On my turn 3 I shift my shooting left, and begin working on his center two squads of Fire Warriors.  My Jetbikes and extra squad of Avengers come in and hide bravely behind hill.  My Wraithknight moves up and charges the Fire Warrior squad on the hill (denying them overwatch on the Emilystar), and my Emilystar charges the right most Fire Warrior squad.  The Wraithknight smash attacks, in an attempt to not kill many Fire Warriors and lock them into combat.  The cowardly Fire Warriors fail morale anyway, and are swept.  The Emilystar also massively overkills its squad of Fire Warriors and causes a lot of back pain as I pile in then consolidate 30 models across the board.


On his turn 4 he kills the Wraithknight and a Wave Serpent and a whole bunch of poor innocent Beasts (the Baron makes a lot of Look Out Sirs).  The Riptide charges into the Emilystar hoping to get lucky and kill some stuff before it dies on my turn.  The Emilystar hits and runs to the left.

On my turn 4 I Doom the Riptide, Prescience the Emilystar and a Venom, and fortune the Emilystar.  The Dire Avengers who climbed out of the broken Wave Serpent kill the Riptide.  The Rangers get into the empty Serpent with the Relic which turbo boosts backwards six inches.  The Venoms shoot at the Fire Warriors on the Bridge, killing several.  The Emilystar shoots at the HQ squad, planning on charging it and the squad on the Bridge.  The HQ squad falls back (even with the Ethereal) denying the Emilystar a sweet multi charge (or any charge at all, since that was the squad it shot at), however the HQ stays on the board.


On his Turn 5 he puts a metric ton (that’s 1000 KG) of firepower into the Emilystar and the brave Baron dies.

The Emilystar kills his HQ squad, Venoms finish the squad on the bridge, and the Serpent with the Relic in it hides.   At this point it is clean up and I win 20-0 after 5 turns.


In Part 2 there will be two more games, and more Tau!   Riptides (in multitibles) and Buff Commanders! And a multiple GT winner, also playing Tau!  But he has Eldar too!



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37 Responses to “Anonymou5′ Tournament Report: Stones River”

  1. Bassface7 March 10, 2014 1:52 am #

    And this is why GW brought the D.

    • anonymou5 March 10, 2014 2:24 am #

      haha, no. Khymarae cost 12 points a model, they don’t care about the D. It’s not a “2++ deathstar” It doesn’t function by being invincible.

      In fact, in a Lords of War environment, you’d probably see more Beaststars, beause their absurd footprint would work well for bubble wrapping Revenants. And they could easily be used to slingshot past opposing Titans to kill enemy troops.

      • Bassface7 March 10, 2014 2:37 am #

        For a start, those 23 (and the 5 beastmaster) models require over 100 wounds on average to put down with a 4+ re-rollable, so unkillable? No. But miles beyond the reach of anything but the most shooty army. And secondly it isn’t just the 2++ stars that are making the game un-fun, its “stars” of all stripes.

        • anonymou5 March 10, 2014 2:47 am #

          I’ll grant you if you think it’s one of the lists that’s ruining the game, then it’s ruining the game for you. Not trying to dispute that.

          My point was that D weapons don’t really matter to the Beaststar, which I think is true. I think a Lords of War environment will have just as many Beastpacks, if not more, than the current meta.

          • Bassface7 March 10, 2014 3:02 am

            A point fairly made, this list may well be immune to the impending D. I just dislike these types of lists because they are so clearly a “bigger stick” in most situations, and in a tournament scene where winning isn’t going to bring fame or riches i don’t understand why people run them. I go to tourneys to test my skills on a level (ish) playing field and i don’t think this kind of list allows that.

  2. anonymou5 March 10, 2014 3:09 am #

    You know, to give away my take away from playing this list (which will be in part 2), I actually don’t think the Beaststar is THAT bad. It’s just that most players have forgotten how to handle fast assault units. I play a Triptide list in round 3, who basically castles up and runs out of plans when his shooting doesn’t slow down my beasts. I liked that the Beaststar punished players like that, who are counting on their super elite ridiculous shooting winning them the game without any thought (or movement even!). And I say that even though my R3 opponent is my friend, lol.

    What really struck me as broken playing this list was the Eldar jetbike. It’s soooo gross and unfair. I already hated them when I played against them, but having that power in my hands was just wrong.

    • Bassface7 March 10, 2014 3:26 am #

      The Eldar jetbikes are pretty mental, and i think you’re right in saying that a lot of people just aren’t prepared to be assaulted by a unit at basically full strength but by the same turn even if i assaulted your beaststar with a full compliment of 20 genestealers and a Broodlord (for a disgusting 100+ attacks) you would still beat the crap outta me in combat, all thanks to that 4++. It’s that resilience and volume of units that allows this list to work.

      Out of interest what would you take to counter this list, if it was across the table from you? (Sorry if i’m sounding a belligerent dick here, you genuinely seem like a nice guy and i’m talking out of interest rather than having a go.)

      • anonymou5 March 10, 2014 3:49 am #

        If I was straight tailoring? Speed and volume of fire. Ravenwing with a banner of devastation would have the advantage (I actually brought the Rangers specifically for Ravenwing, because of Sean Williams). Venomspam could work. Mass Wave Serpents.

        I mention those three lists in specific because all of them were on the top tables at Stones, and I was game planning in my head how rough those games could get.

        But even without those tools the Beaststar is beatable. It functions very similarly to how Nob Bikers worked in 5ed (although it lacks the ability to kill elite units that Nob Bikers had, but obviously makes up for it with a superior footprint and an immunity to elite shooting). You need to screen your scoring units, and kill the Eldar scoring. The Beasts are going to kill almost every Troop in the game very, very easily. So they need to be protected by things the Beaststar cannot kill.

        I’m a big fan of putting a durable unit around a scoring unit, who in turn is around an objective. For example, I’ve done with Fleshhounds around a Horror squad (although not the best example versus a Beaststar, because Beasts can and will kill Fleshhounds), so even if the Beasts hit and run off the screening unit, due to the proximity of the scoring unit, they cannot go in that direction (works best against a board edge). This is also how you defeat Eldar jetbikes, you don’t give them anywhere within 3″ of an objective to land.

        I am not disputing that the Beaststar is VERY good. It however does have weaknesses. In several of my games with it I had to kind of hook around the range bands of heavy shooting units and work my way into combat slowly. Because maybe most Armies cannot do 100 wounds in one turn, but many Armies can do 20+ in one turn, which can completely negate movement and/or take the teeth out of the unit in combat. The Beaststar is unique in that its designed to prey on super elite shooting units, like the Gravstar and Ovesastar, it produces pretty interesting games against more normal lists.

        What I will say is that the normal anti-deathstar tactic of “spread out and reduce what he can kill” is less effective against the Beasts, because of how big they are. What you can do is spread out and focus on killing one piece of the beast star, and prevent it from impacting that area of the board. Better yet if you can plan how you’re going to do that, and place an objective in that area that you plan on screening and scoring later. Also if possible, don’t assault the Beaststar (unless you have a unit you can use to take a serious chunk out of it, which I think Genestealers and a Broodlord would actually make a decent dent), because you’re granting it free movement. It counts on assault to slingshot, and shift that huge footprint around to set up better assaults on later turns.

        I know it’s one of the “bad lists” out there right now, but I actually found myself planning my movement/assaults three and four turns in advance, and felt like it was very tactically rewarding to play. Much more so than just lining up 8 Serpents or attaching Riptides to a Commander and rolling some dice and removing units. Obviously I’m biased, and maybe the list IS bad for the game, but I see it as a list that requires at least some tactical thought.

        • Bassface7 March 10, 2014 4:05 am #

          Thanks for taking the time to reply, i can see how the 3 main lists you’ve mentioned would have a fighting chance if they were played intelligently, and maybe you’re right, maybe the reason this list is doing so well currently is because people see it and assume that using the normal anti-deathstar tactics will beat it, when in fact it needs an entirely different approach. I’d be interested to see it go against one of Reece’s TAC lists or Frankies Deldar list to see how they’d go about it.

          Batrep idea, guys??

          • anonymou5 March 10, 2014 4:10 am

            Haha, we’d have to kickstart my flight to Cali, lol.

            I can maybe talk Goatboy into a Batrep in a month or so? Or take on a less internet-famous zero comp guy here in Georgia….

  3. anonymou5 March 10, 2014 4:16 am #

    And I absolutely don’t mind answering questions. One of the reasons I’m writing this report (and those power points take time!) is to attempt to explain how this list functions. So that if any of you readers run into it, you know what to expect and how to play against it. It works so much differently from the Seer Council that it deserves to get some attention.

    And I can’t reiterate how much the Eldar jetbikes bothered me in how absurdly game changingly powerful they are. I almost think if I run this list again I will run it with 6 squads of bikes (because I am a horrible person)

  4. Bo Mortensen March 10, 2014 8:08 am #

    thank you for a very nice article. Emilystar! gotta name my units after my wife now;o)

    • anonymou5 March 10, 2014 8:11 am #

      Haha. She was so proud!

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger eyeroll. Then, she said “when we move to Texas, Thomas is repainting this because I’m not this ugly” (referring to Goatboy, she doesn’t even realize how nerdy she is now, knowing famous painters by name and demanding their services)

      • salamanders4lyfe March 10, 2014 10:29 am #

        Sigh… you gave me one hour to paint it, and with a brush that hide like 2 bristles on it and at 3 AM after I drove for 6 hours!!! Tell her I will fix the face! Sweatshop conditions sir… for shame!

        • anonymou5 March 10, 2014 12:18 pm #

          Haha. I think you did a great job, just relaying what Em said. She obviously thought my conversion work was fantastic though

  5. Smallvictory March 10, 2014 8:37 am #

    Thanks for a great write up and for having a stand up attitude handling the blowback from the 2++ frustration. On the surface it seems like adding the Baron/Farseer on a bike combo could even make a unit of pyrovores viable so I get the hate. I don’t get to play as much as I’d like, so reading about your thought process and tactics with an army like this is a big help. Not sure I’m going to follow the trend of naming units after my wife though, “Tiffany Tide” might sound flattering until she sees the Nurgle spawn I’m referring to. Looking forward to part 2.

    • anonymou5 March 10, 2014 12:22 pm #

      Thanks! I would point out that the only time I USED a rerollable 2++ was in game 2, and the Baron died! People kind of gloss over how insane pulse bomb lists can be (because they do have some serious counters), but holy god is that a lot of small arms fire.

      And now I kind want to try to the Pyovorestar, that sounds pretty gross.

      And you know Tiffanytide sounds good…. Just need a female Juggerlord and you can make it happen!

  6. flomofo March 10, 2014 8:48 am #

    I appreciate all the learning I can do from these articles even though I’ll never run this army. Maybe play it against some Chaos/Daemons after the tourney….

    • anonymou5 March 10, 2014 12:26 pm #


      I did play test this list against my circus before the tournament. To be fair, a self game isn’t an accurate barometer. But I also “gave” the Daemons one power per Prince they didn’t have to roll on to make up for it.

      Here’s how I can summarize the game. Fateweaver died. I have never lost Fateweaver when he’s my Warlord. In hundreds of games, including a couple huge GTs. It was through a multi charge with him and a squad of Horrors 27.5 inches away (I measured). That two up reroll doesn’t save him from instability!

      I’m glad I played that test game, because that’s when I realized just how insane the multi charges from the Beaststar can get. (I checked the rule book so many times during play testing to make sure I did them legally)

  7. jy2 March 10, 2014 9:17 am #

    Congrats on the tournament so far.

    It’ll definitely be interesting to see this list go up against Frankie’s or Reece’s army. Reece has a new army that he is planning on taking to Adepticon that is going to make a lot of people go “WTF?!?” It’s not a power list per se, and it’s got no deathstars, but I think it will surprise a lot of people. I’ve actually gotten the opportunity to play against it once and I must say that it did better than I thought.

    Anyways, looking forwards to Part II.

    • anonymou5 March 10, 2014 12:31 pm #

      Thanks man.

      I would love to come play it versus any of you, haha. Although if I play Frankie I’m playing my Daemons. He thinks Flying Circus is an easy match up for DE, and I think DE is an easy match up for Flying Circus. The difference I think is that he hasn’t seen a circus spam telepathy against him, which completely changes the dynamic.

      Reece sent me, hmm, almost a “teaser” for his Adepticon list, and it was definitely pretty unconventional. Looking forward to seeing what he brings. I consider him an innovator in list design for sure.

      Me? well the only list I can really “claim” is the Screamerstar (me and a bunch of other people I’m sure), and A) I think it’s a bad list B) it’s the second most hated list online.

      So, you’re welcome? hehe

      • Reecius March 10, 2014 12:55 pm #

        I think my new list is gong to give me an advantage as soon as people look at it and think I am a n00b that knows nothing about the game! lol

        And it would be awesome to finally play you, Anonymou5!

    • Reecius March 10, 2014 12:53 pm #

      Thanks for keeping it a secret for now, Jim! I plan on surprising some folks with my new secret weapon!

  8. iNcontroL March 10, 2014 11:13 am #

    sssssssshhhhhhhhh jy2 you give up too much info!

    • Eldarain March 10, 2014 11:41 am #

      Any chance you could convince TotalBiscuit to join you in commentating some tournament 40k in the future?

      He seems like a fan of the universe judging by his 40k related video game reviews.

    • jy2 March 10, 2014 11:50 am #

      Haha…I am a master of the tease. 😉

      • Reecius March 10, 2014 12:55 pm #

        That’s what all the ladies say about Jim =P

  9. Eldarain March 10, 2014 11:27 am #

    Thanks for posting this. I really enjoy how in depth you go on how and why you made your decisions both in list making and gameplay.

    Looking forward to Part 2 🙂

    • anonymou5 March 10, 2014 12:33 pm #

      Thanks man! I really love to hear feedback like this, I’m trying to break down 40k decision making in a format that makes sense.

      I think the Powerpoints demonstrate range bands and unit interaction really well, I wish I could combine them with JY2’s picture skills to actually completely convey a game.

  10. Reecius March 10, 2014 1:14 pm #

    And Anonymou5, your wife is pretty, dude. Well done!

    • anonymou5 March 10, 2014 5:19 pm #

      Haha, thanks. She’s definitely slumming.

      • Reecius March 10, 2014 6:43 pm #

        Lol, don’t sell yourself short!

        • anonymou5 March 11, 2014 12:49 am #

          Why Mr Robbins, are you attempting to seduce me?

  11. DarkAce March 12, 2014 4:16 pm #

    Great write up. Sorry I couldn’t get a game in with you before you went but looks like you did great.

    • anonymou5 March 12, 2014 6:43 pm #

      No worries man. Let me know if you want to get a game in this weekend though…

  12. N.I.B. March 14, 2014 6:26 am #

    Hot wife! I’m sure the article was nice too : )

    • anonymou5 March 14, 2014 10:39 pm #

      haha. Thanks, and thanks?

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